Passion in the Regency -- Episode 2

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Galina felt herself to be in a panic, but it was a contained, private panic. She wasn’t running wildly, shouting and screaming and scaring the hell out of everyone. In fact, she was making a point of not drawing any attention to herself whatsoever.
But she was panicking. She had no doubt about that.
What had just happened to her—the climax that she had experienced–was a sensation more powerful than a typhoon. It had shaken her world like an earthquake.
And Edmund caused it with his mouth.
That particular awareness gave her a sense of wonder. She’d never even considered such a possibility before it was happening to her, and then what she hadn’t even fantasized about became something that was undeniable reality and it felt…supremely, incomprehensibly, magnificently, very scarily, unbelievably…fantastic.
Standing at the edge of the dance floor, with her heart still pounding in her chest, Galina looked for Harriet. She needed Harriet as she had never needed her before in her life. Harriet understood things, Galina realized. Her maid servant had experienced things that Galina suspected she herself never would, and so had a history, a knowledge of life, that Galina desperately needed to be told of.
Especially now. Especially when handsome princes had given her pleasure…and she had run away because she was frightened and confused and didn’t know what else to do but flee.
I shouldn’t have run away, she thought, knowing that it was too late to change anything about the decision she had made moments earlier…after she’d had her orgasm.
Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, Galina asked several women whether they’d seen Harriet.
One elderly matron, in a voice that reeked of upper-class self-righteousness, said, “Servants…if you want them to behave, you’ve got to take away their food. Let them go hungry for a couple days, and then you won’t have to search for them. They’ll be right there beside you when you need them. Trust me, my girl, I know what I’m talking about. Let them go hungry for a couple nights and they’ll learn their place is society.”
If this woman tripped in the street and got run over by a dozen carriages, the world would be a better place because of it, Galina thought. She tried to feel guilty for the thought, but she was only partially successful in her effort.
She said, “Yes, I’m sure you’re right.”
The woman seemed quite pleased that Galina had agreed and even complimented her, but she seemed disappointed when Galina turned and walked away before the woman could dispense even more of her wise, worldly wisdom.
Galina searched the crowd for Harriet. Several people—some friends and some who wanted to be friends or suitors—tried to stop her, but Galina would not be waylaid. She needed Harriet’s council, the woman’s good and true judgment, and she needed it now.
Galina decided that she really wanted a glass of champagne, though she knew that she couldn’t have one with other people—as in people watching other than Harriet—and it was just one more thing that made her frustrated to the point of being outright angry.
But I’m not frustrated, she thought, and a small, knowing smile curled her very kissable lips. No, I’m satisfied. Satisfied like I’ve never been in my life. And all because two handsome princes want me.
The reality of it made her shiver for a moment, and she felt herself to be a truly lucky debutante.
Where does Harriet go when she has to think? Galina asked herself. Where does she go when she wants to be all by herself?
The question didn’t remain unanswered long in Galina’s brain. She knew exactly where Harriet liked to go when she wanted to be alone and contemplate.
The gazebo!
Galina looked around, made sure that nobody was paying too much attention to what she was doing, then silently walked through the double doors that led to the back lawn, the pond…and the gazebo.
Galina had to resist the urge to run. Running was undignified under any circumstance, she knew, but most especially when one was extraordinarily well-endowed and wearing an Empire-fashion ball gown that held and concealed her breasts properly and with decency—but barely. Just barely. The elegant trim of her bodice very nearly skimmed the upper curvature of her areolas.
The night air was warm and fragrant. As Galina walked, she came to the conclusion that she should probably spend more time in the back lawn—especially at night. She decided she needed more time alone to make sense of the chaotic things that were happening in her life.
There was very little moonlight illuminating the grounds, but Galina saw movement in the gazebo though she couldn’t tell exactly what that foretold.
Her stride faltered. She could tell, very faintly, that there was more than one person in the gazebo. The decent thing, the honorable thing, would be to stop, turn on her heel, and walk back into her house.
But Galina was a girl who very seldom did what her better judgment told her to do.
In fact, she almost never listened to her better judgment at all.
And then she heard a sound, and it stopped her dead in her tracks. She couldn’t recognize the sound, though she knew it was human.
And masculine.
She heard the sound again. Concentrating this time on it, and she recognized the sound of a man’s passion. What she had heard was a man either moaning or groaning, but whichever it was, this was a man who was feeling pleasure.
A good girl, Galina knew, would run back into the house.
I’m not a good girl.
Hardly breathing, making sure that she made no sound at all, Galina approached the gazebo with the stealthy footsteps of a thief, her kidskin slippers soundless on the lush, green grass.
It was very dark, but Galina could see that there weren’t two people on the gazebo, but three. One woman and two men. The woman was between the men, and she was on her knees. The men were standing.
Every instinct in Galina told her that she should run away. This wasn’t something that she was supposed to see.
There was noth

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Written by Robin Gideon
Hochgeladen June 8, 2021
Notes Galina Papatonis has fallen in love with Prince Alexander Dorsey and Prince Edmund Havergill. Every sane, rational instinct in her says that she should pick one or the other...but what happens if she picks both?
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