One Night Out: A Male-Male-Female Outtake (bisexual)

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Henry’s friend Isabel had an art opening that night. That was as safe as it could get, so East went out with both Jax and Henry. They dressed her up, argued about her underwear, and took her to the gallery, where they ran into all of Henry’s friends, other than Audie. East suspected they’d told him she would be there, especially since his boyfriend Calhoun had turned up. He carefully told her that Audie said hello, and she asked him to convey the same to him. She wanted to see him. But they’d both break down. How do you see someone you shared such a hellish childhood with?
But all Henry’s friends knew about the three of them. They didn’t have to fake it. So while Henry wandered around and said hello, Jax kept his arm around her waist and showed her the pictures. They didn’t look at the pictures. They delighted in touching each other in public: in East stroking the slight stubble on his cheek, in their hands locked together where he held her. His lips brushed her ear.
“I want to whisper things that’ll make you soak that black lace I picked out, but I’m so grateful I can whisper in your ear in public I don’t want you to run away, East.”
She laughed and dared to kiss him on the cheek. “That might be the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me, Littleton.”
He gave her that heart-meltingly crooked grin and fucked up his already fucked-up spiky blond hair. “Don’t get used to it, Bennett.”
When they wandered near Henry again, he threw Jax a look as he untangled them. “You’re monopolizing Easter.” But he kissed Jax — on the mouth — in front of God and everyone.
Henry’s twin Wills, the same linebacker build, dark hair, and dark eyes, the same pouty mouth, rolled his eyes.
“Oh, like you and Crispin don’t make out like, constantly.” Henry gestured at the curly haired guy with his arm around his twin’s waist.
“Shut the fuck up, brother.”
“Shut the fuck up, brother,” Henry mimicked. East turned away and laughed.
They went out to the bar afterwards, Hullpeter’s, dark but raucous and lit with multicolored Christmas lights. This time Easter sat on Jax’s lap. He fed her shots and kissed her on the mouth afterwards. Henry’s twink friend, Barbie-blond Quinn, and Quinn’s cousin Delia shot her looks.
East finally cornered them. “Hey, Quinn, you have two boyfriends, right?”
He nodded.
“Imagine that everywhere you go, you have to pretend one of them is your other boyfriend’s best friend. You can’t touch him, you can’t look at him, you can’t do anything. And all of a sudden you can act like he’s your boyfriend. You’re safe. You get one night. So give it to us, okay?”
They were both quiet. Delia finally spoke. “I didn’t think of it that way.”
“Just let us have it.”
They both nodded.
“God, you two are such idiots.” Their other cousin Baylor appeared, almost identical to Delia: the same long blond hair, the same snub nose and sharp chin. Baylor kissed East on the cheek. “Y’all just don’t get it. Jax, kiss her like you fucking mean it, son.”
Jax grinned and bent East backwards. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her like the end of the goddamn world: mouth hard on hers, tongue skimming over her lip. She grabbed the back of his neck and tried to meet his tongue, but he nipped her lip, then sucked the bitten place — exactly how she liked best. When he finally let her up, he held her close. Probably to hide his hard-on.
“Was that good enough?” He threw her that same goddamn grin.
“Better than.”
“I aim to please.”
East spent the rest of the night pressed against his leanly muscled frame, his blue eyes piercing even in the dark bar.
He’d been well-behaved all night and finally his self-control must have broken. He leaned down, brushed her curl out of the way, and kissed her ear. “I want you now.”
“Then go tell Henry we’re leaving.”
He grabbed her hand and dragged her over to their boyfriend, who was talking to his twin’s boyfriend Crispin. “We’re leaving. With or without you, honey.”
Henry smirked at Crispin. “That’s my cue.”
Crispin rolled his eyes. “Later.”

Jax unlocked the door to the apartment. Henry picked East up, and despite her squeals, and carried her up the metal stairs to the bedroom, where he dropped her on the California king and started on her boots. “You,” he said, “are getting naked for us. Then we’re gonna absolutely ravage you. Don’t say a word. Do not contradict me, sweet girl.”
“Nah.” Jax shoved Henry down on the bed. Henry wasn’t braced for it and tumbled down next to East. “Maybe we’ll do you tonight. Maybe I’ll fuck you while you lick baby girl and she and I make out. That sounds good to me. If you’re a good boy she’ll jack you off.”
“You know, that was counterproductive. I was getting East naked.”
“Maybe I wanna do that.” Jax hung up his jacket. Henry had already tossed his on the chair. Jax made a face and hung it up, too. “Stand up, pretty girl.”
“No. Henry was doing fine.”
Jax dropped his voice. “I said stand up, pretty girl.”
East got up off the bed and stood in front of Jax. He tugged one of her curls. “Love this red hair,” he murmured, almost to himself. “Strip for me, pretty.”
East dropped her dress and undid her boots. “Yeah, that’s it, honey. You know what I want. No, leave those stockings on, please, and the bra. You think I pick out that shit for functionality?”
Henry snorted.
“You gonna get your ass over here, or enjoy the free show?”
“I’m getting there.” Henry was down to his boxers.
East yanked Jax over by his waistband and started on his shirt. “You behave.” His breath was hot in her ear. “Or I’ll make you wish you did.”
She gave him her sweetest smile. “And Henry will make sure it doesn’t matter.” She deftly worked his belt. “Do your own goddamn Doc Martens.”
“No, brat, you get down —”
East sprang onto the bed and hid behind Henry, who laughed, a deep rumble, and kissed her head.
“Well, that’s just not fucking fair.”
“Come get me.” East flopped bac

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Written by authorjuliamcbryant
Hochgeladen February 20, 2020
Notes A male-male-female couple goes out for a rare night, then come home and get freaky with fucking, fingering, hand-jobs, and pussy-licking. An outtake from MMF novel Breaking Point: Henry Jax and Easter, on preorder on Amazon for a May 5 release:
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