Lesbian One Shots - Story 4

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“Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

Tessa was about to cum. She was trying not to but she knew that feeling and what it meant. Ray gave her a smirk, raising her eyebrow and looking at her watch. She only had a minute and a half left but if she could keep hitting that spot deep inside her fuck-buddy she would be able to win.

She was so full of herself… Tessa hated that about her, and she hated that she was about to lose a bet too - she did not like to lose.

“Aaah!” She thrashed her head to the side and bit down on her lip, she didn’t want to give the other woman any more reason to think she was winning even though she knew she didn’t have long. “Aah! Aah!” It wasn’t working well. She was trembling like a leaf, especially her hands as they clenched at the duvet she lay on.

“30 seconds.” The older woman was starting to lose her smirk but refused to give in, slamming her fingers knuckle-deep into the blonde beneath her. She screamed, eyes flying wide open. “Hah! You’re such a sucker for your g-spot.” Ray rubbed her thumb into the girl’s clit, finalising her technique and sending Tessa over the edge. Her stomach clenched and her mouth fell open, moans falling from her parted lips, her orgasm hitting her like a truck. Ray kept going, dragging out the writhing and panting. “Yes! You little shit! I knew I could do it! And I still had ten seconds to spare!”Ray grinned down at her, slowing down her hand but not stopping… Watching as her little friend melted into the blankets beneath her. “You owe me - and I already know what I want.” She finally pulled her slick fingers out and put them to her mouth, letting out a little giggle and licking them seductively.

“And what would that be?” Tessa sat up on her elbows, still shaking slightly from her climax. She had a small smile on her face. Her long, blonde, curled hair settling just under her ears.

“I want another one of those massages, with that coconut shit you put in your hair.”

“Yes!” Tessa jumped up fully and started to leap about on the bed like a kid in a bouncy castle, “I’ve wanted to do this again for ages! But I didn’t know if that was too… girlfriend-y, you know?” She continued to jump around the bed completely naked until Ray grabbed her round the waist and pulled her into her lap, laughing at the younger girl’s silliness.

“Is it too girlfriend-y?” She asked, resting her head on the other’s shoulder.

“No, it sounds fun!” She turned to face her, wrapping her legs around her waist. She gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and leapt up again, “I’ll go get the coconut oil!” Ray watched the young woman run to her bathroom and enjoyed staring at her backside as she went. Once she returned with the tub, Tessa began to peel off Ray’s clothes tenderly. Enjoying watching her flesh come into view. Once Ray was naked too, she was pushed down onto her front and Tessa climbed onto her back and sat down on top of her. She dug her hand into the tub and pulled out a glob of oil, rubbing it together in her hands to warm it up before spreading it over the brunette’s back. She pushed and pulled and trailed her hands over Ray’s back, pulling moans and grunts of appreciation from her throat. The longer the massage went on the more she dug her fingers in, pushing everything she had into it. She loved the way she could draw out this reaction from her friend-with-benefits - she rarely got to be the one in control and she loved it. She began to grind herself onto Ray’s tail bone, slowly beginning to drip as she listened to the hot moans and pants, soon she was joining in…

Finally, Ray couldn’t hold back any more. She flipped them over suddenly, earning her a gasp from the blonde. Her smirk returned and their lips attacked each other’s, sucking and biting. The blankets underneath them becoming crumpled and sweaty. They quickly changed places, both positioned with their heads at each other’s pussies. They began to gently rub their hot tongues into each other, dipping their heads to get a better angle.

“Aaaaaah!” Tessa was glad she was on bottom, her legs were already shaking and she knew she would have already dropped by now. The hot wet tongue grinding up the centre of her vulva was sending shocks up her spine. She returned the favour though, sucking on Ray’s large lips, pulling one into her mouth and nibbling tenderly.

“Oh fuck!” Ray jumped, she didn’t realise how close she was until just then, straining not to let herself cum first. This cheeky girl knew all her weak spots and her labia were one of them. They sucked and tongue fucked until both were panting and gasping as they tried to keep their mouths glued to each other. Each doing their best to bring the other to the edge, neither wanting to be the first to give in.

“I-I’m gonna cuuuuum!” Tessa moaned, with her lips still locked down on the older girl’s clit, muffling her speech. Her eyes were rolling back, legs spreading and locking round Ray’s neck. The brunette was grinning, two wins in one session? She was pretty proud of herself. “Oh shit, oh my god!” Tessa’s body went rigid, every muscle clenching and holding her still as she came. Fireworks went off behind her eyelids and she moaned long and low in her throat.When her body finally relaxed back down she went in for the kill and sucked with everything she had, her hands trembled but she pulled and rubbed with them before pressing them into the slick entrance. Pushing two in and jabbing them in and out, enjoying the filthy sounds coming from the woman above her. Eventually Ray came as well, her legs giving out from under her and her breasts heaving as she tried to control her panting.

“Not bad, Tess.” She rolled off the blonde and sat up, stretching out her limbs. “But I’m still not finished yet.” She grinned.

“Good, cause neither am I!” Tessa gave a cheeky smile.

Written by ladeeda
Hochgeladen January 28, 2021
Notes Contains: 69. Fingering. Massage. Pussy-eating.

Tessa and Ray have a who-will-cum-first bet.
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