A Mistress can train anyone to be her willing submissive, even a stranger... in public.

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The Luber Driver © by Rain Star

It was a cold, rainy afternoon. Unusual weather for Southern California. I waited curbside, impatiently for my Luber, tapping a silver pump clad foot on the sidewalk. Heading to Florida, the land of warmth and sunlight, I refused to bring an umbrella. Instead, I huddled under the canopy of my apartment building with my bag. My outfit was not appropriate for the rain either. I wore a tight fitting, short black dress with a push-up bra. My long dark hair, hung loose over one shoulder.

When the driver pulled up in a Camry, I was adjusting my breasts. Cleavage is a woman’s best friend, and I always made sure the girls were on full display.

Without a thought for the rain, the driver leaped out of the car and rushed over. “May I take your bag?” His eyes flicked briefly to my assets and then quickly to my eyes.

You can take more than that. He was tall and muscled in all the right places, at least ten years younger than me. Maybe more. The rain left a sheen on his dark skin and my first thought was how much I wanted to lick it off. “Yes, thank you.” I moved to push my bag toward him, but he’d already grabbed it. “Wait there, I’ll fetch you next,” he called over a shoulder.

I ogled the way his ass filled out his jeans while he lifted my bag into the trunk. Popping his head back out, he held an umbrella. He unfurled it and rushed back to place it over my head. “There, now you’re covered.”

That I am. We strolled to the car together, and he opened the back door, holding the umbrella over my head.
“I prefer to ride in the front,” I said.

“Of course Madam, whatever you want,” his accent was rich and thick. I hadn’t noticed it earlier. He kept the umbrella positioned over my head and opened the passenger door. I slid in.

On our way to the airport, we introduced ourselves. His name was Ray. I made small talk, learning he was from South Africa and had been living in Los Angeles for only a year. I could tell he was a submissive by the way he behaved, always deferring to me with a high level of polite banter. Often times, I knew people were submissive before they had admitted it to themselves. Especially people who came from macho cultures, where they were forced to hide their true inner being.

I caught him sneaking looks at my legs and breasts from the corner of his eye, but if I looked at him directly, he’d quickly look away. As we got closer to the airport, I bent forward and ran both hands up one of my long, bare legs, pulling my black dress even higher. Ray lost control of the car for a second and swerved.

“I’m so sorry, Madam,” he exclaimed.


“Yes?” he didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“There’s an area up here to pull off for cell phone usage, would you mind taking the exit and stopping?”

“Of course.” He dutifully pulled at the appropriate exit, glancing at me nervously.

I pointed to an area where there were only a few cars. “Park there, Ray.”

He bit his lip, his brows tugging closer as he maneuvered his car to the spot. “Do you need to make a call? Did you forget something?”

“I did forget something.”

“We can go back, if you have time before your flight. Off the clock.” He pulled over and put the car in park.

“Turn off the engine.”

He did as I requested without saying another word. I scooted toward him. “Give me your hand, Ray.”

He put his hand out but kept his eyes trained straight ahead. I placed it on my bare leg. His entire body stiffened.
“Do you want to touch me, Ray?”

He looked at me with wide eyes, his mouth dropping open. He tried to speak, but his voice cracked, and nothing came out.

“Nod for yes or shake your head no.”

He nodded furiously.

“But you’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you? Losing control of your car because you were staring at my body.”

He nodded again, his eyes widening even more.

“And bad boys need to be punished, don’t they?”

More nodding, his short dark hair moving slightly with the movement.

“What kind of punishment do you think you deserve Ray?”

He shook his head from side to side. “What… whatever you think I deserve.” His voice shook.

“That’s right,” I pushed his hand higher up my thigh. “You want to touch my pussy, don’t you?”

He nodded. “Oh yes, please.”

“But that would be a reward, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes Madam, and I don’t deserve a reward.”

“No Ray, you don’t.”

He blinked several times. I held his hand in place with mine over the top of his large one.

“Take out your cock, Ray.”

“Excuse me, Madam. Here?” He looked around. There were three other cars near us.

“Yes Ray, here.”

He unbuckled his belt and pants and pulled out his cock. It was half full and throbbing, bouncing between his stomach and his jeans. I pushed his other hand further up, between my legs. He gasped when his fingers touched my outer lips.

“That’s right Ray, I don’t wear panties, but it looks like you go commando too.” I eyed his bobbing dick. If he wasn’t so dark, I knew I would have seen his blush. He looked around nervously.

“Are you worried someone will see us?”

He nodded. “Yes, Madam.”

“So what if they do?”

“Won’t we get in trouble?”

“Only if it’s a cop.”


“Shh.” I pushed his fingers up into my drenched pussy and bent down over his lap.

“Madam,” he cried out. “I thought I was getting punished.”

“Oh, you are worm.” I took his enormous cock in my mouth and bit down as hard as I could without permanently damaging it.

Ray groaned loudly, and his cock hardened in my mouth. I was right. I was always right. I chewed on his cock, up and down the shaft and even harder on the head. He leaked pre-cum and writhed with pleasure. His hands stroked me and his ass bucked up and into my mouth. I bit down harder.

He shrieked in pain, but his dick surged to life. I moved my hands to his stomach and scratched. My pointed fingernails dug troughs in his flesh and he cried out, his pain mixed with pleasure. His breath came in

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Written by Mistress Rain Star
Hochgeladen December 17, 2020
Notes I needed a ride to the airport but my need to come before being dropped off was far more important. I didn't care if my driver identified as a submissive male, or not. I can make any man drop to his knees before me, even in public. And catching another man, watching us and pleasuring himself was the cherry on top.
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