Extending Happy Hour

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This past summer, I accepted a job that was about a half an hour from my home. I was excited to start something new and looked forward to finally earning a decent paycheck. My husband drove me to and from work for the first several weeks because we only owned one vehicle. It was a bit rough on us, but we made it work. As I began to get comfortable in my new job, I began making friends and got pretty comfortable around everyone. About a month after I started working, I was sitting in the break room having my lunch and chatting with a group of my coworkers and as we were all chatting, I heard three of them talking about a store that wasn't too far from my home. I told them that I knew about the place and that's when I found out that the three of them lived near me. Mike and Nick lived in the next town over from me, while Fernando lived on the other side of my town. I thought it was pretty cool to have people from my area working with me. Over the next couple of days, we got together often during break time and chatted with each other getting to know each other over that time. They were really cool guys and very friendly towards me. I figured they were all in their 40’s and each were decently good looking guys whom took care of themselves.

One afternoon, while we were on break and having our usual chats, the guys told me that they had noticed my husband picking me up during the previous day. I told them that we only owned one vehicle and that he was dropping me off in the morning and then picking me up in the afternoon on his way home from his own job. As we talked about it, they asked if I was interested in joining them, as they commuted to work together every morning. Being that they all lived within minutes of each other, it made it easier to just take one car to and from work each day. It wasn't such a bad idea, as I thought about it and realized that it would definitely make my husband's life much easier. I told them that I would talk it over with him and let them know the following day. That evening, I mentioned it to my husband and he was okay with it. He agreed that it would definitely make things easier for him. The following day, I let the three of the guys know that I was open to carpooling with them and we began that afternoon. After work, they drove me home and we began doing that every day from that point on. They would pick me up in the morning, and then drive me home in the afternoon.

Over the next couple of weeks, as we carpooled and worked together, the guys and I grew a bit closer. We would always joke around with one another and from time to time the guys would even flirt with me. They often paid me compliments and in reality, it made a woman feel good. They were very friendly towards me and I even noticed them playfully hitting on me from every now and then. I didn't mind the attention, as it made the days go by quickly. I was enjoying their company and it made work that much easier.

About a month or so later, as we were on our way to work on a Thursday morning, Mike mentioned to me that, the three of them usually stopped at a bar in town for happy hour on Friday nights after they dropped me off. They had been doing that for years and were inviting me to join them if I was interested. I figured it wasn't a big deal and was open to grabbing a beer after work. I let my husband know that I would be home a little later than usual and he was fine with it. The following Friday, after leaving work, I joined Mike, Nick and Fernando for happy hour and they treated me to a beer and a meal. I enjoyed myself and had a wonderful time with the guys. It was such a good time that I ended up joining them for happy hour on Fridays after that. Each Friday, we would stop at the same bar after work and end up grabbing a few beers while unwinding after a week of work. Naturally, they guys often flirted and hit on me as we drank and I didn't mind. I was actually having a lot of fun, and it was probably the most fun that I had enjoyed in quite a while. Things at home were so tense due to work and bills, that this was a nice little distraction for me. This took place for the next several Fridays and overall I began looking forward to happy hour each week.

About two months or so after we began going to happy hour, we decided to change it up one night and went to a different place. It was more of a bar/restaurant type setting. We grabbed a table and ordered some food along with a few drinks and the four of us hung out for a while, enjoying ourselves. This place, unlike the other that we had been going to, had a dance floor and music playing. The guys suggested dancing and I was open to it. I took turns dancing with each of them and was enjoying myself. They were all flirting with me and like I said, I was enjoying the attention. I couldn't remember the last time my husband flirted or even made any nice compliments towards me. As the drinks flowed that evening, the dancing became a little more risqué with the guys. Thankfully, we were on a dark dance floor and surrounded by other people who were dancing as well so no one noticed as they guys danced close to me and began to rub their crotches against me. I know I should've stopped them, but I was having so much fun and enjoying the moment, that I allowed it to happen. As each one danced with me, they would hold me close and rub up against me. I could feel their hard ons, especially when they rubbed their crotches against my ass. From there, each one continued to dance with me and got bolder and bolder. At one point, Mike was dancing with me and was holding me by the hips, before softly running his hands to my ass and gently squeezing it. Something about having them do this to me, turned me on. I don't know if it was the attention that I was getting or if it was just the alcohol, but either way, I was enjoying it. It had been a very long time since I felt this good and to have three different guys squeezing my ass, was definitely a turn

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Notes I make new friends at my new job, whom offer to add me to their carpool and one night after happy hour was over, we decided to extend it....
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