Forbidden Attraction - Cheating Girlfriend

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I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here. How I’d managed to burst my perfect little bubble and flip my world upside down. Yet here I am, clinching onto my beer can, trying my best to make sense of all the thoughts rushing through my head and taming the anxiety brewing in my chest. He ignited something in me, a flame that burnt up faster than a gasoline-soaked cloth.

He brought out a side of me that I had never seen before, a raw carnal instinct that I had no control over. There was just something about his presence that struck me the very first time I spoke to him; his attitude, his words, his gaze, they were all just captivating. I had fallen head over heels for him, and my thoughts were no longer making sense. I forgot about my fiancé, the love of my life, the guy I that I’d swore over and over again I’d be with until the day I die. In just a second, I’d manage to throw all of that away and get tangled up into a whole new mess.

I tried to stay away from him with all the strength I had in me, I wanted to avoid him, but something kept pulling me back. Before I knew it, our conversations weren’t just friendly anymore; they got personal, invading what little privacy I had left in me. And I loved it, I could sense a tension building between Liam and me, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. Weeks went by, and the only thing that was keeping us from devouring each other was a single thread of loyalty. But that thread broke yesterday, and it unleashed a tsunami of repressed emotions that I could no longer control.

Last night, when we got into the elevator, I felt Liam’s body step in close to me as the doors slid shut. He wasn’t too close, nothing that would seem suspicious to anyone outside of our realm, but close enough for me to feel intimidated by his presence. Enough for me to forget that I had a life outside of that elevator, one that I’d built with my ever-loving fiancé.

I looked up at him, hoping to see a sign that I was wrong about all of this, that it was simply a fantasy that I’d made up in my mind. But all I saw was a hunger in his eyes, begging me to release him from his cage. He leaned in even closer, resting the palm of his hand onto the other side of the elevator and towering his body over mine. Gently brushing my hair away from my shoulder and breathing deeply. I felt my chest tighten as I nervously bit onto my lips and closed my eyes, trying my best to avoid him until the doors finally opened, and I stepped under his arm and rushed out before he had the chance to say anything.

“I’m parked this way,” I said as I hurriedly walked over to my car. I had offered to drive him back home that day, thinking that I’d had enough control over myself, feelings, and thoughts. I hopped into the driver’s seat, slamming the door shut and was ready to start on the engine when he sat next to me and grabbed my hand.
“Look at me.” He said, moving his fingers up to my face. “Kate, I’m dying here. I can’t keep ignoring this,” he continued, squeezing the words out. His words were all I needed to hear to push me over the edge and tear down that last thread of resistance. I took my hand off the car key, shifted my body towards him and went in to taste his sulky lips. Liam’s hands melted over my shoulders and settled behind my back, pulling my chest closer to his. A thrill ran across my body as our tongues twisted and turned, teasing each other into a reckless game of pleasure. He ran his fingers through my hair, grasping a fist of brown curls and gently pulled my head back to expose my neck. Pressing his mouth over my neck, biting my skin, and sucking just above my collarbone.

My entire body was covered in goosebumps, and I felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest. I hadn’t been touched by another guy other than my fiancé for six years. For six long years, all I knew were Max’s lips; I’d never had the intention of being unfaithful to him. I told myself that he was the man I wanted to marry, that our relationship was different from the others. That we’d never cheat on each other because we loved each other and we didn’t have eyes for anyone else. Yet there I was, getting lost in Liam’s sensual hands, losing control of my thoughts. Pushing beyond my boundaries, eager to see where our kiss would lead next.

If anyone would have told me that I’d be begging to have him inside me back when we met, I’d probably laugh at them. I would have said that Liam isn’t my type and that I had an amazing fiancé who loved every part of me, as did I. Liam had his quirks; he was quiet and reserved at first, he didn’t say much. He’d just relocated to Germany to play for the same basketball team that Max was playing with. I remember first seeing him at our weekly team dinner. He barely knew anyone at the time, and for most of the night, he sat there observing what others had to say. But over the weeks, he became more comfortable, and we became friends.

That’s when I realised how smart he was, not just book smart but street smart too. No matter what topic I’d come up with, we’d have the longest and best of conversations. We’d sit next to each other at the team dinners and pick each other’s brains for hours. Something that I had never managed to do with my fiancé. Despite being together for six years, we never really found anything to talk about in length, nothing that ever challenged me intellectually. Max could go on and on about basketball for hours, but anything outside of that was inexistent to him.
Liam was different, and the more time we spent with each other, the more
comfortable we started getting. Before I knew it, we were texting every day. Silly things at first, just a couple of random pictures to get an excuse to talk, but our conversations got deeper as the weeks went by. Soon enough, our discussions got heated, and we occasionally joked about the possibility of sleeping with each other and

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Written by Nina Lessi
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Notes Girlfriend fucks her fiance's team mate in the shower
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