The knock on door

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It was such a boring day as I sat here watching a football game. All of sudden I hear the doorbell ring. I get up and open the door and it's a very bootylicious chick. And when I say that I mean not only did her hair glow, she had a v cut shirt and tits were right there but I didnt want to get caught looking. She asked if I would be interested in a life insurance policy. I said Idk you might want to wait till my wife is home but she didnt listen and walked barged into the house. I was drinking a lil as she walked into my living room ass a bouncing it was so out there she had thick thighs. Black hair as she walked into my kitchen and started helping herself to a drink. As she bent over reaching in the refrigerator my dick started getting hard. I took a sip of my beer as I looked at her round bubble butt with that short skirt. She leaned up and took a sip of my beer. She walked into the living room as I followed. Looked back at me and said I know u want to fuck me. As she opened the blind up and spread her legs and started shaking her ass. The phone rang and I answered. It was my wife as I said hello. Hey hunny what u doing. Not much babe as i watched this girl shake her ass. She got on her knees slowly walked to me and started sucking my dick as my wife was on phone. She had big lips as she went up and down her black hair flowing perfectly. Yea baby I m just watching a football game. Ok I love u as we got off phone. This girl was naughty as fuck. She turned around pushed her bubble butt against my dick. Fuck me hard she said. I grabbed my dick rammed into her tight pussy. She said fuck yea as cars rode by as her tits bounce against the window as some slowed down seeing her big round tits. I SQUEZZED her ass so hard grabbed her hair and pulled f hard as she stuck her tongue out. Buy this life insurance policy she said. I said I f will. She bounce her ass on my dick so fast. I was about to go but it's like she knew she spun around knees to floor and sucked my dick I grabbed her hair as she deep throat me I couldn't hold my nut cause I hashtag bust a nut!! Fuck it was good

Written by bustanut04
Hochgeladen January 27, 2020
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