One of Those Nights

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Me and my lady was just on our usual out and about nights. Then, we decided to stop for gas and snacks. My girl goes in and walks out with a statuesque woman. She had sandy brown hair. Jean's looked like they were painted on, and curves only one can began to imagine. They were talking and laughing when I heard, " what are you guys doing tonight." My girl said we are our just looking for something to get into. The young lady replied I know I could really use a drink. She says let's all do that. Now I still hadn't said a word up to this point. So we drive about 5 minutes to a bar not far from the gas station. This was a place I had never seen or been. When we get inside, there were little to no people in there, which was fine with me. As we sat at our booth, my girl and our new friend sat on the same side. Our waitress comes up to get out order. Our friend says we will start off with shots. As I look at my girl, she has a bewildering look and smile on her face. Unbeknownst to me, the friend was fingering under the table. Oh, how she was enjoying it. The new friend suggested that they go to the ladies room. Where once they got in there, she had pushed my girl up against the door and locked it and dropped down to eat here pussy. She didn't put up a fight as she thrust her hips in her face. The sensation of the woman tongue was overwhelming, when a knock was at the door. They both fixed their clothes and came out. When they got to the table, our friend decided to sit next to me. And before I knew it, she was tugging and grabbing my dick in such a way I could hardly maintain my composure. My girl says, she was going outside to get a little air. The moment she walked away, our friend whispered in my ear, your girlfriend pussy taste so good. I pulled away a little just before my girlfriend walked up. We had our drinks and our friend suggested we can have more drinks at her apartment, as she lived about 10 minutes away. Me and my girlfriend didn't say a word on the drive there. When we got there and went in, we threw our friend on the couch. I commenced to pulling those tight ass jeans off, while my girlfriend immediately sat on her face. She looked down at her and said, oh bitch you got the right ones tonight. Once her jeans were off, my girlfriend said fuck her babe, while she finishes eating this pussy. My dick, already as hard as a rock, slide right into this amazing pink pussy. It was so wet, and hot. I stroked it as deep as I could. All the while, I watched as my girlfriend grinded her face with utter pleasure. I couldn't get enough, every stroke a nice sloshing sound letting me know how wet she was. My girlfriend got up and watched, while playing with her clict. She said babe whenever you ready. She didn't have to tell me twice. As I pulled out of this phenomenal pussy, we both stood over her and came on her face and succulent breast. We all look at each other as the friend asked,when can we do this again. My girlfriend took her number and said it will be much more often and sooner than you think.

Written by samrothstien45
Hochgeladen February 21, 2021
Notes That type of night.
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