Morning Glory Christmas present

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It was our first Christmas together, no kids, no relatives, just the two of us. I was super excited and was wide awake by 6 in the morning. Normally after a night like we’d had last night I’d be zonked until well past 8 but here I was, bright eyed and bushy tailed. More than that I had a massive boner, and it didn’t feel like I needed a piss! I snuggled up next to Lizzie, pressing my cock against her bottom. Well she’d always said if you wake up feeling that way don’t let it stop you!

She stirred slightly, the movement of her ass cheeks making my hard cock throb even more. But she didn’t wake up fully, she remained in the same position, her perfect ass cupping my rampant manhood. I let my fingers run gently down her spine all the way to the crease in her ass cheeks. Still she didn’t react, damn her. I moved away from her, just enough to let my hand slide between her thighs. I began to gently push a finger along her the lips of pussy. Her thighs parted a bit more, making my task all the easier – and more rewarding! Her pussy was delicious, I wanted to feel myself sliding inside, burying my cock to the hilt, and her muscles clamping on to my cock as she climaxed, there’d be plenty of time to explore it with my tongue later, right now I needed to fuck her, to feel my cock exploding in that warm wet tunnel.

Her pussy was definitely getting wet, it was easy to slide a finger in, and then two. My cock was twitching like a mad thing. I moved so my hips allowed me to press my cock against her pussy. Still she lay there. Right, take this. I rubbed my cock against her pussy and then, holding the shaft steady, I pushed it into her, just the head. I kept rubbing my cock against her, the lips of her pussy were now glistening with her juices. I crept closer to her and let my cock push its way into her welcoming pussy. That woke her up.

“What?” Lizzie gasped, seeming surprised to find me deep in her pussy, then realising what was going on she ground her bottom against me. “Happy Christmas darling”, her voice deep and husky. “Happy Christmas Lizzie”, I replied.

We moved together in a sensuous rhythm, Lizzie always enjoyed being taken from behind she said it enabled me to reach parts other positions didn’t. Her climaxes were usually stronger so that must be true! She began to make those fantastically sexy low moans, they sounded as though they were coming from deep inside her. She pushed her bottom into my groin harder, I gripped her hips so I could get the maximum power into my thrusts. Not speed, just making each thrust slow and ending with my cock buried as far as it would go, pulling her tight against me.

I always enjoyed our morning fucks. It released any built up sexual tension and made our next session, usually later the same day, all the more enjoyable, last longer, be more sexually varied, slower and ultimately, more satisfying for both of us. But what with our work schedules we hadn’t been able to or frankly been physically and mentally up for it for weeks. So, this was going to be special. And it was!

Lizzie grabbed hold of my ass which meant that she wanted me to roll her onto her tummy. Practice made perfect and I was able to do this without having to pull my cock out. I grasped her arms and held them out to the side, pinning her to the bed. I was the master now, I was able to control the pace. I began to tease her, pulling out until just the tip was against her pussy, then sliding it fully home making her gasp for breath. I kept repeating this until I knew she was ready to come, her moans were louder and her breathing was faster until she was gasping for breath. I felt her muscles clamp onto my cock and then she climaxed, her body shuddering and a long almost animalistic groan escaped her lips. She continued to twitch beneath me for ages.

I wasn’t ready to come just yet so I pulled out and flipped her onto her back. I knelt over her and rested my cock between her glorious breasts. She knew what I wanted now and squashed them together holding my cock firmly in place. I was still able to slide it up and down the tunnel she’d made. It felt amazing and she started encouraging me, telling me she wanted me to come fort her. That always worked, iI felt the surge of my cum begin its journey up my cock. I sat up and Lizzie grabbed my cock in her small hands and massaged the head between her fingers until I could bear no more. My hips jerked forward and a massive load of cum spurted from the head of my cock, splashing across her breasts, her neck and across her face. It was followed by a second and a third. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in, more cum spurting down the back of her throat.

She sucked my cock until it began to go limp, wow, what a fantastic Christmas present!

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes It was our first Christmas together, no kids, no relatives, just the two of us. I was super excited and was wide awake by 6 in the morning.
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