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How a Lesbian Kitten Plans a Week of Sexually Pleasing Her Pillow Princesses Continued

29-year-old Ghanaian American Catalina from Harlem NY spent her days working in retail shops and balancing an active social life consisting of both real friends as well as secret pillow princesses on the side. After the truly eventful week she had – where she gave us a day-by-day recap of a week in her life and all her secret encounters; she is back to share another incredible moment.

One her strengths in managing the secret encounters was not to post ads herself and rely on flaky replies, but to message other ads and weed out the responses that seemed real. This had been a reliable trick of hers for some time. Using it, she met a beautiful older woman from Boston who regularly came for work at a hotel in Manhattan, another Ghanaian American girlfriend to go shopping with and find quiet spots to play around, a younger American girl studying and living in an apartment with a flatmate who sometimes leaves for a few days allowing Catalina to come over for ‘Netflix’.

Even special requests such as an amazingly thick Filipina American BBW and her well-endowed boyfriend who never touched Catalina but gave Catalina full access to his missus’ body in a private threesome.

Catalina never felt the urge to post ads herself because the few times she did it became obvious a lot were either flaky or faking it. But occasionally an interesting one would stand out.

"Lesbian Hairdresser Duo
Upper East Side
20-30 Age

Qualified hairdresser and girlfriend can do your hair, head massage and more if it leads to it. Please be female only and for real. Hit us up."

Catalina was happy she replied, as the ad was for real and they turned out to be a lesbian couple who rented a private space with a large bathroom from where they saw private customers for hair appointments and other massages. All female and discreet. One was a darker Brazilian girl and the other Puerto Rican with a seemingly beautiful tan on her pretty face.

The Brazilian girl was the qualified hairdresser and her girlfriend helped in the washing process and was good at massaging. Having the right chemistry for more fun was optional.

Catalina met them for a coffee first as a final verification and the 3 went back to the girls’ apartment for the hair appointment and head massage Catalina ‘booked’ on a day off from work. So far so good Catalina kept telling herself as her nerves slightly kept her on edge. Luckily, the girls were friendly and non-pushy. It felt like meeting new friends.

Inside the apartment they first showed Catalina around. Where the living room and kitchen were, the bathrooms, including the one with a large chair for washing close to professional quality. In another nearby lounge area, there was a chair set up in front of a large mirror. Catalina thought to herself it was either a fancy upscale Airbnb or some kind of porn movie set. Most importantly, it was clean and there was no sleazy vibe in the air.

"Great set up girls. Seriously impressing. I was more curious though for a slight touch up, no major makeover. And the head massage of course…" Catalina explained nervously.

"That’s fine. But you do realize we paid for this space for hairdressing, right?" The Brazilian girl replied, clarifying without intimidating.

"Yes, and I brought some money for that." Catalina offered.

"Later – here, don’t feel nervous and relax in the chair." The Brazilian girl comforted Catalina and ran a stream of warm water in the basin.

The girls were similar in size and height as Catalina and dressed down for the occasion. Jeans and sneakers, t-shirts, light makeup with long hair. The Puerto Rican girl sat on a nearby chair while the Brazilian gently started washing Catalina’s hair.

Catalina felt both hands’ fingertips gently caressing her and the warm water flowing down parts of the back of her head. It was not completely drenched in water as the Brazilian girl only focused on the parts she was going to touch up and could quickly dry.

It was soothing and Catalina finally felt herself relax and enjoyed her laid back position in the chair. At some point the Puerto Rican girl also joined and threw her hands in the mix giving Catalina the feeling of 20 fingertips rubbing her around parts of her head she never thought could feel so good. Behind the ears, at the edges of the hairline and the forehead, in the center of the crown or the top of the neck. From there, the Puerto Rican girl also slowly began pressing on Catalina’s shoulders.

After the shoulders, the girl went over the arms, wrists and ankles. Also removing Catalina’s shoes and giving her a foot rub. The Brazilian girl gently continued with the head massage. Catalina felt like she was floating in clouds and enjoyed every minute of it.

Not long after, just when Catalina momentarily closed her eyes, she felt the girl’s hands move their way up her legs and settle around the belly button and sides. It sent Catalina’s nerve endings on edge, but she went along with it. It felt too good to stop and she wanted to see where it would take.

"You’re not going to stop her, are you?" The Brazilian girl asked Catalina moments later.

"No, I don’t think so" – Catalina replied, this time breathing heavier.
Catalina was never worshiped this much before without having to immediately return some favors and it felt great. The chair felt like a throne. She even spread her legs softly to allow the Puerto Rican girl easier access to lean forward.

The girl took full advantage of Catalina’s legs parting, and gently stroked up Catalina’s stomach and cupped her boobs in a playful squeeze. Also focusing attention on the top of Catalina’s nipples and stroked around in circles. They instantly hardened and pointed at the girl in full approval through the t-shirt.

In one motion the girl tugged on Catalina’s t-shirt and pulled it up to around her neck. Catalina

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Notes 29-year-old Ghanaian American Catalina from Harlem continued to enjoy her discreet online encounters. She met a South American lesbian couple for a hairdressing appointment but instead got two kinds of 'head' massages and the licking of a lifetime.
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