Summer school sexcapades – day 2 before breakfast

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Bella stirred. Was she dreaming or could she feel arms around her, holding her close, and yes..was that a hard cock throbbing against her bottom. Then her mind cleared, the memory of last night seeped across her consciousness. She remembered. Terry. She felt herself blushing. What had she done? She’d been unfaithful to her husband. No dammit, she hadn’t! She’d been faithful to herself! She smiled to herself and rubbed her bottom against Terry’s firm cock.

“Good morning”, she felt his arms squeeze her tighter, “Good morning Bella”, he kissed the back of her neck and Bella gave a small moan. She was wide awake now, and oh so glad she’d asked him to stay last night. They’d said they would make the most of the week, well.... She rolled over and took his cock in her hands, squeezing the shaft and tickling the tip, she kissed his lips, letting her tongue linger. His hands gripped her bottom and pulled her to him, she kissed him harder, more urgently.

With his free hand he began to tweak her nipples, pulling them until they grew large and hard. His other arm was trapped under her body, he reached around and pushed it between her legs. He felt for her pussy, it was already wet, her lips were slightly puffy, Terry knew she was ready, ready to receive his cock. He freed himself from her and threw back the covers, he grabbed her ankles and as she shrieked with laughter, he pulled her to him, her pussy now close to his eager cock. He positioned himself so he could lift her legs up, resting them on his chest to expose her to him, completely. He rubbed his cock along her pussy, he could see her juices glistening on its shaft. “Please”, she begged him. He pushed forward and felt her lips part as his cock slide deep inside her. She gasped in pleasure. “Fuck me”, she breathed, “Fuck me Terry.”

His hips rocking back and forth set up a glorious friction on the walls of her pussy, she moaned in pleasure, he could feel her pussy gripping him and her hips started to push her up to meet him. Bella knew she couldn’t hold on for long, she was going to come. “Sorry”, she moaned, “I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to come”. “Be my guest”. Terry increased his thrusts, the force making her body shudder each time. Suddenly she went rigid, her pussy muscles clamping on his cock, making it almost impossible to keep thrusting, almost but not quite. She grunted, then the pitch of her cries raised until she was calling out “Terry, oh god, oh god, OH GOD!” Terry felt her climax ebb and flow, it seemed to go on for ages. She was gasping for breath but called out him “Terry, come, please! Now!”

He felt it building deep inside his groin, then the flow of cum rushing up his cock and bursting free inside her welcoming pussy. It was like a tap had been turned on, he came in torrents. He collapsed on top of Bella, her arms clasped him to her and she began to sob. “That was wonderful”, she kissed his face, again and again. She hadn’t felt this special in years. She told him so. “Me too”, he cupped her face in his hands, “you are a very special lady, Bella, I’m so glad we met”. They clung together, not even needing to speak, it just felt right. Finally Terry raised the issue that they were on a summer school, there were classes to attend. “I think I’d better go get cleaned and changed. I’ll meet you for breakfast in 30 minutes”. “45!”, Bella countered. He grinned at her and kissing her one last time rolled out of bed and pulled on his clothes. Bella lay there naked, looking at this chubby, sexy, wonderfully happy man dressing in front of her. Picking up his jacket, he blew her a kiss. “Later beautiful lady.” Bella leapt from the bed and gave Terry one last hug, her kisses covering his face, “Till later”, she agreed.

It was closer to 60 minutes by the time that Bella walked into the canteen. Terry was already there, sitting with some of their group. She wondered how to play it, cool? Or upfront blatant exhibitionist? She didn’t have to decide, as she approached the group she could see Ann and Debbie were already giggling. “Well, well, well, look at that, the cat has most certainly got the cream!” Debbie pointed at her and then at Terry, “Well? What did you two get up to last might, as if I didn’t know”. Bella couldn’t help herself, she blushed and looked across at Terry for support. He patted the seat beside him. “Come sit down here”, his smooth tones calmed Bella down. “That’s for us to know and you to guess at”, his smirk said it all though. “Hey whatever”, it was Gavin, “good on yer! Ignore them, they’re just jealous.”

It transpired that they hadn’t been the only new pairings that the group had noticed. It was clear from the body language on other tables that there had been other trysts developing overnight!

Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes Bella stirred. Was she dreaming or could she feel arms around her, holding her close, and yes..was that a hard cock throbbing against her bottom. Then her mind cleared, the memory of last night seeped across her consciousness. She remembered.
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