Restrained (A Natalya Story)

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She wasn't helpless, but Natalya gave the audience that impression. She knew a single signal to Max would end the show. He wouldn't be pleased, but Max believed she knew her limits best. Only Natalya knew that her limits had been pushed so far that she had no idea when to stop.

Encased in a translucent latex catsuit, her tight gymnast body was on display for the onlookers and gawkers. The second skin was snug enough to tuck in her tummy and thighs while admirably presenting her round buttocks and teardrop breasts. The fitted gas mask disguised her identity while adding to the animated rubber doll image Natalya was deliberately presenting. Her iconic skunk stripe running through her dark brown hair was a detail few of the attendees would remember.

What they were fixated on and would replay over and over again was the smooth motion of the three inch thick dildo that moved in and out of her ass on an untiring motorized arm.

The catsuit had been fitted with exaggerated sexual features including an oversized pair of deep labia folds and a wide ring for her anus. These were affixed to short hollow tubes that penetrated her openings and lead to the hollows within her pelvis. The reinforcing rings for the pliable tubes only went a few inches deep, but it was more than enough to ensure Natalya's muscles could not squeeze her sex or ass shut. Simple overlapping latex seals kept her fluids in for the most part but still allowed for penetration. The only barrier was width since the rubber fittings determined the maximum dildo thickness that could slip into Natalya.

Hence, some measure of the audience's interest. She'd been wearing biker short style panties with the fittings in place all weekend. Sometimes openly and sometimes underneath her latex skirts and trousers. The last night of the three day fetish weekend event was the play party, and Natalya could finally show off what her cunt and ass had been trained to do. Starting with the three inch thick dong that was stroking in and out of her anus without encountering any resistance. Three inches was the smallest sized dildo that she played with, but most women were shocked to see a toy so big being used anally. They had no idea the sort of girth and length that Natalya craved.

Her labia tunnels ached from the gentle tugging that the sex toy's wide shaft encouraged across the pelvic curve of the rubber suit. Her ass groaned from the shallow fucking it was receiving. She held back from bucking against the cock toy while enjoying all seven inches of silicon shaft as best she could while squeezing down and gripping the portion that stroked through the tube and into the depths of her bottom.

The mechanical arm didn't tire or notice the pressure of her subtle rebellion. It drove that faux cock in whether Natalya's ass clenched or relaxed. It tugged that massive thick member out whether Natalya's ass clung to it or not. Over and over again, her ass received a regular metered pounding, and Max watched and waited for Natalya's customary response.

Despite how mundane being ass fucked was, even with a bigger dildo in public, Natalya was interested in trying something new. She knew Max expected her to tap her fingers, and then he'd clean her up and swap dildos to show off her cunt. Fucking with his expectations in public - where Max had to cover up his frustration - suited Natalya's deviant urges. Acting slowly so Max would see what she was doing, Natalya fitted her right wrist into the metal cuff on the leather padded table top. She knew his eyes were watching her like a hawk, and there was a satisfying click when the hasp latched closed and Natalya flexed her arm to confirm that she was locked in place. Then she did the same with her left wrist, nudging the interior of the cuff clasp, and it smoothly clicked into place as well. With both wrists fixed to the table that Max had designed for her to be displayed on, Natalya wasn't surprised to see him moving in her partially obscured peripheral vision. She wondered if he would undo the cuffs or just stand closer. When his hand brushed over her latex covered leg, Natalya felt the pressure on her skin but couldn't distinguish his fingertips from his palm.

Quietly Max spoke to the mesmerized audience, "I suggest you only try this once you have worked up to it." His hand adjusted Natalya's ankle and another cuff clicked into place. He had to walk around the fucking machine to get to the last cuff restraint. It locked into place easily as well. "The machine can, of course, go faster and deeper."

Natalya braced herself. She had no idea what Max would do, but cuffing her own wrists had been something new to try. Now she was truly fixed in place, and her heart rate was rising in anticipation of his desires. The fucking machine began pressing the fake cock further up her ass - wobbling the whole way because of the resistance near the top of her rectum. She softly cried out into the gas mask when she felt the rounded head of the dildo bottom out, and then the broad head pushed forward as it tried to penetrate her colon. It only took three slow strokes to succeed. Her whimpers became gasping, but only the rasping of air being drawn into the gas mask could be heard. The lenses fogged over, and Natalya was lost in the haze of her throbbing pulse and the measured driven thrusts of the thick dildo penetrating her ass.


The petite rubber encased woman had looked almost fake up to that moment. Only a bit of her hair was exposed, the rest of her was covered with a glossy well-fit catsuit. The pistoning machine drilling her ass with a dildo nearly as thick as a forearm seemed to have no impact on her. A woman raised her hand to her chest, her partner unknowingly squeezing her arm tight with his fingers, as an additional few inches of the shaft flexed and then lurched forward into the woman's bottom. Her detached demeanor was shattered, and now that she

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Written by Cherish Desire
Hochgeladen April 1, 2020
Notes Wearing her rubber catsuit with special openings, Natalya shows off her dildo prowess. She knows exactly what it takes to ensnare her Max.
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