Hate getting throatfucked, but love to be used­čśś

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I have a tiny throat and when a big cock is squeezing past my tonsils its so rough its borderline greusom. I've gotta make sure to slobber as much as I can and if possible add lube so the cock will slide in easier. That's the easy part, after that it's usually me getting suffocated till I'm beat red and my esophagus violently slammed till my master blows his load in my throat, which I prefer, so it helps coat and soothe the destruction and aftermath that is now called Lexie's throat... So yeah, your welcome guys and gals bcuz if it wasn't for y'all there is no way I could tolerate being mutilated by cock this way I'd probably just lay there and die with a fat cock in my mouth. I need everyone and more to give me support so I can continue on giving y'all content so you can always be pleased no matter what!! Like and subscribe guys and gals, my goal is to help 5000 ppl achieve orgasm and then I will ­čĺ» get a group of the biggest meanest cocks I can find and let them go at me as hard as they can, no rules, no limits, just me basically a ragdoll for a group of men all on video for y'all to see, hmm.. maybe even live cam? ­čśë­čśŁ­čśą. I promise on my everything peeps lemme see 5000 views in total for my profile and I am meat. Tell your kinky friends and spread the word!! Love ya guys­čśŹ­čśś­čśŐ

Written by bubbles_1980
Hochgeladen November 1, 2019
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