The Office Slave

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A big, black motorcycle pulled into a parking space in front of them and the rider, tall and broad-shouldered, climbed off. Sylvia watched as he pulled off his helmet, revealing dark, wavy brown hair, a little long, and a stunningly handsome face. He unzipped his black, leather jacket, revealing a black T-shirt stretched across his broad muscular chest.

Sylvia nudged Becca. "Wow, now I’m wishing I’d gone with a biker fantasy."

The sexy hunk noticed her staring at him and smiled, a gleam in his eye. Sylvia returned his smile but glanced away, a little embarrassed at having been caught ogling him.

Becca grinned. "Sorry, too late. Your office slave fantasy is already set up. You wouldn’t want to disappoint four hot guys, would you?"

"Man, if they’re even half as hot as that guy, I’ll be thrilled."

"Oh, you’ll be thrilled all right."

Sylvia watched the hot guy walk toward the office tower entrance, his black helmet tucked under his arm.

He opened the door and held it for another man with a bicycle.

"Morning, Slade" said the cyclist, who was also muscular and very fit looking, and had straight, brown hair, thick and cut short.

"Hey, Neil."

"Man, have I been looking forward to today."

The biker, named Slade, shot a quick glance toward Sylvia, then back to his friend. "Me, too."

The door closed behind them and she could see them walking across the lobby through the glass doors.

Becca glanced at her watch. "It’s almost time. You want me to go up with you?"

The arrangement was to wait until a little after nine, to ensure all the men were in the office by the time she arrived.

Sylvia shook her head. "No, Mom. I’m sure I can find it on my own." She grinned. "Thanks for the ride."

"No problem. It was on my way to work."

"And thanks for setting this up. Thank Cal, too."

"Well, my fantasy came true. I think you deserve the same." Becca grinned again. "Just make sure you call me later and let me know how it went." She shook her head. "Four guys. Leave it to you, Sylvia." With that she turned and headed to her car which was parked a few spaces down. She got in, then waved as she pulled into the morning traffic.

Sylvia walked to the entrance and opened the glass door, then crossed the lobby, her high heels clicking on the marble floor. She glanced at the directory near the elevators, then walked down the hall to the end and stopped at Suite 105. A sign said to ring the bell, which she did. Becca had told her that these four men ran a software business, programming games. This office was where they developed the games. Also, Becca had told her the guys were extremely good-looking. All but one of the men used to work with Cal as strippers before they graduated from college and started this business, so she didn’t doubt it.

The door opened and she gazed up at a totally hot hunk wearing a suit, his long, black hair tied back. He had startling blue eyes that twinkled when he smiled at her.

"Are you Sylvia?"

She nodded.

He pulled the door open. "Please come in."

She stepped into the office. There was a large table in the center of an open space with a big window overlooking the city below and several doors to offices along the wall behind it. There was a hallway off to the side. The space had a lot of character, with red brick walls and a curved arch around the window.

"I’m Mike Bairn. Come on into my office."

She followed him across the central area to the leftmost office. One man was working in the far right office, but he didn’t glance up.

"Am I early?" she asked as she sat down in the chair across from his desk.

"No, not at all. The others will meet us in the conference room in a few minutes."

She nodded, starting to feel a little nervous. Would her fantasy begin in the conference room? Would they order her to take off all her clothes, then… other things. She’d been looking forward to this fantasy for over a week—ever since Becca had told her she wanted to set it up, and that it would be acted out by some of Cal’s ex-stripper friends—but now that the reality was here, she had a case of nerves.

This man Mike was extremely masculine, and sexy, and he set her hormones humming, but could she really just strip down and become his sex toy. Along his three partners, too?

Don’t freak out now. This is your fantasy!

Mike leaned forward, his hands folded on his desk. "So Cal told us what you were looking for. As I understand it, your brother cheated us out of a sizeable amount of money and you agree to be our sex slave in return for not prosecuting him."

Sylvia felt her cheeks heat as she nodded. In her head, especially after reading that book, it seemed extremely sexy, but laid out blatantly like that made her feel brash and… well, maybe a little slutty. And… maybe she was being… uh…brash. But both Becca and Jan had lived out their fantasies, and both were pretty wild. Why shouldn’t she?

And when she’d become enamored of the fantasy, she’d never, ever dreamed she’d live it out. What woman did? But now that she had the opportunity, she really didn’t want to walk away.

"So, don’t get me wrong, I find the whole thing wildly sexy, but…"—he shrugged—"we sound a bit mean, prosecuting your brother." At his grin and the twinkle in his eye, she knew he wasn’t making fun of her, but he was teasing her.

"Well, he did do you wrong."

"True. But then we’re distracted by a beautiful woman."

Her cheeks burned hotter at his compliment. "Well, a woman offering sex, anyway."

He chuckled and stood up. "Okay, I think we’re ready to proceed. The others know the story and are ready to go and we all know the safe word is Tiger. The minute we step out of this office, we’re into our roles. Okay?"

"Okay." Her stomach quivered as she stood up.

They walked to the door together, but before he opened it, he took her hand and kissed it. Tingles danced along her skin

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Written by Opal Carew
Hochgeladen May 1, 2020
Notes From New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew. Sylvia has a sizzling
fantasy about submitting to the sexual whims of four hunky business
partners. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd have the
opportunity to live out her fantasy... until her friend decides to make it
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