Rabbit's Diary (1)

Chapter 1: Rabbit's Diary (1)
  • Chapter 1: Rabbit's Diary (1)
  • Chapter 2: Rabbit's Diary (2) Facial
  • Chapter 3: Rabbit's Diary (3) Getting a Piercing
  • Chapter 4: Rabbit's Diary (4) Owed an Apology
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I came across it at the bottom of the laundry basket, wrapped in a white pillowcase. I might have overlooked it but it’s square shape seemed out of place amongst the shirts and bedding waiting to be ironed. It was one of those hard-backed lined notebooks you can buy in any stationery store, it’s cover was black, it’s spine was red and when I cracked it open I could recognise her neat writing, with its swirls and flicks, crowding the pages. My curiosity was only innocent for moments, seeing pages headed with different dates I knew it was a diary of sorts and that I was invading her privacy, but I couldn’t help myself.

I leaned against the kitchen counter and let my eyes roam over the pages, words jumped out at me ‘cunt’ ‘cock’ ‘slut’ ‘dirty’ ‘greedy’ and her name for me ‘Sir’ was on every page. We have a D/s dynamic and I call her my little rabbit - she wants sex all the time, every way I can think to dish it - she takes it, relishes it, begs for it (she can be quite demanding)! Not that I’m complaining, I trained her that way, but my rabbit was a fast learner!

Monday 5th March

Sir tied me up today, my arms were fastened to the bedstead at the foot of our bed and my ankles were attached to a leg-spreader. I felt my pussy get wet even as I saw the restraints. I deliberately stretched my arms as wide as possible before he fastened them with cuffs. I wanted marks from the cuffs and to feel pulled uncomfortably wide.

He blindfolded me then I felt something round and cold pressed against my lips, so I opened wide.

“Suck it girl, get it sloppy and lubed”
knew it was going inside me - when I felt his finger probe my arse I knew where! He pressed and rubbed, a wonderful intrusion, readying me for the plug, while my pussy drooled almost as much as my mouth!

Sir was soon pressing the plug to my taint and I felt myself open up, I welcomed it’s invasion. We have never used a metal plug before, I wondered how it would feel inside me. It was not cold because I’d got it to body temperature, but it was heavy and it stretched me.

What did I look like? Was it a fancy one with a jewel? It felt like it had a wide neck and I was conscious of it holding my ring of muscle open.

Next Sir slapped my breasts - several hard fast blows to each side. I gasped and my eyes watered, still the excitement ran out of my pussy. He fastened nipple clamps to my dangling breasts and from the way they pulled and tightened with my slightest wiggle I guessed they had a chain between them.

I was panting now, but when I felt Sir’s hand cupping my cunny and delving his fingers deep inside I felt proud of how wet and ready I was.

“Good slut” he said in his deep voice (which means he’s feeling horny) “you’re ready to play!”

The rest of the passage was about how I spanked her with my bare hand then rubbed her pussy til she came. Next I used a riding crop to give her some lovely stripes before removing the metal butt plug and fucking her lovely stretched arse. Well after reading that I had a raging hard on, but I was hooked so I walked (painfully) to the kettle to make a coffee then I settled down on the sofa to read more extracts from rabbit’s diary.

Thursday 19th April

Sir was already asleep in bed, and I was curled up beside him, but I couldn’t sleep. There was a heaviness, a heat in my groin and my nipples were aching, hard points. I properly listened to Sir’s breathing to ensure he was sleeping before I carefully removed my panties and pushed them under the pillow.

Reaching my right hand down to my pussy I dragged one finger slowly up my split from my hole to my clit - it felt so good I wanted to moan and wriggle my behind, but I mustn’t wake him. Sir is very strict, all my orgasms are his and I should not play alone, but I couldn’t help myself. I wet my finger and stroked again, just like before, but this time my clit was peeping out a little more and the frisson of pleasure spread out from my core in a starburst.
I kept stroking and licking - I didn’t spread my legs like a slut, I didn’t pinch my nipples even though they ached, heavy overripe fruit begging for attention. I continued to stroke a spit-lubed finger along my slit until the blood flow made my puffy lips part and my eager clit strain up for more attention.

Sir turned in his sleep, sighing heavily. Did he smell my pussy juices as they flowed copiously now? A fragrant goo was coating my lips and the tops of my thighs. I love the taste of me! I made one dip into my hole to lube my two fingers with love juice then circled my clit incessantly, feeling the pressure and pleasure build.

I wanted to buck and writhe and cry as those feelings built in me. I WANTED to jump on Sir and fuck his brains out riding a St George, but I stayed very still and thrummed myself until I came, silently and violently. I couldn’t hold back some bucks and twitches in my abdomen, and they felt awesome. Sir didn’t wake so I lay there bathed in aftershocks and flushed with bliss til I fell asleep.

I remembered that! Next morning I guessed what she had done because when I rolled over for my morning fuck, rabbit wasn’t wearing her Thursday knickers! After treating her very sternly she showed me they were under her pillow, and confessed. As punishment for that incident she had not been allowed to cum for 2 days, but had been instructed to fellate me and wank me off repeatedly, while we had watched pornography.

Flicking a page ahead I was surprised to see a diary entry saying how much she’d enjoyed her punishment, and that she planned to be more ‘bratty’ in future to earn more!

Tuesday 8th May

Today Sir had lots of bills to pay, which was very boring. He was at his desk for hours while I did housekeeping chores (naked as always). I tried to distract him by slipping on my highest strappy heels and then taking the feather duster into his study. I reached up high a lot, making my pert boobies jiggle

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Written by Posy Churchgate
Hochgeladen January 11, 2021
Notes Sir discover's his submissive Rabbit keeps a diary of their kinky play. Rabbit gets tied to the bed, plugged and teased. He owns all her orgasms, but Rabbit disobeys. Her punishment is orgasm denial, but she is bratty. When he works from home she grabs his attention and fellates him as he sits at his desk
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