Pony Up (An Anime Girl Story)

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Theta entered with her collar already on and her harness in her arms. She wore nothing else. She was stripped naked - her pale skin glowing in the candlelight from sconces set around the room. She found Tom, standing by a leather bench with arm extensions and kneeling rests, and stood at attention.

Silently he nodded, smiling softly as he took Theta's smooth leather harness from her. She had done an excellent job rubbing it down with saddle soap and keeping it supple and soft. "For the duration of this scene, you are a pony girl. You may neigh for no or stomp your hooves for yes. Do you understand?"

Theta looked at him, the soft hair on his bare chest and muscular lines of his shoulders and biceps making her even more wet, and then stomped her right foot twice on the floor to show her acceptance of his conditions.

Tom nodded, winked, and gestured toward the padded leather bench. "Please pony up," he said while enjoying his terrible pun.

Doing her best imitation of a knicker, Theta carefully walked up to the kneeling end of the bench. She could see how it looked almost like a picnic table, the elevated and padded center plank flanked on either side lengthwise by narrower padded planks about a foot lower. She got up carefully, minding her balance as she knelt on the smooth leather, and then shuffled forward until she felt Tom's hand on her shoulder.

He guided her head down, lowering Theta so her bare breasts and pelvis were against the center plank, before adjusting her slightly so she was aligned with the long bench. The center piece had a slightly oval curve, so her thighs were held a little bit less than shoulder width apart as Theta straddled it on her knees. His strong fingers stroked over her pale skin, carefully stroking her muscles and helping her relax, and he tested her comfort with a quick study of her shoulders and hips. Comfortable with the way her body fit to the bench, he took her elbows one by one and guided them into U-shaped padded channels that led to cuffs for her wrists.

The bench was truly a work of beauty. The cuffs moved easily, sliding without a snag to where Tom needed them, and pushing in the steel lever under the arm channel locked them into place. The cuffs themselves were leather circlets - inside and out - with an air bladder between them. With her arms and wrists in place, Tom simply pumped a bulb on either side until he felt confident that Theta was sufficiently restrained. No need to worry about straps that were too small or that wrapped around themselves and thus didn't hold well. The simplicity allowed for dealing quickly with emergencies as well - to release the cuffs, he just had to release the air bladder valve. Well thought out engineering like this was rare in dungeon spaces.

Tom had to stop admiring the ease of securing Theta and focus on the scene and her care. Now that she was cuffed against the unheated leather, he knew her body would cool down fast. Luckily, he had a solution. Tom took out a large heating pad - the sort usually used for people with back pain - and spread it out from the top of Theta's buttocks all the way to her shoulders. He referred to it as a 'saddle blanket' while he made certain it covered her bare body, talking to Theta about his preparations for his lovely pony and encouraging the fantasy in her mind. With the heating pad in place, he took her leather harness and fit it in place.

Theta had certain modifications already, and the customized harness took advantage of those. Tom had crafted it himself, right down to the custom metal stamp that he used to put his mark into the leather, and it was one of three which he used with Theta. This one fit over her shoulders, with a strap that went down and around the arm to prevent it from riding up to her neck. The front part was held in place by black elastic that came under Theta's breast from the left to the right, and then buckled into place. A broad leather waist belt went just above her hips, cradling her smooth abdomen and cinching in the back to keep the midsection from twisting away as she shuddered with pleasure.

With this specific harness, Tom had designed two special elements. One was an adjoining thigh strap that he didn't intend to use tonight. The other would be an intrinsic part of the scene.

He tested the buckles and fit of the harness and confirmed that the heating pad was set on medium and warming up. Theta was wiggling a bit to get adjusted and acclimated - or possibly just enjoying the smooth leather stroking against her skin. When Tom felt confident that she was ready, he cleared his throat and said, "I have a surprise for you tonight." He let the words sink in, and then Theta tapped her foot in his direction. The equivalent of "Yes, Master." He smiled. "Tonight we'll begin your breeding training."

The enthusiasm in Tom's voice was lost on Theta as her mind reeled in a mini-terror. She'd wondered why Tom was taking them to a dungeon. She'd wondered why he had been measuring her progress. She'd wondered why so many things... and now she was here. This was her fantasy, a mixture of his lust and her perversity, but Theta was suddenly trapped in the moment. She almost broke character and cried out, but then she remembered the rules and stayed mute as she struggled in her bonds and harness.

Tom's hand was gentle on her shoulder while he soothingly caressed her. "You're a very silly pony, aren't you?" he asked in a soft murmur. "Look around you - there is no straw on the floor, there were no stables nearby, you don't smell a live stud nor could one fit down the hallway, right?" Theta still struggled with her irrational fears, but her mind was catching up. "I wanted a special setting for you to lose your anal virginity to a wonderful horse cock toy. Something we've been talking about and you've been imagining for so long. That's all."

In those dulcet tones, Tom could have charmed a r

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Written by Cherish Desire
Hochgeladen April 2, 2020
Notes Theta has been training hard to be his pony girl. With her piercings tied down and her bottom the target of his lust, her master’s massive equine dildo will test her limits and enforce her submission.
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