It’s Not Cheating if He Wears a Condom

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If you’re in a relationship and wear a condom to have sex with someone that isn’t your partner then I don’t think it should be considered “cheating”.
Now with that said, skin on skin contact during sex is “cheating”.

We all know that sex feels so much better, even anal sex for that matter, and is more intimate, when condoms are not involved. So as long as a condom keeps the skin of the penis and the skin of the vagina from touching then it’s no worse than simply dancing at a club with someone that isn’t your lover.

So if you don’t want to cheat on your partner make sure to always use a condom for oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

BJs are horrible when a wiener is wrapped up in a rubber, so I’d be shocked if your partner would have a problem with you having someone give you head, or if you gave head to someone, as long as a condom keeps the mouth from getting in contact with the penis.

Also, it’s not cheating if a man gives you a creampie in your mouth as long as you spit out his ejaculation and not swallow it. In my opinion, swallowing a man’s cumshot after giving him head is extremely intimate, and would be considered “cheating” in my book, but everyone has their own opinions on the I right or what people 🙂

Also, having anal sex with someone that isn’t your husband or wife also isn’t cheating as long as a lot of anal lube is used because less friction equals less cheating.

Lastly, lesbian encounters, even lesbian threesomes, isn’t considered cheating because you’re just fooling around with another woman, not a man, and there is no way that a man should ever get upset at his wife for having lesbian sex with another female.

Now just because I see things this way doesn’t mean your partner will, but if you explain it to them I’m certain they’ll feel the same way about condoms and cheating as I do.

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Hochgeladen December 12, 2020
Notes Blonde babe explains why having sex with someone who isn't your wife or husband cannot be considered cheating as long as a condom is worn during sex.
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