Amy The Cute Neighbor

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Amy & I have known each other for many years. She is pretty shy and doesn’t fit into the normal neighborhood social scene. Many people would describe her as selfish and aloof. I would describe her as Amy.

This past weekend we were out of town at a tournament. A lot of the people from our neighborhood were there as well. Since it looked like Amy I would be one of the last ones to leave the venue for the day she asked if I wanted to grab dinner/drinks away from the crowds. I said “Of Course”. Throughout the day Amy kept smiling at me and rubbing up against me…I didn’t think anything of it.
Once we were done with the tournament we went back to the hotel got cleaned up and met in the lobby. Luckily the rest of our group had departed for other places. Amy was wearing a pair of work out pants and a long white flowy shirt. She did a little twirl for me and asked “Do You Like”. I said Hell Yes. She hopped in my SUV and off we went. Since I knew that pizza was her favorite food I found one about an hour away..less chance of running into people that we know.
Amy and I ordered drinks and settled into our conversation.

Amy-You know I think that you are cute and super nice
Me-Wow THANKS what would Mike say if he heard you say that
Amy-He knows…I have told him many times that if I were going to cheat it would be with you and Mike always responds that its not cheating if I give you permission and he has given me permission many times.
Me- (taking a big gulp of my drink)- So you told Mike that you like me and that you might cheat…well not cheat…you might hook up with me
Amy-(with a devilish grin)-Yep
Me-OK I am flattered. But you have to know that I am very a take charge kind of person. I may ask you do things that you may not be used to.
Amy-(leans across the table and we kiss)-I hope so.
Me-OK I love that shirt…and I have seen you in work out clothes..can you take off your bra?
Amy-(leans across the table and we kiss)-Ok anything else
Me-If you are wearing panties please take those off as well
Amy-Mike told me night to wear panties…its less clothes to keep track of.

Amy came back to the table with her shirt unbuttoned and showing off her perky boobs. Over the next hour or so we enjoyed our pizza a few drinks and I enjoyed the view of her boobs.. We decided not to go back to the hotel because we didn’t want to run into anyone that we know. Next door to the pizza place was a movie theatre. The theatre was DEAD. I paid for 2 tickets and then found an obviously underpaid manager and asked him which theatre was empty for a few hours. He told me theatre 10…the next showing was tomorrow at noon. I slipped the underpaid manager $200 and asked that he stay away from theatre 10…he looked at the money that I just handed him and agreed.

Amy and I walked hand in hand into theatre 10. As we were walking I said as soon as I secure the door I want you to take off your top and pull your pants down so that I can be sure that you are not wearing any underwear. Amy gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “OK”.

Once inside of the dark theatre and pulled her pants down past her but cheeks and took off her top. We went to top of the theatre in the back corner and started to make out like high school kids. I enjoyed taking a break from kissing her on the mouth to sucking on her boobs. She was enjoying stroking my hard dick. I ran my hands in between her legs only to find that she was super wet. I took my time and went from running my fingers inside of her to playing weight her clit. As she was about to cum she clinched up and put her boob in my mouth. The next time that she came I felt her get wetter. By the 3rd time that she came I had her full on squirting everywhere.

We looked at our watch and saw that it was midnight and we both realized had another long day. We composed ourselves and headed back to the car. Once I got on the highway Amy undid her seatbelt and gave me a killer blow job. As I was about to cum she whispered that she wanted it all in her mouth. At that sound I released all of my sperm into her mouth…she swallowed it all. She was so happy. As we got back to the hotel we gave each other high fives and went to our separate rooms.

The next morning while we were all at breakfast a flower bouquet arrived for Amy. It was from Mike and all it said was THANK YOU for Last Night. I didn’t ask at breakfast but when we rode over to the venue I asked what happened. Amy told me that once she got back to her room she stripped naked and facetimed Mike and told him EVERYTHING that we did and I showed him where you touched me, where you made me cum and where I made you cum. He was sooo turned on that I think that he blew a load himself. He gave me explicit instructions about tonight. One thing that he would like is that you not cum in me until you can get tested…but if things get heated and you do cum in me its ok. I couldn’t believe this conversation…so much so that I missed my exit.

The next day was normal. Amy was her normal happy/flirty self. At about 2 she headed back to the hotel and told me to meet her in the lobby at 7.

At 7 I showed up in the lobby to see Amy in a revealing low cut/long sweater and a pair of leggings. She told me that Mike had told her to go shopping and what to wear tonight. As we were walking out of the hotel she told me that she wasn’t wearing a bra or Mike’s request. She also said that since Mike didn’t want us to get caught he got us a room at a hotel at the next exit. As we got into the car I gave her a deep kiss and asked if she wanted dinner somewhere or just go to the hotel and order room service and then fuck our brains out. She opted for room service and fuck our brains out. I said ok since that sweater is long enough I want you to take off the pants and walk into the hotel only in your sweater carrying your pants. She said OK and I love being told what to do.

Once we got into the hotel room that her husband rented for our fuck sess

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Notes Amy reveals her true feelings and lets loose during an out of town trip.
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