Amy's Feminization

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Amy is the name that makes me want to suck your cock when you call me and say that you want me to cook your breakfast after I swallow your cum in my sexy maid outfit that I would do anything to get a chance to put on.
I have enjoyed being a bottom for most of my life and I never let many people know that I would be happy as a submissive girl who is getting fucked by a man every night until I squirted my jizz out of my butt like a girl.
I think that I would be much happier if I could have more feminine qualities and I think that I know how to achieve this now.
I have liked to wear girls clothes for years and I have become more comfortable in the mirror than I ever thought that I would most recently and I felt a shift in my body that I can't ignore.
I am going to take it slow I think, but I don't want to waste anymore time to feel the rush of a man being pleased by bending me over and giving me his cock inside my ass like I love. I have found that the orgasm that I get from being dominated by a man that is getting his thrill fucking me good inside my ass until he explodes his juice for me is the most amazing thing that I ever have known.
I want to feel pretty and wear sexy clothes every day and have fun with my body. I love how I feel when I get dressed in lingerie and see how a man gets hard for me. I will be pleased to have his attention when I get wet and jizz like a girl from my ass. This is the most amazing orgasm ever. I don't even need to have an erection anymore because I only want a man to treat me like a girl and even make me be submissive to his dominant character when he takes me to the floor and gets on top of me with his cock going in and out of my every hole and I will be moaning softly when he gets so deep that I squir like a little sissy girl and beg for more of his hard cock. I love to see him get a hard on when I ask for him to take out his dick and let me have his manhood go down my throat.
I have been with a few men in the past several years but I am getting more feminine and I love it so much that I am ready to go full feminine and have a breast augmentation that I will have to get girl clothes to put over from then on.
I am happily making a change that I am going to become more feminine each day that I can. I will soon be wearing only girl clothes and I don't know what will happen first, clothes every day or the breast augmentation but I am going to be a submissive girl who will belong to a dominant man who enjoys making me scream out his name as I cum analy for him. I want to be a house wife with my nails done to please him and I will love to see him get excited about the lingerie that I wear for him in the kitchen as I cook him dinner.
I can't wait to dress in a nice dress and tight top to go get groceries for me to cook with. And I have no problem getting dirty and kinky for a strong dominant man who can make me scream and shake as he has his way with me like he owns me.
I might even just get into porn instead of being a good wife....I just want to feminize and become a better girl inside so I can be free.
However this works out I will be a sexy submissive analy orgasmic lady with a huge appetite for sex. I find that the more I get fucked by a man that the more I become a better feminine sissy and I love how I feel as a woman.
I am going to get more feminine clothes every chance I have and I will be traveling through the country for the rest of my boy life and when I get to have a breast augmentation then I will be able to do anything with ease and I am sure that I can get a man to love me if I can offer him a blow job that he can jizz on my tits when ever he gets a hard cock.

I am looking forward to getting makeup on and looking like I am a slutt that is open for any man to just grab and I will be pleased to just have the one dominant man who has no problem with telling me that he is ready for me to get on the floor and spread my legs open for him to bury his cock inside me and make me beg him to take it slow and have me squirt my cum for him to see and give him a thrill like I was a whore to entertain him with my ass every day when he comes through the door and has his eyes on my butt cheeks that I have on display in the back of my French maid outfit that I would cherish.
I think that I would enjoy being on camera and making porn videos with men who are super hung and have no problem keeping a stiff cock in any situation. I will be turned on by the camera watching me and recording my body being dominated by a group of guys.
But really I just want to become a feminine person who is pretty enough to be treated like a girl.....I I don't mind if I could have a husband who is very dominant and controlling, or if I become a prostitute with a pimp that sells me to lots of guys for a profit that he would be in charge of.
I only know that I am ready to go out in the world with my tits and panties for the rest of the people to love or not.

I love to feel pretty and sexy in girl clothes. I just want to find confidence in myself and a man who can make me feminize with long hard sex every day and each night.
Anal sex is the best way for me to be feminized and a dominant man who is a little rough with me is even better. I am sure that I would be more submissive to a bigger man who is well endowed and I would hope that he is a very strong and a little bit forceful about making me please his needs.

I am getting off to a good start if I only show my ass to get a hard cock from a guy who just wants to cum. Sometimes I like to be a little slutt and feel a man look at me with his eyes only watching his shaft go down my butt and back out again until he drops his cum deep inside my ass and I feel like I am a very good girl that was able to make a man like my body. I will be pleased to make my girlish spirit grow with his cum dripping off my ass cheeks and I might even beg for mor

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