Rubies and Diamonds

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Rubies and Diamonds

My flight was delayed from Milwaukee to Boston and so I did what all business traveler do on a delay, head for the bar! I sat down and ordered a tall Stella Artois and the first taste was so refreshing, I almost killed it in one gulp. The woman sitting next to me said, “Thirsty, huh?” And I said, “Long day of travel and work, I feel like I earned it.” She laughed and said, “I hear ya. Long day.” And I replied, “Cheers” and we both took another sip.

Melissa was from Andover and was returning from a Pharma Trade Show in Minneapolis. She was a good conversationalist and we shared stories of our latest travels. Mine was from Seattle where I attended a conference for investment banking and my flight began with a 2 hour fog delay, then a tarmac delay, and when I arrived in Milwaukee on this hot July day, I found out Thunderstorms were preventing my return.

She had a small delay in Minneapolis but was running late from the trade show due to the Union help at the convention center giving her grief over crate moving and electrical costs. Like she didn’t have more important things to worry about. She ran to the gate and just about missed it if it weren’t for the pleasant gate attendant.

She was in her early 30’s, unmarried, and no kids. She was cute in her 5’6 frame and filled out her navy blue pencil skirt and light blue silk blouse nicely. Her tits stretched the silk blouse out nicely. Her black pumps added about 3 inches to her height. Her hair was blond and fell to just below her shoulders, professional cut and style.

We chatted about our work and how much we traveled and which place were the nicest and which places we loathed when the text alert came across saying we were delayed yet another hour.

“I’ll have another please”, I said to the bartender and Melissa said the same. I asked if I could move closer to her as other travelers were deplaning and being met with the same weather delays which began to fill the bar area. She said, “Sure”. And I moved my backpack and carry on to the next seat over.

I was mid thirties, no kids, and recently divorced, mostly due to the extensive travel. I lost the dog and the house in the “custody” battle but didn’t really care. I was wearing a gray athletic cut suit and white shirt with black Johnston & Murphy shoes. My hair is black and nicely styled. I stand about 6ft.

Melissa excused herself and ran to the ladies room and I asked if she wanted another drink and she said yes. She took her carry on which I thought was weird but left her backpack, also weird. But whatever. She returned and said that she needed to get a bit more comfortable and was rocking a pair of navy Nike Elite leggings, an orange sports bra and a white dress shirt with navy blue with orange stripe Saucony running shoes. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and joined me at the bar. “I had to get comfortable”, she said. “I didn’t think you could get any cuter before you left but I guess I was wrong.” She blushed a little and said, “Thank you, very nice of you to say.”

With this, we directed our attention to what work outs we do. She was an avid yoga, running and Pilates kind of girl and I was a classic runner and plyometric exercise kind of guy. And we complimented each other on our toned bodies and commitment to health and self preservation. Then we ordered another beer.

Ping, flight cancelled. She looked at me and said, “I had a feeling that was going to happen.” And I replied, “Summer travel always has its challenges, we better search hotels before more flights get cancelled.” I opened the Hilton App and searched and found the Downtown Hilton on Wisconsin Ave. and booked a king size bed and before closing the app, asked Melissa, “Need me to reserve a room for you? App is open.” She said, “No thank, I just booked the Hilton Downtown”. I said, “great, want to share an Uber? I just booked the same location. They have a great bar.” She said, “Sure, lets finish these and head out.”

We got to the hotel and we both checked in. I asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat after we settled in and she agreed to meet in the lobby in 20 minutes.

I ran to the room, quickly showered away the humidity and slight sweat stench that accumulated from the days travels and got into a pair of Lucky Jeans, white seersucker shirt and Covina flip flops and headed to the elevator. The door opened and Melissa was inside wearing tight blue jeans, pink shirt with white body suit underneath along with Havaianas flip flops. I said, “Damn, you get cuter by the outfit!” And she responded, “You aren’t looking to bad yourself.” And I now felt the redness fill my face.

“Any place you have in mind?”, she asked. I said, “There is a great little Cajun food restaurant nearby. Do you like Cajun?” She said she was up for anything. We stopped at a small bodega and picked up a bottle of cheap red wine and a 6 pack of Red Stripe.

We dined on fantastic Cajun food: Alligator, shrimp etouffe, and cray fish. She laughed when I placed their carcasses on my finger tips and gave an impromptu Prince concert. And we killed the rest of the beers and wine. We were both a bit tipsy.

We walked back to the hotel and the humidity of the night was wearing off a bit and felt refreshing. She locked her arm around mine and said she drank too much but our flirtation had grown from the airport bar and dinner solidified a mutual attraction to each other.

I got in the elevator and pressed my button and she said, “Awe, I thought we could hang in my room for a drink.” And I said, “What floor?”

We got into her room, a nice king size of her own and she hit the mini bar. I settled on a Grey Goose and soda, Melissa opted for a Tangueray and Tonic. I sat on the couch and she sat in the chair opposite me. We flirted a bit more and it lead to a game: Marry, Date or Fuck. And I lead with, “Marry, date or fuck: bartender at airport, concierge

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