Sex with 1,000 Tinder matches…sorry mom...

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I’m actually working on a book about my Tinder experiences . My goal is to have sex with 1,000 men I meet on Tinder.

Since I'm a sexy 25 year old blonde babe with a big butt and big tits to match, this should be an easy goal...I just hope that most of the guys I fuck have big dicks, because I love myself a big dick to suck on, and I give amazing blow jobs!

So far I’m just at 173 Tinder one night stands, so I have a lot of swiping to do to hit my goal….I might have to have a thumb replacement surgery once this slutty journey comes to its final conclusion!

My plan so far is to only have sex with men, and possibly lesbian women for lesbian sex, possibly even a lesbian threesome, that are visiting my city and staying in hotels. This allows me to tell my friends which hotels, and room numbers, where I’ll be meeting my Tinder matches.

I also send my friends the cell number and a screenshot of my Tinder match profile pics.

So if any of you matches are planning on murdering me watch out, you’ll get caught before my body goes cold!

Wow that sounds really horrible, but you gotta be safe when meeting complete strangers for a one night stand.

Also, I don’t want to sleep with 1,000 men who live in my city. Too many guys might begin stalking me.

So only sleeping with Tinder matches that are on business trips or on vacations if you’re ever planning on being a Tinder hoe.

Wow, again this journey is starting to sound like a bad idea!

Anyone reading this probably thinks that I have a serious sex addiction…and I probably do. But I practice safe sex and fully examine all the men I sleep with…they don’t realize, or just don’t care, that I’m examining their balls and rods…guys will have sex with anyone that comes to their hotel room.

I encourage anyone that sleeps around as much as I do to always practice safe sex. It’s really not that difficult to keep yourself healthy.

And never, ever, no matter what, let a Tinder match go raw dog in you unless he asks you very politely.

I’m kidding, always make sure to wrap up any, and all, Tinder boners that are about to say hello to your female parts.

By the way, I plan on have a few threesomes in order to make this journey go quickly because if I don't I will be as old as a sexy MILF if this takes too long...and COVID-19 is kind of slowing my journey down...I even let a guy have anal sex with me in order to speed this up...damn I'm a HUGE slut!

If only I could meet 800 men at once for a huge gang bang then this would be over before January!

I feel like an amateur porn star because of all the sex I've been having lately!

I would LOVE for anyone reading this to visit my blog at the link below so you can view all of my naughty pics and nude booty selfies.

Here is the link to my blog:

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Notes Young 25 year old blonde babe with big tits and a big ass to match discusses how she is going to fuck 1,000 men that she meets on Tinder.
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