Object Confessions 4: Chardonnay Pleasure

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Let's get this out of the way right up front - any woman can have any guy she wants. So this isn't about whether or not I can get a guy or have sex with a guy. No man I've ever met is going to turn down pussy or ass, and if he does then either a gal is doing it wrong or his interests are invested in other men. And a lot of gals do it wrong, or get all messed up in their head over "Is it love?" and "Is it a LTR?" and other crap - and none of that has a thing to do with providing an available pussy and ass for an available cock.

I had to get that off my chest because people just make assumptions about what other people like. I've had a lot of men, and a few women, and I know what I enjoy the most. And that's not either though both of those are nice depending on my mood.

If you saw me then you wouldn't suspect a thing. I guess since I'm over thirty some would call me a MILF though I have no interest in kids or a husband. I work in the big leagues, specializing in healthcare provider products, as a consultant and advisor. Which to you just means the highlights in my hair look really nice, and I'm wearing a rather expensive skirt suit, silk blouse, and shoes that I shopped all over for. The lingerie I wear underneath my work clothes, something different for each day of the week, is just as expensive and nice. Lace, satin, silk, and some of these fantastic new super textiles that make me feel like parts of my body are being stroked by the softest fingers every time I move.

To go with the cascading long hair that requires an extra half hour out of the shower every day just to keep it looking nice, I've got a pretty nice smile and eyes that will burn a hole in your head if you piss me off. I don't have big girl curves, but I'm very comfortable with my breasts and ass. I'm always somewhere between a C and a D - my tits are pretty perky with a tear drop shape that gives me great cleavage though my nipples are almost nonexistent. And I hit the gym for cardio in spin class and the Nautilus equipment to keep fit - so my ass is round but rock hard. My only complaints are a bit of wobble on my abdomen which I've had my entire life, and a little bit of spread in my thighs which I work hard to keep in check. At 5'6" out of shoes, and 5'9" in shoes, I'm pretty close to the top grade in a corporate setting. Only the women they hire directly from professional sports teams cheerleading squads or from model agencies really give me a run for my money. And those bitches pretty much stay away from women like me unless they want something or are starting to feel the sag so standing next to me makes them think they look better than they do.

Like I said, any woman can have any guy she wants. In my case, I can pull cock without even turning my head to wink at a guy. I just don't bother very often because other than a few beefcake boys that are fun to run my hands over and boss around, most guys aren't into what I like. With the exception of one, but he's a bit fucking insane and I only go to him when I really need it bad.

What I like... I guess I've been working up to this... is something unquestionably not meant to be shoved into a woman firmly driven and then pounded and then pushed back and forth inside of my vagina. Let's be right up front. My stretched pussy. My stretched, wet, very well fucked, and always a bit hungry, hole.

Most women worry about how tight they are, but I'm not in their league. A guy doesn't stay with a gal because she's a tight virginal fuck. He stays with her because she's available and dirty as hell in bed. 'Available' being the key word because as soon as you deny a guy pussy, your marketing message is all fucked up. Can you control a guy's access to your pussy? Sure. Can you get him so wound up and hung up on you that he'll behave like a mentally handicapped third grader? Yep. Does anyone really want to fuck a mentally handicapped third grader? No. So if controlling access to your pussy means giving your guy a lobotomy and then not getting to fuck whenever you want - which in my case is generally a lot - well that's just sad and stupid.

So I don't pretend to have tight pussy though I can choke a cock with my vaginal muscles, and my ass as well, without much effort. If I want dick I make it clear to the lucky guy, and with that I make it clear when I'm available. And if he becomes an asshole about it, falling for the same sort of sex control nonsense, then I let him slip away because he's ultimately very replaceable.

Shit. That was more stuff off my chest that you probably don't care about. So back to my point. 5'6" in stocking feet, pushing into D cup breasts, long wavy hair, and a very well used pussy. That's what you care about for this setting. Because now I'm going to tell you what I use to fuck myself.

Wine bottles.

You can't find anything better. The glass is easy to clean and non-porous. They come in different widths, lengths, and shapes. And once you start a collection, you can spend a few hours wandering one of the big wine clubs feeling your pussy soaking your lace panties as it anticipates the next bottle fuck. There are bottles for all sizes of women, and given a lot of ladies I know have tried their shampoo and conditioner bottles, this is just the next step up. I get totally sucked in when I go to Europe - they still have a glass bottle culture there, and fucking the Perrier is a guilty pleasure in my hotel suite. In short I can only recommend trying it out.

Some nights I light some candles, put on a little music, sip a nice vintage while going over my collection. I keep a wrought iron wine rack in my kitchen - usually with four or five unopened bottles and the rest are all empties I've cleaned and like for their specific characteristics. Perhaps tonight is a slim Bordeaux, but sometimes I want the wide bottom Brut Champagne... or for a while I was completely enraptured by a Gosset Grande Rose

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Written by Cherish Desire
Hochgeladen April 2, 2020
Notes Wine bottles are a delicate blend of sexual presentation and understated technology. The deliberate phallic shape is a challenge to this woman, and she’s definitely got favorites.
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