What's it like to wake up naked, cold, shackled and alone in a dungeon? Find out from this male submissive's point of view.

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​The Dungeon - A taste © by Rain Star

When my eyes crack open I don’t know what time it is. Darkness. I try to stretch and shriek instead. Like a girl. Which is a wonderful thing. I wish I was more feminine but I’m not, I’m a bulky male, all stumbling, gropey, and uncouth. But my Mistress is training me and one day I hope to be presentable to society. I try stretching again, my limbs bound by chains. Cold, unforgiving steel cut into my chest and I curse then quickly bite my tongue. If my Mistress hears me cursing I’ll be punished. She’s very strict which is exactly what I need. Without her I’m a mess, living on pure male instinct. Grab, crush, destroy. She’s right to tie me up down here. It didn’t take long before she knew me better than I know myself.

Mistress Penny. I smile at the thought of her. Powerful and tall, even at five feet, three inches. Strong and beautiful. So lovely. With thick black hair that fans straight down to her perfect ass. An ass so round and pert, it begs for my tongue. For your tongue too. Mistress gets to take who she wants. Sometimes I’m forced to watch, other times I am forced to endure the aftermath. I get to hear all about Mr., Ms., and non-binary so and so, what they tasted like, how much they pleased her and how I’ll never live up. When I’m a good boy, I get to lick someone else’s come off her magnificent body. When I’m a very good boy, I get to suck it out of her pussy or her ass. My useless boi part throbs and bounces in its cage, thinking about my Mistress in this way. In all ways.

The door knob turns and I suck in my breath, holding it tight in my chest. My heart leaps up into my throat, almost strangling me with my desire and need for her. A sliver of light pierces the darkness like my Mistress’s sharp fingernails. It lands on my face, on my eyes. I close them to blot out the intrusion but force them open again so I can see her. My Mistress. My Goddess. My Everything.

“Boor?” she calls me by my vanilla name, the one she gave me.

The one that reminds me how much I have to learn. I’m nothing but an untrained barbarian, boorish in her eyes. I want to be more, for Her. I want to be my best self, for Her. I want to serve Her on my knees at Her feet. My Deity.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I’ve brought you some food and water.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Have you soiled your diapers?”

I’m grateful she can’t see me blush in the darkness. She doesn’t have an infantilism fetish but when you’re chained and imprisoned in a dungeon for the unforeseeable future—sacrifices must be made. “Yes Mistress, I’ve gone pee.”

“I will unchain you so you can stretch, clean yourself and eat. In that order. Mistress Sadie is here with me. She brought a clean water basin for you.”

Mistress Sadie? My tiny dick pulses twice in its miniscule confinement. I have been a good boy. “Thank you, Mistress Penny and Mistress Sadie. I am but your humble servant.”

Ms. Sadie giggles. “You have such a fun little toy, Penny. How long has he been locked up here?”

Mistress Penny crosses over to me. Filling my vision are her long, toned legs, clad in red ankle stiletto boots. Most of the blood in my body remains pooled in my useless dick, but a few ounces flood my beating heart. It fills, overflowing with love, for my perfect Goddess.

“Two weeks maybe… or has it been a month? No matter, it will remain here for years if it takes that long to train it.”

“Ohhhh,” Sadie claps her hands together. “Train it for what?”

“Boor needs to learn how to serve me and anyone else I bring in. It needs to learn how to endure massive amounts of pain, months of chastity and most importantly, how to thrive in the world as my perfect sissy.”

“Sounds delightful,” Sadie moves next to my Mistress and bends down to place a bowl of clean, cold water next to me. The bowl is filled with half melted ice cubes. I shiver.

Straining my head, I look at her. She’s amazingly gorgeous. Not as beautiful as my Mistress but a close second. Her heavy breasts almost fall out of her fitted corset, taunting me. She meets my eye and smiles, predatorily.

I am the luckiest slave in the world.


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Written by Mistress Rain Star
Hochgeladen December 17, 2020
Notes What's it like to wake up naked, cold, shackled and alone in a dungeon to be used and abused for the pleasure of your Mistress? Find out from Boor's point of view as he wakes in diapers, his useless dick locked in a cage. Boor is being trained by Mistress Penny to be the perfect sissy and he will do whatever it takes to please HER. His Goddess, his Deity, his EVERYTHING.
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