I'm your biggest fan ❤️

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You, a tall and strong muscular built man. Me, a shy and plump teen nearing her 20s. I enter the back stage with nothing but my usual garb. A baggy black band tee, black tight leggings, and my signature boots. I can't help but get lost in your presence. Everything feels surreal. I was lucky enough to win a meet and greet with you! It's my chance to make an impression. We have a chance to converse and get to know one another. Next thing I know, you're intrigued by my passion for you and your music. You later invite me to hangout at your hotel room. Hours after everyone's left, I make my way to your room. Spritzing light and feminine perfume and adjusting my breasts to make sure I look decent. I knock on the door and my heart starts to race as I hear you nearing the door. As you open the door, you see me with a big cheesy nervous smile. "Don't be shy, come in!' you insist. I excitedly walk in and you close the door behind me. You sit on the edge of the bed and I blush. You're shirtless with just your jeans. My mind starts racing and in my mind, it's go big or go home. Without hesitation, I kiss you passionately and deeply and to my surprise you don't push me away thinking I'm a deranged fan. I start losing all my inhibitions and inch my hand to your cock. It begins pulsing from under your pants. I feel your hand gripping my thigh and reaching around my bubble butt, pulling me closer. I break the kiss and start kissing down your chest, slowly inching towards your pelvis. I quickly undo your belt and pants, and get greeted by your large and thick throbbing cock. I can't help but gaze and drool at how much bigger this thing is than my own dildo. I start kissing the tip softly and passionately, trying to build up the tension. "Fuck... This is so much better than practicing on my toy in front of your posters..." I say to myself. I begin licking the tip all over, my tongue ring gliding over the very top of the head. I slowly glide the tip of my tongue up and down the shaft making sure you squirm and throb. I feel your hands on the back of my head pushing my head and throat further down your cock. It begins to fill my throat and I start sucking fast, running my hands all over your balls. In and out it goes. I look up at you as I begin massaging your balls with one hand and jerking and sucking your cock with my other one. "You make the cutest pleasure faces." I think to myself. I blush as you begin thrusting into my throat, both hands on my head. You abruptly remove your cock from my mouth and pick me up from the ground. You start kissing me softly on the neck and reaching your hands up my shirt, groping my small and warm breasts, lightly pulling on my nipples. You begin to take off my top and bend me over the bed. "Fuck... Please dominate me... I'm your biggest fan ❤️. Breed me sir... I'll take all your loads... I promise!" I begin to sputter out in the heat of the moment. You rip my leggings, exposing my bare pussy. You begin to lick my pussy lips and clit. Your tongue exploring my already wet pussy. You arch my back and slide yourself into my tight pussy. My eyes widen as I feel my hymen stretching before me. You're bigger than any of my toys, and it's a new and much more satisfying feeling. Just before I can catch my breath, you thrust quickly and grope my breast and stomach, pinching my nipple slightly but enough to make me moan softly. You bend me over and grab my hips, thrusting faster and bouncing my ass onto your pelvis. I start feeling your hand explore my tight little asshole. Softly caressing my unexplored and extremely tight hole. Before I could react, I begin feeling my little hole stretch as you insert a finger and explore. I start panting and moaning, feeling both holes getting attended to. It's something I haven't felt before. I start moaning out your name as your cock pounds deeply inside me. You lay me on my back and spread my legs, my gaping hole exposed from my ripped leggings. You thrust your cock back inside and squeeze my breasts and declare your dominance. I feel the tip rubbing my spot and you place one hand over my clit and rub softly and a little quickly. I start squirming at how sensitive my clit is and beg you to stop. I start feeling my hole getting tighter as I get ready to cum all over your cock. "Fuck baby!" I start moaning as I near climax. "You don't stop until every bit of cum fills me up!" I moan excitedly. You begin pumping harder and fill my womb deep with your warm thick seed. You stand back and smile watching your cum leak from my tight hole. I lay back on the bed panting and smiling "best day ever..."

Written by skylarxxxshaye
Hochgeladen January 21, 2020
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