How Amy Witnessed Two Girls Hooking Up in Her Apartment Building's Lane Way

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38-year-old Australian recruitment coordinator Amy from Sydney had a busy life balancing her full-time job at a large global organisation and her family life at home with two young kids and husband. This is the story of how she became an unexpected voyeur one late night, witnessing two girls sneaking into the bushy lane way in between apartment buildings from outside of her kitchen window.

Amy lived on the second floor in her apartment building on a block full of other apartments that had main road and back lane way entrances. It was a quiet and family-friendly inner-city neighborhood close enough to Sydney’s CBD and multiple famous beaches. She had the corner apartment, with a balcony facing the back laneway and her living room and kitchen windows facing the other next-door building.

From her kitchen window she also had a perfect view of a small lane way that the neighboring building had which connected their garbage disposal room and a small courtyard that was only accessible to 1 or 2 ground floor apartments. The pathway was surrounded by long bushes that made it hard to be noticed by other floors in Amy’s building, the first floor was too low to see anything and the higher floors could only see it if their residents hung out of the windows looking straight down. Amy often noticed it when doing her dishes or cooking, as the view was directly in front of the window. At night time, the pathway was lit up by small porch lights but generally Amy never noticed anyone using it. It seemed restricted, an area only a groundskeeper would use.

Most of her days were spent at work and with her kids in the evenings. She sometimes brought back work to do at home, but often also had free family time to enjoy. Once a month though, she had a well-deserved and much needed girls’ night out. She had two sons, her husband, and a team of mostly male colleagues at work. Every chance she had to catch up with female friends was a blessing.

Her voyeur moment happened after one fateful girls’ night out. When she saw something, she could never unsee.

Amy came home that Friday night around 1130 PM. Her husband had fed the kids and they were asleep, and so was he on the living room couch with the TV still playing. He also forgot to do the dishes and left them in a messy state on the kitchen counter.

She did not mind cleaning them up, it would not take her very long and it was also not enough to spoil her mood. She decided not to wake him yet and got to work in the kitchen, keeping the lights off as the TV provided enough for her see while washing up.

Not even a minute into running the water and preparing her sponge, she noticed two girls sneaking through the pathway outside holding each other’s hands and looking around to not get caught. Amy did not recognize them, but noticed they looked pretty and dressed up like after a night out. They looked young, but obviously old enough to come back late from drinking and partying.

Most likely in their late teens or early twenties and judging by their sneaking around, probably still lived with their parents. Amy momentarily stopped what she was doing and curiously watched them from behind the sink. What were they up to? – she thought.

There was a small patch of bush missing along the pathway for what looked like the air conditioning vent for the building. Amy’s eyes nearly popped out of her head in disbelief, when she saw one of the girls push her friend up against it and grabbed her head for an instant kiss. It looked like they could not wait for this to happen, and the small patch there was enough to hide them from the main pathway if any onlookers came. Little did the girls know, Amy saw it all unfold from her kitchen.

The girls looked like a similar height and the one who was pushed against the vent wore a revealing short black skirt and top only covering her shoulders and breasts. The belly button was showing, something Amy saw the girl’s friend take advantage of later.

The other girl wore a summery dress that fell to just around her knees and left her shoulders and neckline open. Amy could not tell what color the dress was at night time but it looked classy, she could tell both girls were blonde or at least a lighter shade of hair color.

The girls quickly wrapped their hands around each other, pulling in for a hungry make out that was clearly a secret to anyone but themselves and now also Amy. Their bodies pressed against each other and the girl in the skirt used her free hand to pull her friend closer by grabbing her booty from behind.

The girls’ heads were tiling back and forth, a sign their tongues were looking for each other making the lips adjust to the movements. Eventually both girls’ hands let go of their embrace and grabbed each other by the ass cheeks firmly. This motion pulled in the girl in the dress even closer to her friend, causing her to break free of their kiss and focus on her friend’s neck. And as soon as the neck kissing started, the other girl tilted her head up and seemingly closed her eyes to enjoy the moment.

Amy stood frozen at the kitchen sink. Something made her quickly check the husband was still sleeping and then resumed watching the girls. As if she would be the one getting caught doing something.

She never imagined herself to be in this position. Normally, Amy did not have any thoughts about other women. She tried a thing or two with a friend growing up, in the experimental days, but never had the temptation to explore it further. She was happily married and enjoyed taking care of her sons.

But the more she watched the girls play with each other, the more wet her panties were becoming. And oddly enough, Amy’s mind was blank. She was in total awe of what was unfolding outside, frozen in the moment with the excitement of witnessing something that she was not supposed to. Seeing the girls pleasuring each other was powerful, Amy’s mind would later replay many of the images she sa

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Notes 38-year-old Amy from Sydney thought she was happily married with kids and a full-time job until she came home late from one fateful girls’ night out. While doing the leftover dishes, she witnessed two younger girls outside her kitchen window secretly kissing and much more.
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