Amie - Part II

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Amie woke up refreshed. After her doctor appointment and her fabulous edged orgasm on the balcony yesterday, she cooked dinner in her apartment, took a long, hot shower, studied for a bit then went to bed, using her lipstick vibrator once more before going to sleep.

Her first class this morning was Change Management as part of her MBA program. The prof was a middle aged woman of about 45. She came off very professional but managed to teach using practical examples in that first class Amie had last week, which Amie thrived upon.

She showered and put on her usual minimal amount of make up. She grabbed her little vibe and stuck it in her bag along with her notebook. Another picture perfect late summer day allowed her to wear a skirt again, robin's egg blue, and a white tank. No doctor visit today so, a robin's egg thong was her choice of panties.

She exited her apartment building and walked through the campus. There were only a few students walking to class at this time of day.

She walked through the parking lot behind the dorms and stopped in her tracks when she saw a girl looking out her second floor window, naked. The girl was cupping her breasts and looking around the parking lot below. She hadn't spotted Amie yet and Amie assumed she'd step back from the window when she did. Amie was wrong.

The girl turned her head and saw Amie. Instead of retreating, she grinned at Amie, cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. She bit her lower lip and squeezed her breasts together, seemingly for Amie's viewing pleasure. She had dark brown hair cut close, almost like a boys cut.

That tingle Amie felt at the doctor's office yesterday returned. She smiled back and waved to the girl discretely.

The girl wiggled her fingers in a wave back at Amie. She ran her fingers down her tummy and her right hand disappeared below the window sill. Her left hand played with the little gold nipple ring on her left nipple.

Amie could only imagine that the girl was going to masturbate - or was presently masturbating - and wanted an audience. Amie found herself really wanting to stop and watch but she had to get to class. She looked at her watch, then back at the girl. She shrugged her shoulders at the girl and waved good bye. The girl pouted and waved back.

"Wow," Amie thought. "Two thoughts of girl on girl in as many days, and I'm excited by them!"

She arrived at her class and sat off to the side in the fifth row. The prof, Catherine, a very attractive French Canadian woman in her 40s, was a CIO in the government before semi-retiring at an early age and now teaching. She had a larger frame but carried it so very well.

Amie's thoughts wandered back to the doctor appointment yesterday. She couldn't believe how turned in she got at Dr. Jo touching her. And then the girl in the window this morning. She never had thoughts of being with another girl. She had imagined some girlfriends masturbating but nothing like what she encountered yesterday.

She awoke from her daydream, realizing she was tingling "down there". She absentmindedly squeezed her legs together in reaction to the arousal, and then spread them apart. Catherine just happened to be looking in her direction at the time. Amie noticed the prof pause and lose her thought for a moment but as she herself was just waking from a daydream, didn't know why.

Amie focused on the prof and took copious notes, although periodically distracted. One time she let her mind wander and started to get wet "down there" She spread her legs again and pulled her skirt up high on her thighs. By chance, or maybe not, Catherine was looking in her direction again. This time Amie noticed.

"Oh crap," she thought. "I'm going to get in trouble if I don't pay attention."

She left her skirt where it was and scratched high on her thigh, as if that was her intention all along. Catherine watched both intently and discretely at the same time. Amie felt that tingle again.

"Whoa!" she thought. "Is she enjoying this?!"

Amie lowered her skirt and sat forward, half listening to the prof. As Catherine paced across the room back to Amie's side, Amie leaned back and spread her legs a little. Catherine looked right at them.

"She's watching!" Amie thought.

Amie feigned writing in her notebook (but kept one eye on Catherine) and again scratched very high on her thigh.

Catherine lost her thought again and Amie felt a little rush.

Amie resisted taking out her lipstick vibe but it was a challenge. It would be very difficult to play here now, especially with the prof eyeing her. She put her skirt back in place and folded her hands on her book.

Class ended and Amie headed for the door. She saw Catherine watching her leave. "Either I'm in trouble or she's horny for me," Amie thought, stifling a giggle.

Amie's next class wasn't until 2:00 so she walked back to her apartment. She had four hours to go to the gym, have lunch and chill a bit before class.

She passed by the dorms again and the girl in the window was no longer in the window. Amie found herself a little disappointed at that. She wondered if the girl got the audience she wanted or just went ahead and masturbated on her own. "If she's an exhibitionist, she has the perfect dorm room for it," Amie thought.

Back in her apartment, she grabbed her gym bag and made her way to the campus fitness center in Montpelier Hall.

She was just opening her bag in the women's locker room when one girl had just gotten out of the shower. She was wrapped in a towel and walking over to a locker near Amie's. She smiled as she passed Amie.

"Oh you smell good!" Amie said, surprising herself really.

The girl smiled and said "Thanks! It's a new body wash called 'The Beach'. "

"That's exactly it," said Amie, taking off her skirt. "It smells like ocean air. I love it!"

"You can get it at Bath and Body Works at Rideau Center," the girl told Amie.

"I'll check it out," Amie said. "Thanks!"

The girl

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