A beautiful morning

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Friday morning

6:45 am the alarm clock rings. I laboriously climb out of bed and find my underwear for the day. I slowly make my way to the morning toilet.
I see the slightly open bathroom door, take a look inside and suddenly I felt very hot. "Good morning" I say to my wife, who is standing stark naked in the bathroom. She put one leg on a stool and washed the insides of her thighs with a washcloth.
This sight made my little friend "wake up" instantly.
"Good morning" she replies and gives me an eager look. Her gaze wanders deeper and she saw the gem, grinned and said: "Well, who do we have there?". You may have been married for 5 years, but that doesn't change her charisma and my desire for her.
At first I wanted to withdraw, but such a great opportunity should not go unused.
Their curves are just too tempting. And how should I stand naked in the doorway, hide the best piece from her in all its glory ???
I put the underwear aside and approached her from behind.
Slowly I snuggled up against you and let my best friend slide very gently along her tight ass so that she could see that I was more than ready.
I wrapped my arms around her and massaged her plump, firm breasts. I kissed her neck and neck. Which led to a low moan slipping from her.
She enjoyed it to the fullest and stretched a little so that she could run her hands through my hair.
I played with my fingers on her stiff nipples and twirled them a little. Again and again I massaged her plump, full breasts.
Slowly it was time to signal that I would like to sink into her woolly warm pussy.
I pressed her tighter to me and let my best piece show his steadfastness between her buttocks. She didn't let it sit on her like that and opened her legs slightly a little.
With one hand, she grabbed one of my hands, which was still massaging her breasts with devotion and desire, and led it a little lower.
This was a sign that she was already hot and her lap was throbbing and must have been totally wet.
Slowly my hand slid over her stomach, a little along her hips, over her thighs, towards the longed-for goal.
Then I drove over her hill, which is slightly hairy, and stroked her pubic hair, always just above her bud, her most sensitive point.
While I stroke, I notice how the tip of my glans gets wet and the glans itself is plump again.
She seems to feel that too and opens her thighs a little wider.
Still tightly embraced, she has put both hands on my head again and stretches her breasts out even further.
I notice how she breathes harder and harder and moves her pelvis more and more demanding and rubs my cock with her sweet buttocks.
Of course, you don't have to say that twice.
Slowly my hand slides over her mound on the inside of the thighs and strokes once from bottom to top over her damp crevice. It is already wonderfully damp and will soon want to feel the "whole" man inside. But we just keep enjoying.
In the meantime one of her hands has wandered over my stomach to the hairy area above the tail standing in full splendor, and strokes through the pubic hair.
Then she grips the shaft to test how hard and steadfast it is. The result seems to convince her because she smiles mischievously and glides her tongue over her lips. As if she were playing around my plump glans with her tongue in her imagination.
She moves her hand up the shaft and plays around the wet tip of my glans. A pleasant shiver runs down my spine and my glans seems to burst, it is so plump.
She embraces the full glory and begins to move her hand up and down. Now a slight moan slips away from me and tell her how horny that makes me.
Meanwhile, I wasn't idle either and ran my fingers down the other side of her hot column. Of course, I deliberately skilfully left out her pearl. I began to run along her labia in circular motions. With every circling I felt how she was getting wetter and she was pushing her pelvis against my fingers again and again.
She did this while she jerked my cock unrestrained and played around my testicles with her hand again and again to really make sure that he remains steadfast.
So we literally rocked ourselves into ecstasy and both breathed harder and faster.
Meanwhile my fingers had wandered purposefully over her pearl and circled her. My wife begged me not to stop and that it made her sharper and sharper and she soon wanted to feel it in her whole length.
She started rubbing my cock faster and faster. It was visibly difficult for me to control myself in order not to miss the longed-for feeling prematurely.
Her pussy had become so wet in the meantime that I was able to insert a finger without major problems and started rubbing it. Since she liked it more than what I clearly showed her groan, I put a second finger in with it.
Her column is so wonderfully moist and every now and then a finger slipped out and ran over her now highly sensitive clitoris, making her even more horny.
I circled him again and again and she breathed harder and harder and moaned again and again and it slipped out of her: "Take me now, I want to feel him inside me". It was difficult for both of us to let go of each other now. We were about to give ourselves the best feeling ever. You could tell by how much we both breathed and gasped. My cock was now so hard in her hand that the tip almost began to twitch and I found it difficult to hold back the orgasm that was due.
She also tensed her pelvis again and again, which I could feel through my repeatedly penetrating fingers. And was just as close to the climax.
But we didn't want to experience it together yet. Not so!
Gasping heavily, we released ourselves from the grip. I gently pulled my fingers out of her crevice and slid over her sensitive point again, which was rewarded with a woolly groan.
She rubbed her fingers one last time over the still plump, damp glans and took her hands back to the back of my head.
Now she put her leg a little sideways on the stool and spread her thighs a little wider. She

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