Amy’s Two Girls Returned to Play Around in the Lane Way

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How Amy Witnessed Two Girls Hooking Up in Her Apartment Building’s Lane Way Continued

38-year-old recruitment coordinator Amy thought she was happily married with kids and a fulfilling job until one night her sexuality got turned upside down with lesbian desires. With nearly two weeks since Amy witnessed the two girls hooking up after her own night out, it was time for her husband to have his monthly boys’ night.

Almost every night since she saw the girls in the lane way, Amy found excuses to be in the kitchen after 11 PM. Sometimes deliberately delaying the dishes after dinner, other times slowly going for a drink or a snack. She did not want her husband to notice any strange behavior while he watched TV. But every time she was there, she would look out the kitchen window to the bushy pathway the girls snuck into. Hoping they might be back to hook up again.

Amy increasingly found herself distracted with the images of what she saw them do. It was powerful material to get herself off in the shower each morning. But also at work, she day dreamed more and more at her desk and started to create scenarios in her own mind about what the girls could also have done. The only times she was not distracted were in the evenings with her kids.

She even counted the days since the girls’ initial hook up on her work calendar. It had already been 13 days since that night, but Amy still had hope she would get to see them again. She developed a sudden infatuation for the younger girls and the way they secretly hooked up. It caught her off guard; she had a couple of secret experimental encounters herself growing up but thought she had left them in the past. Seeing the intimacy between those girls and the things they did brought it all back again.

On the second Friday after her own night out, it was time for her husband to have his boys’ night. And after dinner, he said goodbye to the kids and Amy and left to meet up with his friends. Announcing he would most likely get home after midnight and that Amy should not wait up for him.

Amy looked forward to spending an evening by herself, with full control of the TV after she put her sons to sleep. They had pizza for dinner so luckily there were barely any dishes and she also prepared a chilled bottle of red wine to enjoy for herself. She called it a cheeky nightcap.

At 930 PM the boys were already sound asleep, and she found a romantic movie to watch. Amy waited another nearly 30 minutes just in case they woke up again. When they did not, she dimmed the lights, pressed play on the movie and went to the kitchen to get her wine.

After grabbing a glass from the cupboard, she noticed two small lights from the bushy pathway across from the kitchen window. Amy nearly jumped out of excitement and positioned herself to see what it was. The girls – she froze – they’re back!

The two lights came from the girls’ phones. They were standing next to each other but each typing something separately and not interacting much. While Amy was excited to see them, a sudden panic also sunk in that maybe she already missed them hooking up when she was putting her kids to bed earlier.

Nonetheless, Amy watched them intently to see what would happen. She noticed the girls were more dressed down this time but still looked like they just came back from being out somewhere. With sneakers, different color jeans and matching t-shirts combo – Amy thought they must have had dinner together or maybe watched a movie. The girl who did the licking and fingering last time wore black jeans, her friend who previously wore the skirt had classic blue jeans on.

For a few minutes, the girls kept on their phones. Occasionally sharing their screens to each other and smiling.

But then they simultaneously locked their phones and put them in their pockets. Although they kept talking to each other, further making Amy anxious that perhaps she missed out. Come on girls – Amy thought to herself.

Fortunately, Amy’s wish eventually came true.

The girl in the black jeans took a sudden step closer to her friend. Both of their hands hugged each other around the waist as they kissed again. In no time, things heated up between them. Amy noticed the hands exploring each other on the booty and full length of the back, the body’s swaying a bit from the kissing and further pressing up against each other.

Amy’s eyes instantly became enamored at the sight of the girls’ intimacy. How quickly they were able to switch between looking like friends to being passionate lovers like last time.

The girl in the black jeans kissed her friend along the cheeks until she was able to kiss and nibble on the neck and behind the ears. She did not bother with parting any hair that may have been in the way. Besides, Amy thought it would most likely smell like heavenly perfume or shampoo and add to their horny mood.

The girl also moved one of her hands to the front, firmly gripping the blue jeans’ crotch and caressing her friend who instantly closed the eyes and pushed the body back against the hand. This also made the girl in the blue jeans slump down to balance on her friend, being careful in case her legs and knees turned to jelly from the pleasure.

Amy felt her own temperature rising, feeling hot and blushing while leaning over her kitchen sink to get a better look at the girls. Every so often she would also turn her head to make sure she was still by herself. The movie was playing in the background for no one.

The girl in the black jeans seemed like the experienced one who took charge. The other girl was on the receiving end for a second time and allowed every heavenly moment to happen to her. Including having her jeans unbuttoned and zipped open to allow her friend more access.

One hand slipped inside as the girl in the blue jeans slumped forward even more and found herself in her friend’s neck. The intensity of the other girl’s hand movement increased, reminding Amy

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Notes 38-year-old Amy from Sydney was lucky enough to witness the two younger girls hooking up again in the same lane way spot as last time. This time though, the girls got even naughtier and surprised Amy with very passionate ass play and more.
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