He made me wet every time I saw him

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I couldn’t have been much older than 25. I had started to realize just how much I loved attention. I loved knowing men looked at me and wondered what color my panties were.

But I was inexperienced. I didn’t know how much I liked sex or how naughty I would end up being. When I met JT I could not stop thinking about how horny he made me. Every time I was around him I wanted to push my pussy up against his body.

He was at least 45. Married. I could tell from his comments about how fit I was and the way he undressed me when I walked by that he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. He worked at the building next door. I already found every excuse possible to go there because the men loved me there. It was like a crowd gathered when I went over.

“Let me know when you aren’t too busy up here and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.” Not the sensual offer I was hoping for but I was excited.

Sitting next to him drinking terrible coffee all I could think about was how wet my panties were. He talked and I zoned out thinking about how hard I had hoped his cock would get if reached over and touched him.

“You are hot. I’ve gotten hard thinking about you so many times.”

I was a shy girl. Unsure of how attractive I was. Always wanting to be the girl with the slutty panties dancing on the lap of men at bars. But I wasn’t. Till that moment. I took his hand and put it up my skirt letting him feel how wet my panties were. He didn’t leave it there as long as I hoped explaining he can’t touch me like that. I told him I liked it but his awkward laugh was all I got in return.

I felt like a stupid little girl when I didn’t hear from him for days until he sent me an email. He told me how bad he wanted to do things to my body and how turned on he’s been since touching me. But the email ended with reasons he couldn’t and that he wished he could.

I didn’t like that. I had been daydreaming about his cock. I had caught myself smiling too many times as I thought about how hard I made him. I decided he was going to fuck me just like we both wanted.

When my email telling him I’d love to suck him off went unanswered I went stupid. And embarrassed. Until he came to see a friend in my office and stopped at my desk. He asked how the day was going. Made small talk. I could feel my face bright red the entire time. And my pussy throbbing. Why was he making small talk? I know he read my email. As he said goodbye he handed me a piece of paper. “Emails aren’t a good idea” and at the bottom was his phone number.

I waited 23 minutes till I sent him a message. “Now you have my number in case you ever want to feel how wet you make me.” Wish I could is all responded with. We didn’t talk after that. Until he asked me if I was a good secret keeper.

“My wife’s going out of town if you want to have a drink.” Fuck yes I did. When he told me the address to meet I realized it was his house. This was not me. I didn’t do things like this. But he made me so wet and I wanted to be a bad girl so bad.

When I got to his house he offered me a beer. But instead of getting it he started to kiss me. He slid his hands up my dress and on to my ass. I felt his cock getting hard against my leg. I don’t think I had ever been that wet. He guided me to the bedroom.

He took my dress off and I undid his pants. His cock was thick and the tip dripping. “Suck on me.” And I did just as he asked. Hearing him moan I knew I wanted to get on his cock. I stood up walked over to the bed. He followed. Spreading my legs wide he pushed his hard cock inside me and fucked me hard.

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