Greg's Fertile Virgin (Milk and Honey series, Book 3 - excerpt)

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Lying to my parents hasn’t been a mainstay in my life until now. I tried to tell them about the weird things happening to me over the last year, but I didn’t have a fever and I was still a virgin, so they told me not to worry, to keep taking my vitamins and this phase of my life would pass. But it hadn’t and college hadn’t turned out the way I’d planned, either. My roommate was a bitch and a bully. My body kept changing and my boobs seemed to grow three cup sizes in a month. It was the worst college debut ever. So far being an adult sucked. And being an adult in college without any idea what was happening in popular culture or about sex or drugs or weed really sucked. Everything I heard in my dorm—things I only semi-understood—was counter to the limited information my parents had given me. I was at a disadvantage, and I didn’t know where to start in order to gain an advantage. Heck, I would’ve been happy to just be on the same social level, but I wasn’t anywhere close to my peers.
Moving from my dorm to my room at home was a good decision, though. Because of my roommate’s instability and tendency to hit anything around her, including me, my parents had hired a friend’s friend to teach me self-defense. Only, I suck at defending myself. When my instructor, Greg, figured that out in the first minute of my one-on-one, hour-long lesson, he told my father I’d need months of work and time that he didn’t have. But my dad insisted, offering to work around Greg’s schedule. So when, after a couple months of lessons, he told me that he’d need a break for a month because he was going to have his tonsils removed, I freaked. He didn’t have anyone to take care of him, which led to the series of lies I’d told my parents, beginning with telling them that my new college friend, Emma Davis, needed me to take care of her kids at night for the next couple weeks because her husband was going out of town.
Emma was a life saver, because I hadn’t told her my plans. And when my parents had called Emma to confirm, Emma rolled with the story and didn’t call me out on the lie. I’d been telling Emma about some of my issues and we were as close as I’d ever been to anyone in my life. My overbearing father and mother had kept me sheltered. They homeschooled me until I started college and I’d never been a social butterfly. I liked history and geography and my parents encouraged those pursuits. I hadn’t noticed boys and never dated or even came close to dating. I was completely isolated until college. Then Emma came into my life and then Greg, and everything changed. I spent most of my time with Emma, her husband Blade, and their kids when I wasn’t studying. And it so happened that my self-defense instructor Greg worked for Blade. But at the moment, my body was acting weird so my mind was running in a hundred directions all at once as Emma tried to have a heart-to-heart with me.
“Listen up,” Emma said. She snapped her fingers. “Have you heard anything I’ve said?”
“I’m listening,” I said. I wiggled in my seat, trying to get the ache from between my legs to stop and the uncomfortableness of my constantly wet panties to go away.
“What’s wrong?” Emma asked. “You haven’t been able to sit still for weeks. You’re not yourself.”
“You’re right,” I said. “I don’t know what to do.” I got up from the chair in the kitchen where she sat across from me pumping milk from her gorgeous tits. I wanted to suck her tits and that was weird. But what was weirder was that I wanted to touch myself…down there. And I wanted to touch Greg’s penis. I wanted to rub all over him and have since the first time I laid eyes on him. “Can I talk to you? Like about girl stuff that my mom and dad won’t talk about?”
“Of course,” Emma said. “How can I help? Is this about taking care of Greg? He’s such a great guy and he wouldn’t accept our help. Did you drive him home from the clinic and stay with him for the month? ”
“I showed up at the clinic and told them I was his new wife. He didn’t argue, especially when they said he wouldn’t be released if I left at all during surgery. Right before they took him back, when we were alone, he told me he was glad I didn’t listen to him and came to take care of him. He’s not used to being taken care of. And nothing happened while I was living with him. Not that I didn’t want something to happen, but he was in pain. I monitored his medication and called the doctor when he couldn’t eat. The doctor forgot to give him the liquid pain medication. I ran over to the pharmacy and…he recovered enough to go to work.”
“Okay, what is the girl problem?” Emma asked. Although she wasn’t too much older than me, she was married to a super-hot older guy. She had adopted his son Colin a few months ago, and was pregnant with her third baby in less than three years. Her family was growing and she was always so happy. Emma oozed sexuality and confidence and love. She was always so nurturing and a great mom and friend.
I want to be that comfortable with my curves and my desires. I want a family and motherhood.
“Mind if I show you the problem?” I asked. “I don’t know what is wrong with me. I tried to talk to my parents about it but they said not to worry and that it would go away, just to keep taking my vitamins from the samples my dad had given me.”
Emma tipped her head to the side as the pump did its work, emptying her breasts of milk. “Sure. Do you think you have an infection?”
“Honestly, I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe.” I knew Colin was at school and the babies were sleeping, but I still looked around. “Blade is still at work, right?”
“Yeah, but he knows everything about women and their bodies. If he came in, he’s totally cool with naked chicks in his kitchen. We have naked weekends and it’s just fun.”
I pulled down my flared mini skirt and then showed her what happened when I pulled down my panties. The sticky, slimy clear fluid clung to my pussy and my panties and smeared my thighs. “It’s like this all the time. It gets so uncomfo

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Written by Anna Lores
Hochgeladen January 17, 2021
Notes Raised in a sheltered home, Brianna's new friendship with Emma Davis opens her eyes to a sensual world she hadn't known existed.

Brianna's body is changing in ways she doesn't understand, so she seeks answers from Emma, the one person who knows everything there is to know about a woman's body.

When Greg Stanton discovers the love of his life has downloaded a dating app, he rushes to Brianna and finds her primed and ready for more than dating.
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