Fucked By The Alpha Cop

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“Step out of the car please, ma'am.”

Nicole was in deep shit.

Moments earlier, her now ex-boyfriend dropped ship.

Note to self, never date jobless pot smoking losers ever again, even if they’re fun and exciting at the time.

Slowly, nervously, she wound down the window. “Is there a problem, officer?”

Even though it was dark, she could make out the heavy muscled contours of his body, straining tightly against his shirt.

Her question was met with silence and a steely gaze. Without much choice, she exited her vehicle. She was glad that they were in a side street, at least no one was around to witness this debacle.

“Are you aware that you’re driving with a broken taillight?”

She totally did, but she didn’t have the time or money to fix it. “No sir, I did not.”

“Do I smell narcotics?”


“I’m going to need to search you.” His voice took on a stern tone. “Step over to the police vehicle.”

Shit shit shit. Not only did Brad ditched her, he truly fucked her over this time.

Each step felt heavier than the last as she made her way towards the cruiser. Suddenly, her legs gave way and her body slammed onto the bonnet. The policeman threw her hard onto the bonnet and grabbed hold of her wrists, cuffing them. Pain stabbed her as the metal teeth bit hard into her flesh.

“I’m going to have to search you for contraband.” Without waiting for a reply, the officer patted Nicole down. He was close, she felt his entire body encompassing her from behind. even out in the cold frigid evening, she felt his body heat. For a split second, she was tempted to buck like a horse, to escape. But where would she go? Especially with handcuffs on her? It was a fight or flight delusion. His sheer presence was imposing, dominating. There would be no escaping. Better to feign passivity.

His big, heavy hands pawed her body firmly, leaving nothing to chance. The fact that his hands lingered a bit too long on her breasts and buttocks didn’t escape her notice. For some reason her nipples hardened under his touch. Her sneered at her, his eyes filled with lust as her forced her legs open, running against her stockings, rutting up her skirt and groping her panties. His thick, rough fingers send bolts of illicit pleasure through her core and she desperately hoped he would pull his hand away before he realized that her panties were becoming wetter by the second.

“What’s this?” he asked, pulling a little bag of brown substance out of her coat pocket. Shit. It was Brad’s coat. She wore it because the fucking heater didn’t work in the car and be damned if she’s going to drive home freezing her tits off.

“It’s not mine.” desperation laced her voice. “This isn’t my coat, it’s my boyfriend’s.”

“Your boyfriend a dealer?”

“No- I mean, I don’t know.”

His voice took on a menacing growl. “You know what I hate most? Drug dealers. Scum who are a blight to the community.”

Her heart banged hard against her rib cage. She never had so much a speeding ticket before. “Please, it’s all a big misunderstanding.”

“I think we’ll settle this down at the station. Hope you have a good lawyer.”

Fear bubbled in the pit of her stomach. This can’t happen. No way, not with her barely pushing her way through college, not with her mother struggling so hard to get her there in the first place. A criminal record will ruin everything.

“Please,” she begged. “Please let’s work something out, I can’t go to the station!”

“You trying to bribe me?”

It just came out, Nicole didn’t think of the ramifications of what she just said.

“I just.. I’m trying so hard to stay out of trouble and my mom will be so disappointed in me. Can we work something out?”
"Are you trying to bribe me?"
Her heart thundered against her ribcage. "No sir, I just thought we could come to some other way of teaching me a lesson." Despite the nerves wracking through her, Nicole hoped he understood what she really meant.
The cop smiled. His hand danced and circled the inner walls of her thighs. It was so close, she was certain that he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy.

“Maybe I could teach you a lesson in other ways.”

“Yes, please sir.” It shocked Nicole that she complied a bit too easily, maybe a part of her welcomed it. She never encountered a man to be so forceful and confident. All she had were boys, guys who tried to impress her to get into her pants. This cop, he didn’t try to impress. He’s just going to take.

And god, she wants to be taken.

Still splayed on the bonnet, she bit down on her lower lip as the officer spread her legs apart. Hands under her skirt, his thumbs hooked over the sides of her panties and pulled down. She gasped as her pussy quivered against the cold wintry air.

“Teach a dirty bitch like you a lesson,” he growled. He shoved her hard, a loud thump reverberated as her body hit the bonnet, the banging sound echoed in the dark alleyway.

Suddenly she felt a cold draft as the cop lifted up the back of her coat and then her skirt in one fell motion.

Rough, leathery fingers yanked the fabric of her panties aside and his digits then glanced over her pussy, setting off trails of excited fire. She whimpered in response.

“What a fucking slut, you’re wet for it. You think it escaped my notice?”

She heard the sound of his zipper being undone.

Then she felt it.

“You want this?”


The crown of his cock slapped against her wet, aching pussy. Nicole’s eyes went wide as she realized how big and thick he was. It had to be as thick as a baseball bat.

“N-no, it’s too big!” she cried, trying to ignore how fucking amazing it felt against her inflamed lips.

“You’re a fucking pain. Turn around.”

She did as she was told and when she saw his cock, groaned in shock. It was thick and curved. It had to be the length of her forearm and more. The cop must’ve known what she was thinking and he sneered with pride.

“Yeah slut, picked the wrong night to run into a big dick

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Written by Stasia Grey
Hochgeladen December 22, 2020
Notes Nicole was put into a compromising situation with a cop. She didn't want to get into trouble so she did what anyone would do - offer him her sweet college pussy!
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