Drunk Cheating

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One night my girlfriend was at a house party with me and our friends and her ex. We drank and drank all night. At one point my girlfriend went to the toilet for a piss. Her ex went too. I was downstairs for a good 10 minutes before I realised they'd been a while. When I got to the bathroom I barged it open and her ex was balls deep in her mouth. She was definitely enjoying it S she had one hand down her pants touching herself.

After a short argument we were all back down stairs and around 2 hours later I was do drunk I passed out during this my girlfriend and her ex had been masturbating each other under a blanket but we're both getting horny. My friend hasd fallen asleep by thus point but apparently they were kissing. Anyway so all hot and horny they went upstairs and stripped each other while masturbating each other and kissing. Then they 69'd infill she was all horny and wet and wanted him inside her. She asked him to put on a condom but he said he wanted her to take him bareback so she spread her legs for him and he started fucking her.

Around 20 minutes later I woke up and realised they'd gone and after earlier I knew where'd they d be. I went upstairs to the attic where my friends room was and the closer I got I could hear my girlfriend moaning her exes name and talking dirty to him. There was no do it on the bed room so I stood in the doorway while he fucked her and she was saying how good he was and how she wanted it to be a regular thing. She was clearly cumming a lot then he slowed down from the hard fast fuck he was giving her and moaned . I geared her moan as she orgasms and talked about how good his dick and cum felt.

She noticed me and i turned around and walked back downstairs.

Around 5 minutes later they both came down dressed but you could tell they d fucked. We argued in the kitchen and her ex got involved and sent me out while he talked to her. When I went back in he was fingering her on the table and sucking her tits. I just couldn't stop her doing it stop her so i just went home.

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Notes Cheating teen fucks her ex drunk.
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