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FORBIDDEN – Episode 1
An Erotic Contemporary Western Saga for YP Erotica
By [email protected]


Heidi von Schneider had selected her clothes with care for this particular Monday. She wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. Not when her freedom and independence were at stake.
She eventually decided on basic black and white. Her skirt was a touch on the short side, coming` down at most to the middle of her thighs. Though she was well into her middle thirties, she still had a body that she could flaunt and be proud of. Her jacket, which matched her skirt, was single-breasted and tailored. Heidi never bought clothes—if she could at all possibly avoid it—off the rack. The blouse she’d chosen was white silk, quite sheer, and unbuttoned to a point directly between her breasts to show off a lovely bosom that had been drawing the attention of others since she was in her early-teen years.
Beneath her outer clothes she wore a matching white demi bra with half-cups that held her breasts lovingly and let them move erotically when she walked, a matching bikini panty, and around her waist was a garter belt which matched her bra and panty, holding up thigh-high black silk stockings. Barefooted, Heidi stood five-foot-six, but in her open-toed black stilettos, she was just one inch under six feet tall.
She had been turning heads her whole life, but on this morning, the head she needed to turn, the man she needed to entice, was her husband’s older brother, the disreputable rake who had seduced women on most of the continents on the planet. Gossip had it that he’d satisfied each and every one.
He’ll think me too old. He’s got his choice of women. He can bed anyone he wants.
Forcing away such insecurities, Heidi closed the door to her German-made luxury coupe and looked at the gleaming two-story office building that housed the international corporation known throughout the world as Von Schneider Enterprises, forty-nine percent of which was owned by her husband, and the other fifty-one percent by Dirk von Schneider, her husband’s older brother.
Precisely zero percent of the billion-plus-a-year corporation was owned by Heidi.
She didn’t have a bank account that she could call her own. Though her expense account was, quite literally, unlimited, every penny that she spent had to be given to her by Liam, her husband. He never said ‘no’ when she asked him for money, but the fact of the matter was, she had to ask.
And she was getting pretty goddamned sick and tired of asking for handouts.
Standing near her coupe, Heidi looked around. She was in Buffalo Junction, at the foothills of the mountains. The mountains were to the west, the endless rolling plains to the east, the oil fields to the north, and to the south were acres upon acres of grassy foothills feeding vast herds of cattle and buffalo.
Heidi breathed in deeply, and felt her confidence returning.
I’ve thought of seducing Dirk since I first met him years ago, Heidi thought as she turned away from her car which she’d parked in front of the sign that had her name on it. I’ve caught him looking at me a thousand times. Today is the day that he gets to do more than just look.
A young man wearing a serviceable off-the-rack suit and neatly trimmed mustache opened the office’s glass door for Heidi. She murmured a “thank you” as she stepped into the building. As she walked past the young man, she caught a whiff of his after shave. It reminded her that it had been quite a long time since she’d entertained herself with someone much younger than herself.
In unison, the two front-desk receptionists said, “Good morning, Ms. von Schneider.”
Heidi nodded to both of them, and in the back of her mind she wondered which one her husband was fucking. Perhaps it was both of them.
If Heidi was certain of anything, it was that her husband loved sex, and he wasn’t at all particular who he had sex with. Whether the woman was overweight or underweight, had hair that was black as a raven or white as freshly fallen snow, Liam von Schneider wanted to have sex with her. At least once, anyway. Once he’d had a woman, his interest in her faded rapidly.
Except with me. He lusts for me just as much now as he ever had.
Heidi felt a quickening of her pulse as she walked. She was consciously aware of the movement of her thighs, and of the faint tingling in her clitoris. She walked past her husband’s office door. He was at home dealing with a business problem on the telephone. He’d only made vague references to what that problem was. He seldom shared any of his professional life with her. At least his presence at the office wouldn’t be a problem she would have to deal with.
She walked past her own office door. Unlike her husband, she didn’t have a private secretary. Her responsibilities to the family corporation were fluid, and sometimes—most times, she thought—she had no actual duties at all. On reflection, she told herself that it wasn’t a bad hand to be dealt. Though she didn’t have any money of her own—none at all, if she wanted to be brutally honest—she had access to well over a billion dollars in family funds.
And her husband never—not ever—complained about how much she spent.
She opened the door to Dirk’s outer office. His secretary was there, looking attractive and competent in a sixty-ish sort of way. Dirk, Heidi had long ago come to realize, chose his secretary for her skill, not her sensuality. The same couldn’t be said about her own husband.
“Good morning,” she said to the secretary. “Is the big guy in?”
The secretary smiled, and the lines and wrinkles in her face became more pronounced.
“He is, of course,” she said with a smile. “Isn’t he always?”
“He practically lives here,” Heidi said without breaking stride.
The secretary touched a button on her phone and said, “Ms. von Schneider is here to see you, sir.”
Before Dirk could reply, Heidi opened his door and walked into his private office, closing the door behind herself. With her back

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Written by Robin Gideon
Hochgeladen May 4, 2021
Notes In Buffalo Junction, men outnumber women 25-1, so it's no surprise when forbidden passion of the most taboo variety comes to life for the insatiable men and girls of this raw-knuckled oil boomtown.
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