Praise Him

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Dr. Victoria Lazlo was alone in the elevator as it approached the ground floor. She wore a tailored, gray dress suit with sensible heels and no ornamentation beyond a pair of slim, designer glasses. Her auburn blonde hair was bound in a bun, secured with a pair of hairpins. Every element of her attire and stance was collected, professional and cold.

She was the Facility’s top exophysicist and the administrator of level 20: high-energy Anomalous research. In an environment dominated by men who were either hidebound intellectuals or ex-military roughnecks, she had risen through the ranks by maintaining strict professionalism and a no-nonsense attitude. Of course, her education and intellect should have helped but she found those attributes to be strictly secondary when climbing the company ladder. Even here, connections and reputation mattered more than qualifications.

Not that office politics mattered anymore. Despite her outward calm, Dr. Lazlo was barely containing her excitement. Her entire body felt stretched taut, like an over-tuned guitar string. She allowed herself a deep breath and tightened her grip on the briefcase she carried, keeping her mask of indifference firmly in place. She couldn’t afford to allow any sign of her true intentions to show in her face or posture. Fortunately, this was a skill she had mastered long ago.

The elevator stopped, announcing her arrival on the ground floor. A normal elevator would open right away, but Facility security was far too tight for that. Dr. Lazlo retrieved her ID card and held it to the security camera for several seconds before swiping it through the nearby card-reader. Silent approval was granted by an unseen observer and the elevator’s doors opened with a quiet whoosh as the pressure equalized. Even oxygen didn’t leave the Facility without permission.

Waiting outside was a man dressed in the armored uniform of the ACS, the backbone of the Facility’s security. Without being asked she displayed her card again. He examined it before plugging it into another reader by his belt. A green light flashed, indicating her Emerald clearance and he returned her card with a nod.

“Heading home, ma’am?” He didn't care but asked anyway.

“Yes, finally. Anything happening upstairs, Private Leeds?” She glanced at his badge to confirm his name and kept her eyes from lingering on the boxy carbine slung by his side.

“All quiet up here.”

“Good. Carry on.”

As Dr. Lazlo walked down the hall, the guitar strings in her heart tightened another octave. She was almost out, but she couldn’t allow herself to relax. Thankfully, rank has its privileges and she was exempt from many of the lengthier security screenings. Back when she first joined the Facility as a lowly Ruby-level researcher she had gone months at a time without ever setting foot outside of the Facility’s walls.

Her heels clicked as she walked briskly towards the exit. A security team loitered by the gate, waiting for her to approach. The roof was studded with round metal blisters which concealed automated gun turrets. She vividly recalled being present when a mid-level researcher was caught trying to smuggle out an ounce of red mercury. The next morning the bloodstains and bullet-holes had been completely erased, as though the whole thing never happened.

Her heart was hammering, but she maintained a steady, casual pace and her mask of calm remained in place. She had passed this checkpoint hundreds of times and, as far they knew, this time was no different.

She nodded to the soldiers as she approached and stopped at the dotted line painted on the floor and set her briefcase on a nearby conveyor belt, although it took an act of will to let go. Her hand ached from the effort of prying it free of the handle. Fortunately, no-one else noticed the slight hesitation.

“Any big plans for the weekend, doc?” A thick-bodied guard named Kate approached. She had worked the evening shift for the past eight months and the two had become casual acquaintances.

“No, nothing special. You?” As she spoke, Dr. Lazlo lifted her arms, allowing Kate to perform a pat-down. This was a familiar invasion.

While Kate nattered about some barbecue in the dorms, Dr. Lazlo had to suppress the urge to burst out laughing. She had never told a bigger lie in her life. While Kate checked her pockets she struggled to keep her face steady. If she broke now then everything would be lost.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched her briefcase rolling into the scanner. There was nothing to worry about. He was completely transparent to X-rays and undetectable by magnetic screening.

“All clear, doc.” Kate stepped back, waving Dr. Lazlo towards the next step: the millimeter-wave scanner.

Dr. Lazlo obediently stepped into the pod and waited. As a scientist, she knew the electromagnetic waves were imperceptible but she still fancied that she could feel the beams crossing the surface of her skin. It could “see” completely through clothing and she imagined the leer of the technician as he reviewed her nude body. She knew they saved images of the more attractive female staff. The brutish, primate lust disgusted her but she knew better than to make a fuss.

She comforted herself, knowing she would never have to face these indignities again. Let them look. Let them drool, leer and fantasize about what they would never have. She belonged only to Him.

“Move through.”

“Thank you.” Dr. Lazlo stepped out of the pod and approached the final stage of the checkpoint. Despite her best efforts, her steps quickened as she caught sight of her briefcase rolling out of the scanner. When the guard picked up the briefcase in his pudgy hands her fingers curled slightly, resisting the urge to claw at his fat face with her manicured nails. This was fine. This was all according to plan.

“How are the kids, Frank?” She managed not to gag on the inane small talk.

“Doing good, doc.” He examined

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Written by rpickman
Hochgeladen May 22, 2020
Notes Dr. Victoria Lazlo has heard the whispers of an Anomalous being from outside of conventional reality and she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she can consummate her love for her new god.

(contains tentacle sex, triple penetration, hypnosis and corruption)
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