Making Him Come in His Pants

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It’s a cliché, I know. And I never believed in love at first sight, I promise. But then I met Nick.

No boy has ever had such an effect on me, not so fast. As soon as I set eyes on Nick, I wanted him. He was perfect. Gorgeous and confident and funny, and he oozed sex appeal. OK, so maybe it wasn’t entirely love at first sight. Maybe it wasn’t quite that innocent.

I really couldn’t keep my hands off Nick though, right from day one. It was ridiculous. I was like a teenager in heat whenever we were together. I couldn’t stop kissing and touching him. I was awful.

And I’ve never really been that into dicks before. I mean, yes, they’re a pretty important part of sex, and they can be fun, but they’re not exactly beautiful, are they? I’ve never lusted after cocks, or looked at them in porn, or been desperate to get a hold of one, but it was different with Nick. I wanted to touch and feel and see and taste his dick like it was made of chocolate and strawberries and champagne. I couldn’t keep my hands off it. Nick’s cock was different from all other men’s, it was gorgeous and I wanted it hard for me all the time. That’s where my little obsession came from.

We were drinking in a pub together on a Thursday evening after work when I first did it. I’d had a few glasses of wine, and as we flirted and laughed I got so hot for Nick it felt like I was melting down there. At one point we were queuing at the bar together, it was busy, there were people all around us and we were pressed together, and I couldn’t stop leaning in and kissing him. He was hard for me, I could feel it against my leg through his jeans, and it was driving me crazy.

I kept wriggling against Nick, rubbing my thigh against his bulge, and he kept grinning and laughing at me, at how horny I was. I really couldn’t stop myself though, the feel of it against my leg was making me so hot, and then suddenly my hand was on his jeans and I was stroking and squeezing him.

Nick tried to knock my hand away, but I wouldn’t let him. Now I had a hold of him, I wasn’t going to let go. We made our way to the front of the crowd, and Nick had to order for us with my hand still clamped over his dick. I massaged him firmly and he spluttered as he talked. His face turned bright red, but I didn’t let go.

I only took my fingers off Nick when he handed me my drink. We made our way back to our table and dropped onto the small sofa we were sharing, we sat and talked, but I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock and the way he’d reacted when I was touching him. My face and chest felt flushed, I was tingling and throbbing down there.

I moved closer to Nick, and the feel of his body against mine only made me worse. I stopped listening to what he was saying, I couldn’t concentrate, and before I could stop myself, I thrust my hand between his legs and grabbed his bulge. Nick jumped and spilled some of his beer as my fingers closed around it.

He laughed, but when Nick realised I wasn’t letting go, he tried to ease me off him. He whispered in my ear for me to stop, he said it felt too good, that I was teasing him, but that just turned me on even more. I leaned in and kissed Nick and rubbed him with way more enthusiasm than was appropriate for the shadowy corner of a country pub.

I just wanted to hold him though, a little longer, and I loved feeling the conflict in Nick too, he kept giving in to my kisses, then tensing up, then giving in again. I knew it felt good, that he loved the way I was touching him, but that he was uneasy about me doing it in public. He stifled a moan, but then he tried to pry my hand off him again. I wasn’t stopping now though, I couldn’t.

Nick squirmed in his seat as I squeezed and rubbed him. He groaned softly as we kissed and all the hairs on my body stood on end, and I knew then what I wanted. I looked around for my jacket. I pulled it off the seat next to me and onto Nick’s lap so no one could see what I was about to do, then I grasped hold of Nick's belt with my free hand.

It took Nick a moment to realise what I was doing, and by the time he got his hands on his belt buckle it was already open. I popped the first few buttons on his jeans before he could stop me.

Nick grabbed my wrist and we struggled for a moment, but he didn’t want to make a scene; he didn’t want to draw attention to us, and he didn’t fight too hard. I managed to get my hand into the top of Nick’s underwear, then I was in and down and I wrapped my fingers around his hot, hard, thick cock.

Nick made a sort of yelping sound, he tried to pull my hand out of his underwear, but I squeezed his lovely dick hard and moved my hand back and forth, and he groaned again. He held still for long seconds, but then he relaxed and gave in to me. I told Nick I'd stop if he wanted, but he didn't.

I slid my hand back and forth, and fuck it was so hot to be touching his hard dick like that in public, with so many people around us. I felt bad, but in that fun way. I kept stroking him, and I had to force myself to stay relatively calm and quiet, but we kept kissing, and Nick made these wonderful, restrained noises, and it really got under my skin. I gripped him harder, I moved my hand faster, I wanted to hear more of those sounds.

I got so turned on as I played with him, I realised I was rubbing my thighs together. Nick was breathing hard too, I could feel his body tensing. We kissed and kissed, I felt dizzy with desire. It was a little scary too though, don’t think I wasn’t worried, I’m not entirely crazy. If we got caught, we’d be thrown out, and it’d be so embarrassing, people knew us in there, but that made it more exciting too.

Nick groaned softly as we kissed. I moaned with him, and I could feel how wet it was making me. Fuck, I was on the verge of getting really carried away. I knew I needed to slow things down before I did something really stupid. I stopped kissing Nick, although I didn’t let go of him.

I sat back and picked up my glass

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Notes Katy couldn't keep her hands off Nick, but could you blame her, he was gorgeous. She was a little obsessed with his cock too, she had to admit. And then, well, look what happened...
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