Remembering My Time As A Garage Band Groupie

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During the last several months, as I have sat and worked from home, like many other folks have done this year, I began to reminisce about some of the fun that I had experienced in the last several years. It was a time where my marriage was a little slow, and I went out and had some fun. I enjoyed myself on several different occasions, and one of those situations, occurred about five years ago.

It began when a few of my friends, got together and started a small garage band. Over the course of several months, they began playing at house parties and stuff like that, until one day, when things took a nice turn for them. After someone who was connected to the music industry, heard them playing at a local house show, things started to heat up. That person was able to get the bands foot in the door, and good things started happening for them. Their music started to grow and they started to play in bigger places. I went to almost all of their shows, because I wanted to show my support, and at the time it was nice to get out of the house, and distract myself a little. One night while they were playing at a competition type show, I was hanging out with the drummer whose name was Tyler, and during a break for the band that night, Tyler invited me back to the RV that the guys had rented to have a beer. I went and we hung out for a bit and next thing I knew, we were going at it. He fucked me in the rv, and I enjoyed it. At the time I was in a rough patch and it felt great to have sex. From there, we continued to fuck whenever I attended their shows. I was enjoying myself and didn't really care about much else.

That took place for a good six or seven months, and I'm pretty sure some of the other band members knew what was going on, but nobody ever said anything. Eventually, Tyler began fucking other women, which I knew would happen and didn't really care. The only shitty part was, him and me didn't fuck as much anymore. That all changed one night, when I was attending another of their shows. After the show, I was sitting at the bar, having a drink, when Mario, the guitarist, came over and offered to buy me another one. I agreed and we spent the next hour chatting and enjoying our drinks.

After drinking a bit, Mario suggested going down the road, to grab a bite to eat. Once again, I agreed, and we were on our way. We went to a small restaurant, where he basically wined and dined me. It was a fun time, and he continuously flirted and complimented me. I was feeling real good, and before the night was over, he invited me to go hang out at his hotel room. Of course I didn’t think twice and said sure, and we were soon on our way.

We arrived at his hotel room a short time later, and once inside, it wasn't long before we were all over each other. We began to kiss, and as we did, his hands began to roam around my body. He didn't waste any time squeezing my ass, and my tits. As he did that, I found myself reaching down and rubbing his crotch through his pants. We did this for a little while before he began to undress me, and I did the same to him. Once we were naked, he led me over to the bed, where I got on all fours and reached for his cock. He stood at the foot of the bed, as I took his cock into my mouth and began to lick and suck on it. As I did this, he guided my head with his right hand, and with his left, he reached down and played with my tits, as well as squeezing my ass.

I blew him for a little bit, before he pulled his cock out of my mouth and spun me around. He then grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my opening before slowly penetrating me. He buried his cock inside of me and began to fuck me slowly at first, before increasing his pace. As he fucked me, he gripped my hips tightly and we both moaned in pleasure. As his pace increased, he began to moan louder and louder, before finally exploding inside of me. He flooded my pussy with his hot seed, as he continued to thrust, until he had shot off the last of his load.

It felt great and it wasn't long before we were in the bed fucking each other again. I ended up spending the night, where we fucked once more, before passing out. From there, I continued to fuck Mario here and there, and Tyler would get some as well. Like I said it was a crazy time for me, and one that I never expected to happen.

About three weeks after that, I was sitting at the bar once again, after another show, when the singer of the band, approached me one night. His name was Tommy, and we had been pretty friendly with each other throughout this whole time. He bought me a drink and said that he needed some advice. I asked him what was up, and he said that he had signed up to go back to school because he wanted to get a degree, while also continuing to play in the band. We talked about it, and I gave him some advice because I was in the school field myself. From there, I helped him out a couple of times, with his school stuff.

Things were going well, and one night after another show, Tommy and I were sitting at the bar having a beer, and discussing some of his school stuff as well as the show that they had just played. We had a couple of drinks, and once we wrapped up, he asked me if I was interested in keeping him company. Just like the others, I said sure, and we headed to his hotel room. Once in the room, he fixed us a couple of stiff drinks from the wet bar, and after enjoying them, he walked me over to the bed, where he softly kissed me, before beginning to undress me. Naturally, I went with it and let him have his way.

Once we were both naked, he climbed onto the bed, where I lowered my mouth to his cock. I licked and sucked on the tip, getting it nice and wet, before bobbing up and down on it. I gave him slow head for a bit, as he reached up and played with my tits and rubbed my pussy. Once his cock was nice and wet, I climbed onto him, and he easily penetrated my wet pussy as I lowered myself onto it. I began to slowly ride him, while he g

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Notes A couple of old school friends started a garage band and I made sure to show my support
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