Rosie the Photographer Goes on Tour Again

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How a Photographer Captured Lesbian Sex Affairs During a New Pop Star’s First Tour Continued

36-year-old amateur photographer from Los Angeles Rosie pillow talked herself into meeting an up and coming pop star some years ago at the turn of the last decade and earned a coveted spot as a tour photographer for what was one of her first paid jobs.

She used her twenties’ ferociousness and open attitude to life and immersed herself in the behind the scenes world of a touring artist. An up and coming pop star at the time who was starting to create a decent amount of buzz around parts of the US. It was a tour bus journey where she managed a professional collection of concert photos and a personal collection for the pop star that was for their eyes only at the time. As it was of intimate nature, the pop star held a great amount of control over this collection of photos to avoid any leaks.

The tour was filled with secret lesbian encounters with girls who wanted it after first meeting at arranged fan meet and greets. The pop star even met a fellow up and coming female artist, and rapper, at a stop along the way and the two would meet again for raunchy sex one late night at a music studio – asking Rosie to come along.

The reward at the end of their first larger scale US tour was a month off to rest, before flying to Europe for a tour there to see the emerging fanbase.

That tour was another bus journey that would see them start in the UK and go through places such as France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and other countries on the way back to the Netherlands. That was when another break in the tour would happen for rest.

The venues were equally large as back in the US, but the fan interactions were different. So was the size of their travel entourage and sometimes the English language barrier with fans at meet and greets.

A few days before departure, the pop star met with Rosie to prepare for the tour. As expected, she gave Rosie the same camera for the private collection but did not say anything about it. They nodded in agreement and never spoke about it again when the tour started.

Unfortunately for them, there would be no fans to take things to a secret session on the bus. Many excellent concerts and an even better professional tour photo collection, but no raunchy ones. It was like a trade-off. Having great reviews and an expanding overseas fanbase but not having opportunities to keep acting out lesbian sex fantasies with willing fangirls.

But the final night of the tour, in Amsterdam, would make it all up for them. The anticipation built up for some well-earned rest and relaxation. They had two weeks, before resuming the tour on another bus journey starting in Spain.

More importantly, during the soundcheck of that show the rapper from the studio session the pop star hooked up with previously got in touch and asked to meet in Amsterdam. They had overlapping tour dates and it worked out perfectly for a rendezvous.

Rosie saw the rapper watching from near the bar with her group. The pop star also seemed to notice but they were too far away to stop and talk. The pop star’s body movements changed, she became nervous in her acting, Rosie was the only know who noticed and possibly knew why.

The rapper eventually left, and they did not see each other backstage the rest of that day. But later at night, when the show was done and the crew were celebrating in the green room with other friends, Rosie noticed the rapper again.

This time, the rapper and pop star greeted each other like friends. The rapper had her group with her, who tried their best to look friendly at everybody but still had an intimidating security presence.

“Great to see you and doing so well, I saw the last half of the show.” The rapper complimented.

“Oh my god, coming from you, WHAT?!” The pop stir girlishly replied and opened her body language in the rapper’s direction.

“Listen, there are other people here too that want to talk to you, I don’t want to hold you. How long are you staying in Amsterdam?” The rapper asked with a sense of urgency in her tone.

Rosie was in the distance, taking photos on the private camera without being noticed. She felt obligated to capture the sexual tension between them as no one else knew it was there.

“I must be doing well, they have me staying at a great hotel for two nights then I fly home for a week.” The pop star joked and explained.

“Which one? I fly out tomorrow. I’m at the one near Rembrandt.” The rapper quipped.

“I think we’re at the same one. That expensive one yeah?” The pop star giggled with nervous anticipation.

“Come by if you want to relax and toke, my assistant went to Green House today and got some great stuff.” The rapper leaned in closer and suggested it to the pop star.

Not long after, they gave each other a goodbye peck on the cheeks and parted ways. As the pop star walked away, Rosie noticed she slipped a small piece of paper into her pockets. The star then turned her attention towards someone else and the evening continued.

In the ride back to the hotel the pop star discreetly showed Rosie the note from her pocket. It had a room number written on it; the rapper gave it to her during their goodbye earlier.

The pop star asked if Rosie could help her pick out photos for the tour’s collection so far, this was mostly for appearance sake, and back at the hotel their group dispersed for the night. The pop star wasted no time in heading back to her room.

Inside, she was nervous and fidgeted.

“It’s almost 1 AM, I want to try her room now in case she falls asleep. Ahh what if her friends are there? What do I say?” The pop star asked Rosie and paced around the room.

Then she asked Rosie to prepare the private camera and to tell her when 5 minutes went by.

They quietly walked through the hallways and went up two floors successfully without being noticed. The pop star immediate

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Notes 36-year-old photographer from Los Angeles Rosie first privately captured the secret lesbian encounters of a pop star’s US tour last decade. The second time while on tour in Europe, Rosie witnessed the pop star hook up with a female rapper at their hotel in Amsterdam.
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