Passion in the Regency-Episode 1

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An Erotic Historical Polyamorous Romance for YP Erotica
by [email protected]

In London during the Regency Period, a young debutante’s reputation meant everything, and life in the elite world of the ton meant a young woman’s behavior was given the closest scrutiny, and even a hint of impropriety meant being excluded from the world’s most exclusive and closed societies. But Galina Papatonis, daughter of a wealthy Greek shipping magnate, is determined to live life on her own terms. So what happens when she falls in love with not one titled English prince, but two?



“Do you really think they’ll be here” Galina Papatonis asked, her voice hardly more than a whisper. Her heart was beating much faster than she felt it should.
Galina hated the uncertainty and anticipation in her tone, but if there was any woman on the planet she could be honest with, it was Harriet Kerner, her personal maid, and the one woman on the earth that she trusted completely.
“They’ll be here,” Harriet replied as she wound her mistress’s midnight black hair into a tight chignon twist at the back of her neck. “You’re much too beautiful for them to stay away.” She chuckled softly. “And they only get to see you once a week. That must seem like a lifetime to them.”
“But…the scandal,” Galina said, her words hardly more than a whisper.
“The scandal, as you refer to it, happened two years ago. And the wise men who can remember it have conveniently forgotten about it, and those who are stupid enough to remember it aren’t worth thinking about.” Harriet inhaled deeply, then let out a long, soft sigh. “I so hate it when people are small. Why can’t they let the past stay in the past?”
Galina raised her hand, then placed it gently over Harriet’s, which was on her shoulder. She glanced into the looking glass and wasn’t disappointed to see that Harriet was gazing at her with a rather forgiving look in her ocean blue eyes. In the reflection of the mirror, Galina gave the woman who was both her servant and best friend, a wink and a slight nod of her head.
“Do my hair especially well tonight,” Galina said, though she knew that she didn’t have to prod Harriet into particularly professional behavior. Harriet was the best maid servant that Galina had ever known, and she had had them her whole life. In fact, there was no one else who even came close to being Harriet’s equal to the task. “It’s always especially stressful when the ball is at our home,” Galina said.
Several seconds passed before Harriet said softly, “Your home, m’lady.”
Galina felt the heat rise in her neck and cheeks. While it was true that she always thought of the servants as equals—especially Harriet—the truth was that they weren’t, and not only did the servants know it, she knew it. She just didn’t like to think about their social distinctions very much, though she often did, and never took pleasure in the contemplation.
“Be honest with me now,” Galina said, her tone soft and almost conspiratorial, “which one do you think would be a batter match for me: Prince Alex, or Prince Edmund?”
“The fact that you have your choice of princes tells me that I really don’t—or at least shouldn’t—have a voice in the decision-making.” Harriet inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly, to control her emotions. “Besides, men make all the decisions in England…whether we want them to or not.” She sighed again. “Either man will make you royalty. And I’ve really no doubt that either man will make you happy, and give you lots and lots of children.”
“You’re sure they’ll want to make love to me? I’ve heard stories…”
Galina had wanted the statement to come out playful, but the undercurrent of doubt, of hesitation, had shown through in her tone, and both she and Harriet had noticed it. She had heard that powerful men were much more passionate with their mistresses than they were with their wives.
“There is nothing in life that I’m more sure of than that Prince Alexander Dorsey and Prince Edmund Havergill will want to make love with you”—she paused a moment—“again and again and again.” Her gaze narrowed. “Morning, noon, and night,” she said, her voice lowering with each word she spoke. She got down on one knee so that she could whisper into Galina’s ear, even though the two of them were alone in the bedroom. “You don’t really know or understand how beautiful you are,” Harriet said into Galina’s ear, “but I’m telling you now, the moment you become a nobleman’s wife—especially if it’s either Prince Alex or Prince Edmund—that precious, sweet, innocent body of your is going to get…sweaty. It’s going to get ravaged. And unless I’m completely mistaken regarding the woman you are…it’s finally going to get satisfied.”
A tremor went through Galina. No one had ever spoken such words to her before…and though she wanted to deny what had been said about her, Galina suspected that Harriet knew her better than she knew herself.
“We’ve only a few more minutes, then we must go to the ball,” Harriet said.
“The princes—they make me nervous.”
“I’ll be with you every minute,” Harriet said. “I’ll protect you. I know what it’s like to not have someone who will defend you.”
Galina thought of Prince Alex and Prince Edmund. She remembered how as they danced during the last ball their nearness had made her want to kiss them…and do so much more than just that with them. Harriet, at thirty-six, was already a widow. She dispensed her wisdom to Galina to protect her uninformed young charge.
Prince Alex and Prince Edmund are men of experience, Galina thought. They don’t amuse themselves with silly, almost-virgins who giggle too much.
Bitter memories returned to Galina of what had happened to her two years earlier, and for a moment she had to close her eyes, and then breathe deeply and slowly several times, just to recover her senses. She had been taught a lesson that she knew she must never forget for even a second.
She had let herself think th

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Written by Robin Gideon
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Notes When step-siblings discover that passion between them burns hot as the sun, there's no holding them back from fulfilling their wildest, most taboo passion
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