Prepping for Daddy

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Discovering oneself is similar to a heavy winter’s snow melting off in the spring: although you don’t know what will be revealed, you can be sure it will flourish.

I had started dressing up with lingerie several years ago. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the feeling of silky nylons on my smooth shaved legs; putting on a bra and thong just increased the pleasure, as the feeling of the bra’s straps on my shoulders and the thong rubbing between my butt cheeks felt so natural.

Now here I was, fresh out of the shower, naked before the bathroom mirror, putting on the final touches to my eye makeup while often glancing at the time. On the other side of the closed door, in the living room, a Daddy I had met online was waiting for me to come out. I could hear him under the soft music sometimes getting up to get more wine.

We had exchanged messages for quite some time before agreeing to meet – or, rather, before I agreed to meet. It had taken me time to feel confident and secure enough to let others see me this way – truth be told, I still didn’t feel confident for this meeting. Closing one eye to carefully apply a winged eyeliner with a hand that trembled a bit, I remembered how we would get into intense chat sessions that left my panties wet with cum.

Attempting to imagine and feel the scene completely, I would describe to him how I would snuggle up to him on the couch, resting my head on his shoulder and caressing his strong chest. My hand slowly reaching further down while caressing, I would kiss him gently in the neck, teasing his earlobe with my lips, circling his ear with my tongue. As my hand reached his belt I would then kneel in front of him and gently caress the bulge in his pants while unbuckling the belt and pulling down on the zipper.

After tossing aside his pants and underwear, I would caress his thighs while kissing his hardening cock gently, my red lips smooth with the lipstick I had chosen for him. Looking up at him, my tongue would then run from his balls to the tip of his cock, again and again, until my saliva flows on his hard shaft. Rising up on my knees a bit, I’d reach for the head of his cock with my lips, wrapping them tightly around his sensitive skin. Closing my eyes, enjoying the taste and warmth of his cock filling my mouth, his hand placed on my head would then guide the rhythm of my sucking to his desire.

Back in the bathroom I glanced at the time again and winced; although my makeup was done, I still had to dress up with the white lingerie I had brought. I sat on the toilet and unrolled and stretched the stockings on my legs; I then got up to put on my bra, and then I slipped on my thong, feeling the lace caress my most sensitive spots.

Closing my eyes I applied my perfume – the final touch to express my feminine identity. Taking a step back before the mirror, I examined myself carefully, adjusting my skirt and my hair. Then my gaze met my eyes, and a sunny smile warmed my lips. I opened the bathroom door and took a step out to present myself to my Daddy.

Written by sofiasweety
Hochgeladen February 2, 2020
Notes A sissy preparing to meet her first Daddy.
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