Trip to Adult Store Becomes Sexy Interracial Experience

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I glanced left and right, hoping that nobody was looking as I entered the store. Even if somebody saw me, it was unlikely they would recognize me, a random guy from the next town over, but I was still anxious about walking into an adult store.

This wasn’t usually my scene, but since getting out of my most recent relationship a month ago, I hadn’t gotten any, and felt like my game had gotten atrophied in the time since I was single. A friend told me that if I came here, I might meet girls that would fuck without a lot of work. I agreed that I would go mostly because I was pretty sick of using my own hand and thought I’d scoop a flesh light.

The small store was mostly empty except one male cashier. Whatever, I thought, let’s just grab this thing and go home. After glancing at a Dillion Harper sleeve, I was drawn to the ass imitations for Angela White and Adriana Checkik. I was having a very serious mental debate between the two when I noticed a girl walked in.

She was a brunette with perky round tits poking through her tank top and a tight ass covered by jean shorts. I considered talking to her, but her eyes fell onto the multiple anal flesh lights in my hand. She smirked and grabbed a dvd from the shelf. After a quick chat with the cashier, she walked to the back of the store and disappeared.

I had been skulking till she walked away, but when she disappeared, I grabbed Angela White’s fake asshole and went to check out. “Before you buy this, you should go out back. Room to the right. I think that’s what you are really looking for.” I considered leaving, but why not just look quickly?

The room on the left was locked, but the right opened and closed behind me. I was standing in a weird room with a couch, tv with DVD player, and a table. What appeared to be lube, lotions, and tissues were laid out on the table and a sign by the door read “Enjoy assholes, but don’t be one. Clean up after yourself!”

Fuck this... I turned to leave (hoping that the door didn’t lock me in) when I heard the sounds filtering into the room coming from the room to the other room. I focused in and the sounds of fucking were clear. Since she wasn’t in this room, that girl was clearly in the other room and by the sounds of it, getting railed. Did that cashier send me back here to witness him fucking that girl? I was surprised to find my dick starting to harden slightly thinking about it.

On the wall, I could clearly see a hole into the other room. Crouching carefully, I saw that the sounds were coming from a tv where a large black guy was pounding a tight white girl. While she wasn’t making all the noise, she had stripped down and was rubbing her pussy with her eyes seemingly glued to the tv. If she liked watching this, maybe she would like me. As if sensing me, her eyes kept finding the spot I was peaking through.

Suddenly everything dawned on me. This peephole (that I was suddenly very glad my face never actually touched) wasn’t meant for my eye. I stood up. My horniness overrode my nerves so I just went for it. I dropped my pants and slid my dick through the hole.

I waited tense. The room suddenly felt cold.. maybe she wasn’t impressed and was ignoring me. I looked for an exit strategy to pretend my reckless act didn’t happen. Suddenly, I felt a hand softly grab and start to stroke my exposed dick. It stiffened fully to its max in her hand and over the sounds of the video I heard “wow, what a lovely black cock. I can’t wait to play with you!”

Her hand stopped at the base of my dick and she placed a tentative kiss on the tip. Her mouth opened slightly to kiss suck gently on my tip. I heard “I wonder if I can fit all of this inside me” before I felt her soft tongue gliding up and down my sides, till my entire shaft was wet. In porn, I get to see everything and imagine how it feels, but it was an amazing flip that I get to feel everything and imagine the sight.

Her seductive lips encircled my dick with her tongue flirting around it as she took more and more into her mouth. I pressed as hard as I could into the wall to give her as much to work with. In no time, my tip was pushing into her throat. A moan escaped my lips, and clearly hearing this affirmation, this mystery woman's tentative act melted away, replaced with an enthusiastic slut.

I started to slowly move my hips in and out as she passionately throated my dick. The world around me dissipated into the feeling and musical sounds of her slurps and gags punctuated with my moans.

The cute girl who entered the store had now been replaced with the black cock hungry slut who was messily rubbing the slobber covered thing on her face and worshipping its size and blackness. I was surprised to find how much I was into this and found myself twisting to slap her with my dick whenever she let go.

Grabbing my dick, she took it all into her mouth quickly before calling “I need you inside me.” My dumbass was thinking I was already in her mouth until I felt the soaking, warmth of her pussy slowing sliding over my dick. Her hips wiggled as she slid against the wall, taking me deep. I tried to savor the moment, but when this slut started to move in and out, I was sent into near ecstasy.

I started moving my hips to mirror hers, drinking in her moans and the dirty things I was hearing through the wall. She started throwing her hips back harder and harder against the wall, with me doing all I could to balance, when I felt a strong clenching and felt her shudder, screaming “fuck I’m cumming!”

She continued much slower, appearing to savor her aftershocks of such a strong orgasm. I had been hanging on for dear life, trying not to cum yet, when I heard “it’s your turn to cum now” as well as some comments that probably didn’t need the racial charge she attached to them.

Either way, her tight pussy was replaced with her hand. After a sloppy kiss on the tip, I was urged to “paint her face white”. Honestly at this point, I was

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Notes Went to the adult store looking for something better than my hand and found a tight and surprising little toy to have fun with.
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