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How a Photographer Captured Lesbian Sex Affairs During a New Pop Star’s First Tour

36-year-old amateur photographer Rosie from Los Angeles spent the last decade following 2 artists on tour and was part of their inner circle to document the journey. One was a successful metal band and the other an up-and-coming new girly pop star with enough hits under her belt to have some fan mania. This is Rosie’s story tracking the pop star, whose details remain discreet for reasons you will soon find out.

The Pop Star (PT) was about to embark on a big budget tour and through a mutual friend heard Rosie was available for work and asked if she could come along. Rosie was 26 at the time and looked like a sophisticated girl who wore boy-ish clothes on nice female features such as a curvy size 10 figure. She had medium short blonde hair, loved sneakers and had a random resemblance to the actress Hayden Panettiere that some of her friends loved to point out.

Rosie was into girls and found out through pillow talk with that same mutual friend, that the PT was also into girls because the 2 slept together. When the PT approached Rosie with the job to come on tour, she happily accepted, but mainly for the work experience and not because of the prior knowledge. The PT herself was in the late 20s and had girly looks and brunette hair, real pop star and pretty looking.

After a few weeks of rehearsals, they would board a plane to Seattle WA and linked up with a tour bus to start the journey. That took them south through Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and finished in Miami FL. Up to 5 shows a week and staying mostly on the tour bus with limited hotel stops. The venues were in the medium range and expected turnout was estimated at 5000 to 6000 a show. Rosie was tasked with being the photographer, documenting their first journey as a band and all the fan interactions. She would get a bunk on the bus and all access backstage to take photos. Plane tickets included. After Miami, they flew up to New York to continue the tour up there.

The band consisted of a male drummer but female guitar and bass players. And the PT herself, who sometimes played the keys. A couple of other people came along that were the management team and Rosie. She was excited, her first properly paid job as a photographer and it was going to be a challenging journey.

Rosie pretty much immediately became involved. She even came along to the rehearsals for the tour and started snapping photos all the way up to the day they flew out for the first day. Everybody was excited, but more PG-13 excited than anything more. Little did they know how crazy tour life would get.

The first night in Seattle was also for rehearsals and they all stayed at a hotel. The madness started as soon as they arrived at the hotel, a bunch of fans were waiting and excited to see the PT. Mostly girls, Rosie noticed, but she was also being rushed in from the car. The PT spent some time taking selfies with a few lucky fans.

Everyone stayed in, got briefed from management on the next day’s itinerary and rested. The PT invited Rosie to her room to hang out for a while, so they could get to know each other more. The PT was nervous, and Rosie had to reassure her everything was going to be fine. They bonded in a warm, sisterly kind of way on that first night of the tour.

Rosie looked back on those first 2 weeks as a slow build up to the PT fully taking advantage of her star power. As the first show in Seattle came to an end and they packed to drive to Portland OR for a show the next night, they all felt amazing with the crowd turnout and support. It took a couple of shows to find their workflow and once they did, in San Diego, everyone felt the confidence they could do a whole tour. Rosie already had a great collection of pictures of everyone in action and the crowd going nuts.

It was one afternoon in their second city in Texas, that Rosie’s world got rocked. By that point in the tour great reviews had spread and radio stations wanted to arrange meet and greets with fans. That was the third one they were doing and the meet and greets were normally split up in groups of two – kids with parents and other individual older fans who got lucky.

A quiet morning passed at the venue setting up for sound check, and just before lunch they did a meet and greet session. Rosie took photos of everything and continued on her own walking around the venue taking pictures of the crew. An hour went by when she wanted to go back to the bus to plug them into her laptop for some editing work.

When Rosie walked on their bus, she noticed how quiet it was. And when she walked up the small stairs and opened the curtains, she saw a girl from the meet and greet on her knees in front of the PT at the back of the bus near the bunks. They looked like they had a great time and Rosie walked in on them abruptly.

The girl jolted and immediately stood up and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. She stood nervously anticipating Rosie’s reaction. The PT pulled up her panties and fixed her hair, smiling mischievously the entire time. The PT placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and comfortingly said she could go as long as they kept that between them. The girl agreed and pashed the PT, then turned around and walked nervously passed Rosie off the bus.

‘You don’t mind, do you? I felt a bit lonely today and she was nice enough to keep me company.’

The PT said it casually to Rosie, like it was not a big deal. Rosie confusingly dismissed the situation and said it was fine. That kind of thing happens, right?

Later that night, when they drove to the next city, drinks flowed around the bus until everyone fell asleep one by one. Until it was just the PT and Rosie left, awake in the lounge area. The PT asked Rosie that, if she ever happened to walk in on something like that again, could she try to take some photos of if from a separate

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Notes 36-year-old photographer Rosie from Los Angeles captured the first US tour of an up-and-coming pop star last decade. Find out about all the secret lesbian encounters on the tour bus with lucky fan girls and one raunchy studio session with a female rapper.
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