Object Confessions 16: Sexy Smurfette

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I have a little blue friend that keeps me happy all day. You wouldn't know it from watching me, but he's there all the time. Gently stroking and caressing my soft labia - and occasionally pinching and poking me if I sit down too quickly.

My nickname all through school was Smurfette. What can I say? Blonde, pale skin, only girl with six brothers, and a penchant for wearing blue. Cornflower blue is my favorite but I've been known to dabble in navy blue for formal occasions and sky blue during hot summer days. I even collect blue glassware. What was intended as a nickname to make fun of me actually fits me pretty well, and I even introduce myself as Smurfette when I'm being flirty.

So when I was single for a while at university, one of my girlfriends thought it would be a funny joke to get me a little blue dildo. It has soft curves and rounded ends. It's not something that I would have bought for myself, but it's been a lovely gift. The silicon washes very easily, and I've never had any problems. I just slip him in after washing up in the morning, and my Smurfette powers are times two! Only I know that, of course, but it makes me laugh a little easier and has plenty of side benefits.

Now I'm not the sort of woman you take one look at and know is a dirty perv who keeps a dildo stashed in her pussy all day long. I've always been a little full-figured and plush, so I strongly endorse appropriate undergarments and outfits that make my curves look fantastic. I cringe and shudder when I see men and women wearing clothes that are ill suited to their body shape: jeggings should be banned outright, and I'm only undecided on spandex because I have a thing for ripped Olympic men. As a woman I feel I should not leave the house without looking one hundred percent. After all, Smurfette's mission is to make the world a beautiful place. That doesn't mean we have to hide our bodies. We just need to be conscious of how to present ourselves.

If you can't tell, I spent some time working retail in university. I'm all about dressing people up; it was the only thing that made that mall job bearable. But what's a woman with a little bit more to do when she's brought her paramour back to her place? Well, if you didn't know, those stockings, garters, and pretty satin bra and panties sets are your best friend. Being properly attired underneath your sexy outfit means there's a lot more sexy to show off before that consummate moment. It's important to have something to show off, and I've got an extra reason to want to buy myself some time.

After all, I have to carefully slip a bright blue dildo from my pussy before my special beau discovers it by accident! It's the sort of thing that makes a woman plan ahead when she's got the possibility of a hot action sequence coming, so if I can't duck into a restroom before heading home, I always make sure to serve some drinks after the heavy petting starts and then change into something more comfortable. A wonderful excuse to remove my special blue friend, wash up, slip off my dress, and pull on a sexy satin robe.

What happens after that is none of your business. You thought I was going to share? A woman has to have her secrets! Let's just say a few years of enjoying having something moving in and out of my pussy all day long means I'm wet and ready for a sexy man's thrusts. And fingers feel so nice - my blue toy is smooth, so the texture of curled fingers pressing into my warmth with the knuckles brushing against my opening is a wonderful change. There's a lot of goodness feeling a lover actively grinding into me, and I love kisses on my breasts while I soak him with my juices.

I can't say more or I'll share too much, and I want to give my sexy boys the privacy they deserve. No one likes a kiss and tell. But while I can't talk about them, I can talk about how naughty this Smurfette can get.

I was so satisfied with my special blue boy that I never thought to shop for something else. It's so embarrassing, and I don't feel comfortable around the men that frequent adult shops. But one of my acquaintances caught on to my special comfort, and discretely sent me links to a few other blue lovelies. No comment in the email, just a string of links. He's a sneaky bastard whose whiskers always leave my skin roughed up.

One of those toys he showed me was so strange and so different and so sexy... It's called the Seadragon. Bad Dragon is the sort of online sex toy store that just takes your breath away. I was glad he sent me a direct link to this pretty beast, because I would have fainted if I had seen the rest of their toy selection. And the drawings of... oh my. I was hesitant, but I ordered the largest size they had - in blue, of course.

It has a sturdy base that is broad enough to resemble a woman's vulva. From two deep furrows, the cock rises up with heavy curves and soft ridges that come to a narrow tipped head. It's bigger than my special blue toy, but that's what I wanted: something that I could feel deeper inside of me. Something that thrust my lips apart and spread my trembling insides. Something that had texture to grab at my soft skin and tease delicate bits within my sex. Something that would surprise me and make my eyes open wider.

The carefully shaped lump toward the bottom of the shaft - the knot, they call it, and I love how dirty it is to say that - tests my limits. The head is so smooth and tapered that it slips between my wet labia before I even notice the pressure on my opening. But then the shaft grows thicker and stays thick.

That first time, when I took my Seadragon's virginity, I was so conflicted. I wanted to swallow it whole, but my narrow opening was protesting before I even got half the shaft inside of me. The head was probing spots along the front of my pussy, and I knew just going a little deeper would feel so good. So I fought against my natural resistance. I pressed down wi

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Written by Cherish Desire
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Notes Her confession comes with tips for enjoying something blue tucked between sexy lips. This Smurfette’s lovely blue silicon toy keeps her fulfilled all day long, and her blue Seadragon beast has a diabolic plan to make a lasting impression!
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