Post-marathon sex with a black goddess

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I woke up ten minutes before the knock on the door, with a rock-hard cock and an urge for pussy. During that time, whilst lying in bed, I heard the sounds of the street coming through the half-open window, a dead silence roaming the corridors and stairs of the B&B; and then the soft, muffled steps of Munira approaching my room.

For, who else could have been knocking on my door now?

I got up, stark naked, sweating and hard. It had just gone nine o’ clock. My room was bathed in almost total darkness, illuminated only by a cone-shaped light from the street lamp outside. The bed on which I had been having a much-needed kip after my marathon earlier on took up most of the space in the room. My muscles ached but there was no pain. And whatever discomfort there was, I knew it would be overcome as soon as I ate this gorgeous Sudanese woman.

I opened the door to find Munira barefoot and in a short, white, see-thru negligee, which contrasted nicely with her very dark body. A quick hello, a soft, friendly shove (I was blocking the door) and a semi-twirl were nothing but steps towards the execution of a perfect routine en route to my bed. She sat on it and spread her legs open to make her intentions clear. She had no knickers on. Her pink pussy was gorgeously sheathed between two fat lips. Her curly black pubic hair glistened in the semi-darkness. Add to this her muscular runner’s legs and thighs and her athletic build and I knew I was in for a treat. I was really turned on.

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Written by blacktulip69
Hochgeladen January 5, 2021
Notes A passionate, sexual, post-marathon encounter between a mature black guy and a young woman.
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