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This may seem strange, but I hear the music before I notice the darkness. A deep and smoky beat greets me as I ease the door open. But our apartment is never this dark.
She loves the light, natural, artificial, candles…we even have nightlights lining the hallways. But they are all out. Were it not for the stereo, I‘d suspect the power was out.
As soon as the door clicks behind me, immersing me right into the inky dark, I see the only light of the room. She takes a long draw from her cigarette—that small ember burning bright in the dark.
“Find your way to the couch lover,“ she breaks the silence.
I fumble through the dark, hearing her giggle as I make my way. When I finally get to the couch, I hear some movement from her. A chair scraping, coming toward me. Somehow she finds me, with a quick tug of my tie.
“Before you sit down, lover, take off all of your clothes,“ she whispers, “and tell me all about it.“ She releases my tie and I hear the scrapping again, moving away.
I‘m game to play along.
“That tie you just held is already off. And my jacket is sliding off my shoulders.” “I see another flicker from her lips. “And now I‘m undoing the buttons of my shirt. One by one.”
I hear her sigh.
“Can you hear that, my zipper of my pants?”
She doesn’t reply, but I actually don’t expect her to. She must have a remote to the stereo though because she increases the volume of the throbbing beat.
“My pants are off. I’m just in my underwear now.”
A pause. The beat continues. I see the ember blaze again.
“Are you hard?” she asks.
Of course I am, but I tease her a little. “I will be harder once I get these shorts off.”
Another pause.
“Well then…do it.”
With her command I slide my boxers down. In doing so, I bend over and reach out, trying to find her. This dark is messing with my senses, but I am so turned on, I just don’t care.
“Why are we in the dark?” I ask.
“Are you hard now?” she replies.
This time I pause. That ember again.
“Yes, I am. Why are we in the dark?” I push her.
I can’t imagine we will stay this way. She loves to watch—my body and her’s—when we fuck. From the sighs and the scuffing of the chair, I know she’s turned on.
“Touch your cock. Stroke your hardness.”
I do as she asks, but still I press on.
“I am, but why are we in the dark?”
“Because I want to see you.”
My penis swells with each pump. Being mysterious is not in her nature, this is so unusual, and suck a turn-on.
I push. “But you can’t see me. How can you see me in the dark?”
I picture her breasts heaving each time she takes a drag. I picture her lips wrapped around the tip of the smoke. I can only guess what she’s doing with her other hand.
“I can see what you want, what you crave, without looking at you,” she whispers.
Again, the ember.
Her voice and my imagination are bringing me closer and closer to the edge.
I have one last question in me. “What do you see…what do you see me wanting?”
With the flick of a switch an overhead light flicks on and I see her. Naked. Leaning forward against the back of the chair. One word escapes her lips.

Written by sexinwords
Hochgeladen January 16, 2020
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