Amy's Adventure with Alice

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Amy and Todd had been together since Freshman year in college, now, two years later, Amy was pretty sure they'd get married once they were done with school. They were still very much in love two years after their romance began. Amy loved Todd and he loved her right back. They had similar interests, and overall just loved being in each other's company.

Amy and Todd were studying in his room, on his bed, but Amy couldn't concentrate, she knew Todd's birthday was in a week and she couldn't think of what to get for him. Every time she asked he gave the same answer ' you don't need to get me a gift babe.' Such a guy thing to say, but it was probably true, if Todd wanted something, which was rare, he'd ask his parents and poof, there it would appear. Todd's family was well funded, he was doing well studying pre-med, so his parents were proud of him. They didn't want him wanting anything so they took care of any need he had.

Amy came from a household were money was always tight. Her father worked two jobs just to pay the bills, put food on the table for Amy, her sister, and her mother. Luckily, Amy was able to get enough scholarships and student loans to cover the cost of college. She worked as a waitress to pay for other expenses like her books and clothes, etc. She knew she didn't have much money to spend on Todd, but it was his twenty-first birthday for God's sake, she had to give him something he wanted. Amy wasn't the best student, she did her best for most of her academic career to achieve B's and C's, that is, until she met Todd. For some unknown reason, he worked with her for about an hour and he understood the way she learned. He was able to teach her how to study for tests so that she was no longer nervous about them, instead confident. He taught her how to organize papers and writing prompts so that she would do well. He brought her from an average student, to the top of her Journalism class.

Finally, she had had enough of her wandering thoughts. She sighed and as soon as the noise escaped her lips, Todd looked up from his organic chemistry reading.

She looked at him and said "Baby, what do you want for your birthday? I know It's silly, but until I have it sorted out in my head I cannot concentrate."

He grinned at her and looked back down "Aim, I told you before, you don't need to give me anything, I'm happy with you and that's enough for me." Then, he looked back down at his papers and continued reading.

"Ugh," she groaned. "you're so frustrating sometimes, you know that? There must be something I can give you, even if it's small, anything, please, you've done so much for me."

Todd grinned, "Anything? Really? Hmmmm, well, there is one thing."

Amy looked at him a bit puzzled and then asked the obvious question, "Ok, what is it?"

Todd didn't look up at her, but she could see his 'evil grin' emerge on his face 'Well, I've always wanted to take your ass."

Amy wasn't drinking anything and still thought she might choke. She did know that Todd had always wanted to try to take her anal virginity. He had stuck his finger in her butt while they were having sex before, and she liked the feeling of that. So much in fact that if she knew they were going to have sex she'd clean up really well with a finger in the shower sliding up and down in her ass to make sure she was nice and clean for his finger or his thumb, whichever he used at the time. She actually got really horny a few times that she was cleaning up in the shower and slid her finger up there, she'd start rubbing her clit and nearly came right there in the ladies shower in her dorm. There was once when he tried to put two fingers, but it hurt so she asked him to go down to one. Maybe it was because she wasn't quite ready yet, she wasn't sure.

Amy saw Todd during orientation day, literally her first day at school. She didn’t expect to meet the person she figured she'd marry on her first day. He wasn't the most athletic guy, he had a tummy, but the way he looked and his kind smile, she couldn't stop looking. After she picked up her books at the bookstore, she was walking to her dorm, not paying attention, she walked right into him as he was making his way into the bookstore, funny enough he was actually trying to make sure she didn't hit him, so she wouldn't be hurt, but he miscalculated her step. He chuckled when she turned beat red and her books flew in every direction. He helped her up and helped her pick up the books and started talking to her, so much so, that he walked her back to her dorm and had to walk all the way back to the bookstore, he didn't mind because he knew right there he loved her.

Amy was small, she was only 5 foot 4 inches compared to Todd's 6 feet. Her skin was a pale white and she had chestnut brown hair and green eyes. Todd, who stood above her, even in heels, had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, she always thought he had the kindest eyes. They loved old movies, they loved to play Xbox together, and she swore he let her kill him in Call of Duty and Halo multiplayer. She was pretty sure he loved the way she stuck her tongue out between her teeth and twisted the controller in the direction she wanted her player to move, and she was right, he loved it all.

Amy knew Todd didn't want to hurt her, and he could see her wrestling with his revelation of what he wanted for his birthday. "Aims, forget it, I don't want you worrying about anything, it's fine. I've got everything I need right here. Ok? Seriously, let's not make a thing of this."

She continued to look as though she was thinking it through and working out what her response would be. She finally looked up and said "umm, I don't know if I can… I mean I could try, I don't know babe, I mean, um, errr, I don't know if it'll hurt too much, maybe, ok, maybe"

Todd got up, went to her and held her and said "Forget I said anything, let's just have a good day together and we'll get ice

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Notes Amy's worries about her first time with her boyfriend, Todd. Can her roommate Alice help?
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