10 o'clock at night

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Its about 10 O'clock at night when you hear a ring on your door bell, you work your way down the stairs to the door... Un lock it and there I am beaming at you, with an almost sinister smile, we both say hey and I walk in, no sooner do you finish locking the door do you feel one hand on your waist, you turn yourself around and no sooner than a second after meeting with my eyes my body is up against yours and pushing you against the door. The hand on your waist keeping you close to me at all times, with my other hand now in your hair. I look at your lips and you instantly know what I'm thinking, seconds later my soft lips are brushing past yours as we kiss. My hand can only really be described as massaging the back of your head, as I slowly smooth through your hair. Whilst kissing I would every now again, bite your lip and then see a cheeky smile form on both our faces. After what feels like hours (probably about 3 minutes) of slow kissing and grinding bodies, I begin to move my kisses to your neck and as I do I move my hand from your hair and to about three inches above your knee. As I kiss your neck I begin doing a slow continuous figure of eight motion just on the inside of your leg, you can feel it through your jeans and as my kisses start to move further down your neck, the eight's begin to slow move up the inside of your leg. My kisses are starting to become light bites the higher up my finger moves, just as I reach the top of your jeans, I lightly bite your ear. You can feel my finger ever so lightly through the fabric exactly where your pussy is. I move my hand up to your waist band and pop the button on your jeans, the zip doesn't take long in working its way down. I slip my fingers down your jeans, in between them and your knickers. As my fingers moves down you feel one brush past your clit as it continues to go down.

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