Bar Hop Pt 1: Shake Pepper and Roll

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Powered by an absent minded kick, the synth was sent careening head over heels down the stairs. A smear of scarlet as she bounced off the last few steps and landed in a heap. A painful groan escaped the poor skunk as her consciousness restarted. Physics had kept anything from breaking but not by much. Tonight she had the guest role of...a…*drumroll*...mop! Cold broke the weird mental fantasy and Pepper’s brain jumpstarted. Short, bright red and white, fur had greedily decided to go ahead and get drunk without her.

One last huff and she began to piece herself back together from the puddle of liquid and fur. She got up. Nervous hands attempted to wring out the sugary alcohol. Face scrunched, dreading the hardened mess her fur would turn into. A few angry snaps dried her tail. A few flecks of alcohol splattered into the air catching the glow of the rotating lights.

Pepper crossed her arms, fuming. Already sticky tufts weighed her down like a deep pressure. Weakly a flaccid mohawk slid sideways into her face. Turquoise paw pads tucked it absentmindedly behind a pointed ear. Pacing in a circle, she calmed herself and pondered.

Shadows interrupted. The mephitine leapt back in fear as the familiar paws of a lion thundered by with a date. The skunk flinched as giant heels racked sharply across the tile. The heavy dance music drowned out the looming duo. From her angle Pepper could barely see them laughing back and forth, oblivious, as they disappeared down the hall to the next room.

The name of the bar hung on the wall, alternating in neon on and off. “The Elephant’s Raveyard” flashed grey and yellow. Underneath a stylized mammoth skull laughed. The crowd outside had been long, loud, and boisterous. Pepper had been scared to sneak in but as long as she played it cool nobody would figure it out, but she still needed to find help.

Teeth bit into lips as she thought.

If not so rudely punted she could have used the micro specified path above the hustle of the crowd. The stairs seemed too daunting a climb. Perhaps easier to venture through the jungle of skin, fur, scale, and feather to the bar instead. An employee would be nice enough to help her back up. Internally she pouted, not really liking any of this.

Loud clops prefaced a tall broad-shouldered fallow deer coming down the stairs. Left antler snapped about midway, he still held himself confidently. Each step made a black shirt pull tightly across his chest.

Pepper’s ears perked with the stewing idea. She got on all fours and prepped herself. Black diamond hooves crashed against cold linoleum, bright and shiny like swinging guillotines. Count the timing.


She ran and pounced, hooking the end of the jeans with sharp little claws.

She hung there, taking a second. A deep sigh of relief before scampering forward. Up his jeans, over a large well defined rump, she clutched at a belt loop, breath caught in the anticipation.

Without breaking stride, the deer entered the main area of the bar. He was impressed. Booths and chairs were filled to the brim as various races talked excitedly. Headsized fruity drinks were being split while hookahs were lazily sucked down; long drags regurgitating fruity fumes. Waiters bustled in the fast paced environment serving appetizers as dragons breathed hot multicolored life into coals. The exhales hung low. Smoke permeated into the oscillating crowd that consumed the dance floor, dj mixing from the corner wall, a thick heavy rhythm. The bar wrapped against the opposite side.

Thankfully for Pepper, the deer wanted to get his palette wet. A cheetah got up, deciding she drunkenly wanted to go dance with her friend. Without hesitation, the tired cervine seized the opportunity. Abandoning ship, Pepper deftly jumped to the friend’s chair. The deer didn't even notice. The synth took a few seconds to breathe and calm herself from all the stimulus before scampering up the still-warm black leather. She looked around. Too far from the bartop to jump. Maybe try to catch the bartender’s attention. She waved her tail like a flag.

Moodily a marbled fox gave a yawn, jaws shutting with a quick snap. All night and nobody had caught his attention. It wasn't that he was being picky more so nobody was meeting his standards. Yeah that was it, he told himself.

The vulpine threw back a shot. Tongue followed along a pointy snout, savoring the burn. The kangaroo that had been a little too superficial earlier was eyeballing him still. Standards lowered with each soft smile sent when the ass of a buck tugged his attention. Lazily his gaze ate up the newcomer before sharply focusing on a speck of red. A small skunk? clung for life as the deer headed to the end of the bar.

Confident none had noticed, Fiddle got out of his seat, trying to hide each mischievous tail twitch. The most marbled of the three settled calmly like a belt while the white and black each loosely wrapped around the other. Casually sauntering over, feminine hips given a slight sway, he made way to the empty chair. With the two covetous fingers the small synth was snatched and scooped away as he sat down. Deer and bartender none the wiser as Fiddle ordered another drink. Stealthily the twintail deposited her into an awaiting palm.

Elbows on the bar, he clasped both hands together. Chin resting on thumbs the sharp sweet scent of pepper tickled his nose. Long ears flicked questiongly. Large velvety tongue darted forward and the “micro” yipped. Two licks and a flavorful extract coated his tongue.

“You look lost down here. I'll keep you safe.” The lies practically dripped. He couldn't help but smile as she resisted. What a jackpot! In one smooth motion that looked as if he was simply adjusting he popped her into his pants.

The clumsy yell cut off as warmth and darkness surrounded the synthetic skunk. Brain raced as her heart pounded. Was she figured out?

The air was thick and hot. Musky almost. It made her nose twitch.

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Written by micro_paradise
Hochgeladen December 24, 2020
Notes A cybernetic micro skunk wanders into a bar looking for her owner. Will she find help or a will devious fox catch his prey?
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