10 Years Apart

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Chapter 1
“A Good Fuck”

He had listed to the “greats” and he knew exactly what to say and he played his part. He told her that her flower was gold and needed to be treated with such respect, she agreed. He pushed her back and told her to relax and think of her favorite song and hum her favorite parts. “Hmmm mmmm hmm hmmm hmmm”, “ ahh” is what she said as he circled his tongue under her southern lips, pressed against her beautiful flower. Telling himself that he will never become attached he continued to eat her up like his favorite dessert.

She let out an orgasmic squeal and demanded he come up and fuck her. As the tip of his dick tickled her clit, she began to lift up her body and grind her drenched pussy against his throbbing cock. As she grinned against him, she came up enough to allow the tip to catch and consumed by her lotus. He pushed back hoping the tip would casually slide in, connecting them finally.

She rolls he over on to his back kisses his neck and proceeded to work her way down his body. Kissing his chest, abs ultimately ending with light cock kisses. He squirmed waiting for her to put him all the way into her mouth. Daydreaming at the pace of light speed about when she would. She knew what she was doing, she continued to tease until he said “baaaby” I want you now. In his mind he was ready to skip the blow job and lay the stroke game. In a slurp, she pulled his whole cock into her mouth. Looking him deep in his eyes. Feeling like she won she grabbed him with both hands and began to stroke with the head of his cock in her mouth. Twist, stroke, twist and stroke, twist stroke. He placed his hand on the back of her head and let it enjoy the ride. She loved how the pre-cum tasted and wanted more. She began to move her head vigorously, pushing his hips down. Using her drool she took a finger and rubbed it against his asshole. She knew he liked it.

She slowly stands and tells me “you are gonna fuck me the way I want you to fuck me” all the while tickling his cock with her pubes. She grabs his cock and leads him to the kitchen.

Rounding the corner she lets go and tells him to grab the wooden spatula from the top right drawer closest to the sink. He walks over and starts looking for the spatulas. Out of sexual frustration he turned around, face o be completely wiped of expression as his eyes fell upon her shapely figure. She was wearing only an apron. The sides barely covered her nipples and it stopped just below her pussy. Enough of the thigh exposed to make him feel like a bull in mating season. She slowly walks towards him. One foot in front of the other.

“You didn’t find the spatula?”

He responds timidly “n…nooo”

“Ohh too bad, tisk tisk tisk, I guess we won’t be starting with the desert,” she said keeping her slow sexy pace.

“What if I don’t want to wait for desert” he said as he started walking her way.

“Then I guess we will have to see how bad of a boy you can be,” she said as they got closer.

They met near the middle of the kitchen and begin to feel each others warmth and body. Hers as soft as velvet, his as hard as Steele. A little shaky from the anticipation they both had. They begin to kiss and grind against each other. He ran his hand down her back grabbing her ass and lifting her leg. She reaches under her thigh, cradled his cock and ushered it into her pussy. He picks her up, sits her on the counter and loses control.


“Slo-o-oo Down” She squeaked out. Her boobs starting to pop out of one side of her apron. He looked down, she was so sexy, gazing in his eyes squinting each time he would be deep. “Let's not cuummm too early”

She placed her hands on his hips almost like a break. He slows and tells her he can handle it making a small joke about his stroke game. She said you’ll get to cum when you find the spatula. And giggled. She said it may take all night so he shouldn’t be so quick to try and finish. She lays on her back and put her foot in his face and asked has he done anything with feet. As she tickled his chin. He chuckled and said no. His cock pulsating inside of her. He kissed her toe. She laughed and said “No not here silly”

“Pull it out, follow me”

He pulls out she climbs off the counter and walked down the hall towards her room. He is standing there, hard, covered in pussy juice. She looks back and said follow me. He watches her walk for a few steps mesmerized by her shape and her aurora. She disappeared around the corner. Sticking out an arm out the door frame wiggling her finger in the “come here” motion. He begins to walk and in what was about 10 steps thought about all the kinky shit that was about to go down. He looks down at the ground, precum driving from the tip. Looks back to see a sex trail of pussy juice and precum leading to the room like bread crumbs to the witches' house. He gets to the door frame, stops and steps in.

Standing in the doorway, it so sensitive just the temperature and the tease alone could make him lose it he steps inside and starts apologizing for the mess he’d trailed behind on the floor. She jokes saying “you haven’t given away my cum just yet have you”, looking at his dripping cock. “We don’t have all night, are you gonna come closer?”

He starts walking toward her, she is now perched up on her knees, giving him her undivided attention. He stops after a few steps turn around and ask her to play something sexy. He felt at this point that he was gonna be able to slay her but he wanted to show her he could be sexy as well. Though he was completely naked he knew there was more to show. With his back turned he puts one arm in the air, the other on his hip, and started to roll his body. She never founds the song. She was too enamored by his confidence to dance like she wasn’t there. Admiring his ass and back she giggled and told him to bring his ass to bed. He turns around and walks slowly towards her one-foot in front of the other much like she did him. Cau

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