Panty fetish

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The fetish began when I was about twenty five and I have been unable to escape it since. See, what happened was that my girlfriend was up from Connecticut and we spent the weekend hanging out and exploring each other. We had a lot of fun and spent most of the weekend naked and lounging out together. We had all sorts of sex in all sorts of positions and tried each other out, not afraid of anything we experimented with. It was a great weekend and our shared vulnerabilities led us to a stronger connection. But more on that later.

When she left on Monday morning, she left early because she had to get to work about 2 hours away. I kissed her goodbye and went back to bed. When I woke, I saw a pair of her panties on the ground next to my bed. I’ll never forget them: Kelly green satin with black lace trim and a black bow on the front. I could see her snail tracks in the small cotton patch in the crotch section of the panties. Of course I sniffed them. I loved her scent and missed it so very much even though I had just seen her a few hours earlier and made sweet love to her about 12 hours ago. No, what I liked was the satin and the femininity of the panties.

I tried them on and instantly went hard when I pulled them on. The satin was electrifying and the feeling of it against my private parts was a combination of so many emotions and feelings I couldn’t find words to explain it. I went to my floor to ceiling mirror and admired myself in her panties. I snapped a selfie and kept it on my phone for later. I laid back in bed and just rubbed my cock through the satin. No need to touch myself naked as the satin worked me hard and the gliding, frictionless feeling quickly had me near cumming. I pulled the panties down and blew my load over my stomach. A good start to a Monday morning and I rubbed the cum into my skin and pulled a finger full in for a taste. A man needs his protein after all.

I showered and got dressed and put on my traditional boxers. Not liking the “free balling” that I experienced with the boxers but it was really all I knew except for my time when cotton briefs were the norm. So anyway, I go to work and begin the mundane tasks of my boring job but keep thinking of the satin against my skin and how it literally electrified me. My girlfriend called and I had to take the call outside so that I could tell her what I did. She was thrilled and said she left them behind by accident but was happy I tried them on. She asked if I could send her a picture and I reluctantly photo shopped the photo I took so that my head was cropped off but my athletic body was there and the panties were there showing off my package. She said she wanted me in them when she returned for the upcoming weekend.

I tried desperately to work but couldn’t help thinking about the panties and when lynch break came, I rushed home and put them back on. Again, a major hard on from the feeling of satin against my skin and I couldn’t help but rub one out again. When I finished, I kept the panties on and pulled my business attire over them and returned to work. Well, that was a mistake for the simple fact that I could hardly concentrate on my work for the day. As I sat, I enjoyed the feeling of satin against me. When I walked, same thing, the satin held my package together and it glided against the other fabric, not constraint or binding up like my traditional underwear. And my mind kept racing to thoughts of being exposed to my co-workers for wearing panties to that of sexual energy building up at the fact that I had this secret that I was hiding. A true mind fuck but one I enjoyed thoroughly.

I got home and actually got undressed and just hung out in my panties. It was comforting to be lounging in them and I loved it. The only problem was, this was my only pair and they were not only dirty from me wearing them all day but also dirty from my girlfriend wearing them the day before. So, I finished my dinner and I went to the mall and found Victoria’s Secret and went in to shop.

Once in, I was looking around and one of the sales people came over and as they always do, asked if I was finding everything okay, to which I replied that I was having a hard time finding certain sizes and she quickly opened hidden drawers full of all sorts of panties and she asked me which kind my girlfriend liked and I quickly said they weren’t for her, they were for me. She didn’t skip a beat and then asked me what styles and fabrics I liked. I said I was new to this but that I had first tried on satin this morning and seemed to like it a lot. She smiled and said, “Feels great against your skin, doesn’t it?” And I said, “Yes, there is nothing like it in the world!” And she quickly pulled out several satin styles and then some lace styles as well. Hipsters, Cheeky’s, V-String, thongs, Tangas, Brazilians, and regular panties. She said as long as I was wearing underwear, I could try them on to get a sense of wha they might look like. I was a bit nervous but went with it and disappeared into a dressing room. I tried on a few pair and wasn’t sure about the fit when I heard her say, “Everything okay in there? Need a second opinion?” And I shyly responded, “Sure, I could use an opinion” and I slowly opened the door to me in my Kelly green satin panties from my girlfriend being covered up by a pair of lace hipsters. She said, “Wow, those look amazing on you!” Sold. I closed the door and put on a paid of sating cheeky’s and opened the door, “Awesome!” She said. Sold. Before I knew it I was buying about 10 pair of panties. On the last one, I opened the door and was wearing nothing but a red satin Tanga, feeling emboldened by my fashion show and my sales persons continued approval. I opened the door and said, “I’m buying these but wanted to know what you thought?” And instead of saying anything, she pushed me into the dressing room and grabbed my cock. She said, “You in panties is so fucking hot!

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Notes If you don’t wear panties, you are missing out!
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