Amy Stopped Her Affair with the Two Girls and Got Revenge

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How Amy Witnessed Two Girls Hooking Up in Her Apartment Building's Lane Way Continued Fourth part

38-year-old married working mum Amy from Sydney thought she was on a winning streak – she saw two innocent-looking girls hooking up outside of her kitchen window on 2x separate occasions and even got the chance to meet them and participated in a threesome after one drunken night out.

The chance encounter of meeting the girls quickly backfired on Amy. They wanted to keep seeing her and worst of all, they had presumably 1 photo, maybe more, of Amy enjoying their threesome. She had to think and act fast, so she would not become another sad case of revenge porn or blackmail.

Initially, Amy was afraid to reply and ask for the photo to be deleted. That would show it was sensitive to her and might have caused the girls to take advantage. So instead, she decided to play it cool – no big deal – until she had another chance to meet them.

Amy also replied she had a great night with them and wanted to keep in touch for their next time. Which would be not long after, when the girls returned to the lane way to have another smoke and asked Amy if she was free to join.

It was the middle of that following week on a regular night Amy never saw them in the lane way before. She had no plans of going out and her husband was also home, so technically she was not free. But luckily their garbage was full, and Amy volunteered to take it out to the bins while her husband was fixated on the TV and the kids were in bed.

Amy quickly threw the garbage in the bin and snuck out to the pathway next to her building. She quietly approached the girls who were already there.

It occurred to Amy she did not even know their names. Maybe they never introduced each other given the circumstances, or maybe they did but Amy forgot being heavily under the influence – she was not sure anymore and approached them with just a friendly Hello. The girls were both casually dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts, probably stepped outside of their apartment just for the smoke.

The girls seemed more nervous that time and so was Amy, there was no prior liquid courage to calm their nerves before any flirting could happen. After some small talk about how everyone’s rest of the weekend was and that new week, Amy explained she could not stay and only had a couple of minutes.

She declined a puff from their ‘minty’ and managed to ask about that photo.

“I didn’t know you took it, are there any more?” Amy asked innocently. Keen to find out more.

“Yeah there is one more. Sexy, wasn’t it?” The girl who ate Amy and took the photo replied, unassuming of Amy’s intention.

“Very!” Amy jokingly replied, trying hard to hide her worry and anger.

“I can send it to you.” The girl quipped.

“Sure – don’t you think we should erase our evidence though?” Amy asked casually.

“No, why? It was amazing and I want to have the memory for us.” The girl almost whinged.

The girl’s reply deeply annoyed Amy. She felt betrayed and clearly realized they were not on the same page. It became a drunken mistake Amy had to pay for.

“Ok, I have to go now. I will let you know when I am free again for more fun.” Amy replied tongue-in-cheek.

Back in her apartment, Amy’s husband was still watching TV and did not notice her being away for 5+ minutes. She poured herself juice and drank it while cautiously looking outside of the kitchen at the girls who were still smoking. Part of her still felt the initial attraction to them and wanted more fun, but an even bigger part of her felt the betrayal and wanted some kind of revenge.

Amy had her phone out on the kitchen counter, and as she finished her juice and put the glass back next to it, a small lightbulb went off inside.

She quickly checked that her husband was still fixated on the TV. Then she opened the camera on her phone and positioned it near the window. In less than a minute, she managed to zoom in and turn up the light settings in order to take a couple of clear photos of the two girls smoking. She could also use the pathway’s small lighting to her advantage. Luckily, out of the 10 photos she took 3 showed the girls and their faces clearly.

I can play the photo game too, you little spoiled brat, try me – Amy thought to herself confidently.

It was only a beginning, but Amy wanted more. Fighting fire with an even bigger fire was something she became good at throughout her life. She planned to take more incriminating photos of them as soon as the opportunities presented themselves, the girls smoking was just the start of Amy’s revenge.

Unfortunately, after their smoke the girls left. No further playing around happened for Amy to capture. But she reminded herself of a Robert De Niro quote from one of her favorite movies Ronin – ‘All good things come to those who wait.’

Not long after, Amy had another night out with the girls. For a couple of days her revenge was paused, the girls were not in the lane way and did not text Amy. By the time she was out with a few drinks she temporarily forgot about her worries.

But that night when she was out, the girls coincidentally got in touch again.

“Hey x are you out? Heading home soon if you’re around..” – Amy received around 1130 PM.

Robert De Niro was right; this was the opportunity Amy had waited patiently for.

“Hey, no sorry I can’t tonight, but have fun!” – Amy replied.

When she put her phone away, Amy finished her drink and said goodbye to her friends. She chalked it up to being tired and gave everyone a hug on the way out of the bar they were in.

Amy kept a look on her surroundings at the bus stop, making sure to avoid running into the girls. Back at home after midnight, her husband fell asleep again with the TV on and the kids were sleeping peacefully. She quietly entered and checked from the kitchen if the girls were there yet. They were not which left her with a bit of time to settle i

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Notes 38-year-old Amy from Sydney found herself in an awkward position of potentially being the victim of blackmail and revenge porn after she drunkenly met the two girls from her lane way and had a threesome. But she ultimately got her sweet revenge...
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